Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Recycled Plan For Syria

This week's Social Matter essay is on the recycled plan that the West is trying to force on Syria. It's not just that of course.

Syrians and non-Syrians posing as Syrians flood into Europe. The pictures of the refugees and migrants show many young men fleeing for their lives. In fact, 75% of the migrants are men. These are hundreds of thousands of Syrian men who fear for their lives and safety, yet leave their women behind, and cannot face the 20,000 or so men of ISIS. Assad could use these men to fight ISIS if ISIS were the only problem, but there are many different pieces to the anti-government forces. 
It is not hyperbole to call Syria a mess in need of a plan. Syria does lie in pieces like a destroyed Lego playset, but the four-year-olds in charge of U.S. foreign policy are unable to figure out how to put it back together. 
Forget putting Syria back together. They have a better, older plan.
The plan is decades old, and you've already been living through it. Daily, accusations online are thrown around about who our Middle East wars have been for, and some have merit. Sometimes as patron, Uncle Sam has to deliver for his clients. We can discuss the mechanisms for foreign meddling in our foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

The partition is already happening, Assad has run out of men, his army is half the 300,000 men he commanded 4 years ago, the Russians have arrived to fill the gap.

Assad hasn't the power to reunify Syria, the Russians aren't interested in a big COIN war, so the last resort is ethnic expulsions. I think it has already begun, thinking of the recent train of 3rd worlders headed for Germany.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Agreed. The articles out now are selling it to people. Support is also to use air power to wipe out tons of opponents for better positioning in negotiations

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon,... If they get the Iran war their next target is going to be Turkey.

Deduction said...

I'm going to be absolutely slammed for this but wouldn't it be a good idea for the Middle East to consist of genuine nation states?

Just because some Israeli wrote a paper arguing for it for different reasons it does not mean that it is a bad idea. Especially since some Israeli has probably written a paper for every possible scenario. That's how think tanks work...

Isn't this the most obvious lesson from Iraq and in fact of all conflict after WWI?

Solid borders and nation states make for relative peace?

Traditionally imperial powers have loved large ethnically diverse areas and come unstuck when they hit often smaller ethnically homogenous zones. They loved them because they could divide and rule, like the British in India.

The post WWII consensus has fetishised already in place borders in the third world, which has clearly extended conflict all over.

I really don't get how people on this site not see this!

I am baffled.

Kurdistan for the Kurds, Alawistan for the Alawites, and even a little ISIS land really does make sense.

I'm beginning to suspect that the neocons actually learnt from the Iraq error because they genuinely believed that people were fungible and that Iraq could become a modern multicultural state but were proven wrong and have now adjusted to a better vision that takes account of ethnic differences.

And that those here who criticised them for their lack of underdtanding of the deep seated nature of ethnic differences have, rather than congratulate the neocons on learning their lesson, decided that the neocons epitomise all evil and so have decided to oppose them for no other reason.

Which would be so damning!

Son of Brock Landers said...

Deduction - I support ethnostate solutions if only they were negotiated and not created out of destructive conflict. Kurdistan makes sense and should be resolved through peaceful negotiations and separation because if left to the prodding of war and outside agitation could eventually create conflict in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Kurdistan is a Zionist project, the Kurdish lobby in Washington is handled by jews, the Turks, Arabs and Iranians understand this about the Kurds.

Son of Brock Landers said...

AH - There are cables how the other Muslims in the ME know the Israelis support the Kurds because they're the only Muslims who wont attack Israel

Deduction said...

Kurdistan is first and foremost a Kurdish project. It is a simple question of national determination regardless of whether the Israelis support or not.

Israeli support for something does not obviate its legitimacy...

Also, Arabs 'understand' that anything they don't like is a Zionist plot. ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ayatollahs, the Sauds, the Hashemites, the Egyptian military, Sadat, Assad and pretty much every major actor in the region is accused by their enemies of being a secret Jew or Israeli agent...pick anyone of these and I'll find a link.

Here's one of someone accusing Saddam Hussein of being Jewish.