Monday, September 14, 2015

Angry Black Women: Jem Edition

The Gamergate thing really blew the lid off the SJW invasion of media, but the silly PC bunkum and Leftist messaging has been around for eons. The SJWs have just taken things to a new level and video games were a new venue. How many black hackers has Hollywood thrown at us for years? The SJW outrage for video games and the realm of culture in general is a sick manfiestation of the politicalization of every facet of life. Liberals lament this in the most sickening manner since they are the ones who push it and control the process. One recent example of this entertained me.

The casting for the movie adaptation of the terrible '80s entertainment property Jem and the Holograms* was announced a while back. It caused some anger and lots of stress for black women. Unfortunately for the sistahs, a small supporting character in Jem was black in the original cartoon. They cast an "awfully light" (their words) actress to play a black girl. Oh damn, the sisters are angry. The extra kicker is that Aurora is half black, so we once again see a mixed race black taking a spot that would be set for a black, but goddamn, these mixed kids keep stealing their spots. She is the daughter of the actor who played incredibly annoying "Michael" from LOST and his white wife.

The irony of this small bit of casting is that these sisters do not see the flip side of this. If any white were to be angry over a black actress taking a role that had been set up as white decades or iterations ago, they would be laughed at by the media and smeared as racist or unhip. Do these black ladies not remember the following?


Denzel in Pelican Brief

Idris Elba as Norse God Thor

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury

Wesley Snipes in Rising Sun

Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid

I could go on and on. Honestly, these insertions are worse because the context and the incredibly small slice of America that is black America. The Annie reboot had a black girl getting adopted by a rich black guy. That set up alone clued me in on it being fiction. Denzel played Gary Grantham, a reporter who busts wide open an environmental case involving dead Supreme Court Justices. The black guy in Thor was playing a comic book version of a Norse god. Nick Fury was white since the dawn of his time in Marvel. Rising Sun's lead was a cop named Peter Smith who was attempting to learn Japanese during the book. Snipes got cast. Jaden Smith as the Karate Kid, c'mon man.

These are leads in most cases and reboots of well known properties. Black women sad over some not super black actress being cast as the third level side kick in a terrible '80s cartoon adaptation is hysterical. It is a crappy movie. Apply your Af-Am studies degree language elsewhere. Clean up your community. Are there bigger concerns for blacks right now? Are there no socioeconomic issues to address that your wisdom could help? Is there a jump in murders in your matrilineal and matrilocal communities? Leadership means leading, not just the leadership level paycheck.

This casting is nepotism, ladies. It also is a product of that black status thing. Maybe if Harold Perrineau had married a black woman instead of needing his "Mom, look! I made it!" white wife, little Auroroa would look dark enough for all y'all. If Brazilification continues sisters, this is going to be more and more the norm. Just be thankful they did not make your precious sidekick Hispanic and substitute in a white little Latina.

That's next.

*Jem was terrible but my sister was a fan so I knew of it. Jem's storyline was ripped off for the Hannah Montana live action show. The only thing good about Jem was the theme song, which is weirdly sung in a sexy, sultry manner.


Clutch cargo cult said...

Sung by Britta Phillips of Luna and Dean and Britta. Perhaps that explains sultry expression

Mark Minter said...

It's about 'rents'.

A link to book I found after reading a Paul Samuelson essay about reasons for losses in 'productivity' and he mentioned 'dead weight losses'. In his essay, the example was political actions that produced costs. A lobby might achieve 'protectionism' through a concentrated effort on the part of a 'special interest', but the cost was born by 'consumers', far more diffuse group less able to organize. He mentioned the work of Mancur Olson, a pioneer with Gordon Tullock in the study of 'rents'.

I have been wondering if there was a possibility that 'rents' from leftist stuff had become so parasitic, so significant, that it is becoming like ice on the wings of a plane.

The first example I would give is healthcare. An employer pays more for insurance than it can and will contribute to pension. I can give an actual example of a state employee with 18,000 in insurance costs vs 13,000 in pension costs. And I can give an example of a nothing, routine visit to a doctor to get an elective medicine. The appointment entail massive papers and forms, both at the doctor and then from insurance. Out of pocket costs were 25 for the doctor and 15 for the pills. The time with the doctor, woman, was about 10 actual minutes. The affair was ridiculous 'rent' and in my opinion the out of pocket costs were rent enough but consider the costs I can't detail that were billed to insurance which also covered the rent of the administration.

But even if you would consider all that as a real service and contributory to GNP, there are plenty of places where 'rents', as defined by Olson, are taken as a result of political and cultural power. And I wonder now if the parasites are killing the hosts.

This book (of which I have only read the first few pages, to be honest) details the study of rents over the 40 years after Tullock and Olson. The pages I have read give a very accurate and explicit definition of 'rent'. I recommend it for that alone. Under that definition, it could be argued that the whole of the civil rights and feminist movements today are nothing more than rent seeking. Surely the campus rape hysteria could be explained in this light. It creates a whole industry to feast at the academic trough diverting money from actual education.

The same could said over the heartburn over black roles in movies. It is a rent using the smoke of civil rights to force money towards blacks that might not otherwise have gone to them.

The book (from Google books, so a very ugly URL)
Forty Years of Research on Rent Seeking: An Overview

Anonymous said...

i am waiting for your inevitable post - "they progged star wars episode VII." black lead/main character to start.

Son of Brock Landers said...

No post needed. The trailer gave that away We already know that brah! I havea post coming on how a series fought the prog infection. Rare but it happened.

peterike said...

"they progged star wars episode VII." black lead/main character to start.

You mean when the Storm Trooper pops up in the desert and he's a black guy?

Huh. I thought they were just finally revealing why Storm Troopers can't hit the side of a barn with their lasers.

nightboat2cairo said...

Gotta admit I was confused by the trailer. I thought stormtroopers were all Maori clones - that's already minority. Maybe he was in disguise, like Luke and Han wearing the uniform on the Death Star.

Bumbling American said...

One of the oldest narrative tricks in sci-fi is to have a regular character dropped into an alien setting so that the audience feels grounded and shares his confusion with the bug eyes and bulging foreheads. Part of the reason Star Wars worked is that the heroes are ordinary white people who could make oddball environments and doubletalk dialogue accessible to viewers who weren't steeped in sci-fi. Abrams was smart enough to keep the main Star Trek heroes white, albeit faggy, even as he packed the rest of the frame with multicult crew members and other visual clutter. And of course in Star Wars he can always lean on the original cast to keep the audience grounded/give it something to look forward to. It'll still suck...