Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Soros Watch

Bond villain. Tentacles all over the globe. Riches to spare on sumptuous accommodations. A hand in the biggest geopolitical events around the globe. Always trying to cause a crisis that he can benefit from immediately. The villain has a tie to a horrible past deed or historical event, like collaborating with Nazis. That is the method and those are the traits of every villain in every Bond film. It also describes George Soros.

It's Soros Watch!

In July, Soros prepared the ground by writing in the Financial Times that Europe had to do more to help the migrant crisis. If you wonder what he wants from the migrant crisis that is now on everyone's radar here it is...
As it pursues one integrated migration and asylum policy, the EU should eliminate the waste and redundancy of 28 parallel systems. There should be a single European asylum and migration agency, for example, that processes asylum applications for the entire union. Eventually, a joint border guard should be established, too.
One system to rule them all, and of course what system will be used? It will not be a stringent system. It will not be a harsh standard for refugee. It will be the softest and easiest measure of what counts as a refugee or asylum seeker. Now who is providing these migrants with brochures on how to get around Europe and find the sweetest welfare deals and friendliest NGOs for help? W2EU. This is an open borders group that has taglines like freedom of movement is a human right or borders do not last forever. The acronym stands for welcome to the EU. Good move Mister Soros, good move. Hey, anyone have stats on how many Ukrainians Germany took in? Shucks these Ukrainians face possible expulsion from Germany.
It's Soros Watch!

Soros also has his hands stirring the #BlackLivesMatter scheme. Supposedly, he has given $33 million towards the movement. That's just conspiracy and right wing talk. The mainstream media protects Soros. The media is definitely defending him and deflecting this criticism. See, the money does not go directly to the groups, grants get made and hey, they cannot tell you exactly where the money goes. I mean, the "movement" was started by three of his US sitused NGO employees, and magically, many of the pre-made printed signs are paid for by these organizations, but it would be unfair to say Soros funds them. See, kids, nothing to worry about. This is a nebulous movement with no set hierarchy and leadership that somehow gets funding from Soros that no one can quite put a finger on. Sounds like a Mafia organization. It is one.

George is an old man. His time will come to an end. There is one problem. He has sons. They are apples to his tree. This is old George's strength compared to a Bond villain. He has heirs to carry on the globe spanning meddling. James Bond, or whoever answers the call, will have to infiltrate and disrupt the organization, not just kill the old man. It will be a tough task. The Soros Mafia has cloaked itself in the finest words of the age, "open", "human rights", "no borders", and who can leave out "social justice". It will take more than your Walther PPK, Mister Bond.

*If I ever had a far right Daily Show gig, I would have a segment called "Soros Watch" and use the South Park Britney Wowch intro.


Deduction said...

I know that this is written in an informal style but it is not a very sophisticated analysis.

Bond villains tend to be micro-managers and control freaks. This helps the narrative of the film as then there is a definite bad guy, as they are wholly responsible for everything, and this then contrasts with our hero Bond.

It is also simplistic wish fulfillment fantasy.

I doubt Soros himself exerts almost any control over where these funds are spent. Nor is it likely that he has a board of henchmen whom do it for him.

Institutions have a certain culture and cultural momentum all of their own, and Soros' NGOs etc are a whole load of different institutions.

As with all institutions with strong cultures you will often find the most fanatical at the bottom, because they are the ones working their way up. This means that the crazier stuff around blacklivesmatter and all that probably is the product of a great deal of very loose mission command.

If we want to take down these institutions or subvert them we should not be looking for fantastic films but to the many very real examples of this.

Look at how the progressive elites have subverted the Army into running in high heels. It works!

Pair criticism of their instutionalised ideology to criticism of venal style corruption. Make it bad by association. Then accuse then of instutionalised whatever you have made bad and try to get fired a few middle managers for the crime or unprofessionalism of it. And voila suddenly you have the majority of that institution's workers following their careerist instincts to your side.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Deduction - This is a bit of a fun way to look at Soros. In the world of doom and gloom, I try to write clear eyeed and concise articles and then mix in some fun. This one is spotlighting Soros and portraying him as a film Bond villain.

Lighten up Francis.

Deduction said...

Fair enough and I do feel guilty criticising someone's articles which I read for free!

I'd also like to add something my previous point. Maybe the way forward is to build on all this culture of victimhood stuff and build it into something newer and more agreeable - as opposed to standing athwart of history and yelling stop?

I don't know what to propose but creating the proposition involves identifying the principles of the age (victimhood), accepting them as a fair criticism of what came before and then creating a whole new critique of them.

I think Lukianoff and Haidt are the closest I've seen to this.

After all, the New Left and all this culture of victimhood stuff had some good points. American blacks were treated badly, Euro Empires were brutal and the gas chambers were awful (whatever the exact scale and nature of them.)

I suppose that is what neocons were in a way, but they were impaled by reality in Iraq!

I found this very interesting.

Son of Brock Landers said...

That microagressions article also brought to mind the Last Psych's article on how people have given up resolving differences. This is exacerbated by America not being 90% white and Christian anymore. WHat common ground do you have to resolve a conflict? Nothing, therefore must go to 3rd party who will claim to be neutral.

You bring a good point up about what to build from this. A society of victims builds nothing. I do think there is a way to build using the current decline and degeneracy to our favor. I'm trying to map it out.

Anonymous said...

Congressman and Chairman of the John Birch Society Larry McDonald on crossfire with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden in 1983. #NROrevolt

Anonymous said...

There is a 2011 opinion article on the Business Insider in how Soros is the weak link of the Globalist/Neocon alliance:

Zio-Cons hate Soros, that why Glenn Beck attacked this particular jewish plutocrat, but Paleo-Cons, Alt-Righters, and even Lefties also aren't a big fan of Soros.

Anonymous said...

Hi sonofbrocklanders,

Do you remember the title of said article from

I've read a decent chunk of his writings, but nothing like you mentioned springs to mind.

Portlander said...

"as opposed to standing athwart of history and yelling stop"

I don't think the problem was with those willing to stand athwart history. The problem was with those whom took it upon themselves to do the yelling.

The yellers first priority wasn't actually stopping and they were more than happy to informally collude (I wouldn't call it a conspiracy) with their fellow travelers in such a way that nothing actually stopped.

For good and for bad, I think Trump is showing the way forward. The irony is the first idiocracy president is coming from the ostensibly conservative party.

(Now that probably sounds like I hate Trump. To be sure, I do not. However, think about it. Look at his brash braggadocio style, is it not President Camacho's? Heartiste has totally nailed Trump as textbook PUA. What I'm saying is this is what our politics has descended to. With the voters we've got, these are the presidents we'll get. We can be hopeful, even grateful in the fullness of time, that Trump is on our side, but again, it's sad commentary that Trump is what it takes to break the strangle-hold the establishment has on the culture and politics.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Here is the last psych on people givivng up responsibility and deferring to third parties