Wednesday, September 16, 2015

28Sherman at Radix

Richard Spencer reached out to the guys in charge of Social Matter. He was kind enough to run my Orban piece in Radix today.

Spencer understands the dire situation Europe is in and how something special and important is happening in Hungary. Other nations are moving as Orban is moving, and you hear other leaders in Eastern and Central Europe speaking as he does. This is the importance of defying the globalists and progressives. This is literally a fight. The migrants and refugees are attacking people they want to live with and even in Germany, those who will willingly take them in. These are not teary eyed refugees as cited in the articles full of Holocaust mentions. This is 4th generation warfare so the media matters, and we know which side they are on.

Mike Cernovich went to Budapest for the real story, not the BBC story. It's going to take defending your territory. It's also going to take writing down the names of the people and institutions involved with the outright lies and deception in trying to destroy the West. Their day will come. Maybe you've been reading posts at the "Gates of Vienna" for years. Well, the overt prog stuffing of the West has forced a Gates of Vienna moment upon us. Orban... Putin... these men are not perfect, but you need someone to stand up and say, "No".

If you read here, you have read the Orban piece already. Still, if you want to go and interact with the commenters there and reach out to a new online community, do so.


PA said...

This is all extremely heartening and I sincerely appreciate your writing on this subject.

In a way related, I have my own personal refugee story. Or more precisely by the legal classification of my status at the time, asylum seeker story. In the very early 80s, my parents, siblings and I spent several weeks in an Austrian refugee camp in Treiskirchen, just outside of Vienna. I was almost a teenager then.

The camp was actually a former military garrison, with buildings being massive four or so story tall barracks. The food was served in a big mess hall and everyone slept on cots in huge, open rooms. Families clustered by nationality and everyone was making friends with their compatriots, swapping stories of how they left the Iron Curtain. As I recall it, most of the people were from Czechoslovakia and East Germany.

My younger sibling ran around the wide stone-floor hallways and played ball with Czech kids. At night the whole place was quiet, with bored Austrian guards pacing back and forth.

We were free to leave the barracks at will but I believe there was a curfew. The worst behavior I witnessed arounf the town was a drunk young East German making a scene at a diner where my dad and I went out for breakfast, and groups of young (big and a bit scary from my perspective ) Polish men looking tough and cursing a lot.

I had just started puberty and there was a lithe blonde Polish girl my age at the camp I was fantasizing about.

Virtually all of the asylum seekers in the camp, as I read later, ended up in their desired final destination, which was an anglophone country on the western hemisphere.

PA said...

What I also wanted to say about this being heartening: unlike when Raspail wrote his classic, the official media no longer have a monopoly on shaping the public opinion.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Honored to read your story. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Putin will save Europe.