Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Nixon Post-Debate Phone Call

"SOBL's residence?"

"Evening, is Blank Blankerson there?"

"Who may I ask is calling?"

"His grandfather's brother."
"I think you are mistaken, he died a few years ago-"

>SOBL grabs the phone and walks downstairs<

"Jesus Christ, Nixon. You couldn't wait could you?"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"The debate ended five minutes ago, and I have two small kids asleep. Who would be that inconsiderate? Who calls my landline? It's 2015, who talks on the phone anymore?"

"Alright alright... He has 6 months."

"Who? What?"

"Trump. He has 6 months. That is how long he has to put together a ground team. He did not collapse in the debate, and looked like he belonged. He now has to build a ground game and stay on point. Not that many caucuses to bully people in like Team Obama did in 2008, so he needs to tap the disaffected GOP backbenchers and handlers who feel left out of the current power hierarchy. GOP men who didn't play ball, young guys, and the ones not corrupted. Get them to run his ground game for Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. South Carolina should be the easiest if he takes advantage of the Confederate flag issue. Read any poll, defend the flag from the witch hunt >snap< and South Carolina becomes a lock. Just one picture of Trump smiling and waving a flag should do it."

"Slooow down. Are you kidding me? Forget spring of 2016. You think he makes it to November 2015?"

"He had Roger Stone running him this time. He stole my goddamn victory arm sign! Previous attempts were idiotic moves to drum up PR. The man has a message. He also can abstain from the next debate for lack of fair treatment and Fox would beg him to show up for ratings. Boy, this is a dog and pony show. A Democrat wins in 2016."

"I agree unless she implodes, so I don't really agree due to her track record. Won't change much either way who wins, just date of American death rattle. Bloomberg is kicking himself in the ass that he did not think of doing this to the Democrats. Bloomberg would be so smooth, polished and slow while carving Clinton up with a scalpel."

"Kid, there must be an unspoken agreement that no Jew can run for president who has a shot to win; just hold the puppet strings. Fox News must be excited. Roger Ailes ran that debate pretty slick. He ran my '68 television campaign. Brilliant man. He will not let Trump boycott and he will keep him in as long as he can. This will resolve with Trump graciously leaving."

"I do not think it will happen. I think he is staying in it for as long as possible to eventually make money off of this and secure his finances since they are always shaky."

"Someone will stand up to Trump. When they finally do, they will pick up his voters. All Trump is doing now is repeating Jesse Ventura's campaign of '98. Populism, yell about corruption and then act macho in public. No one stood up to Ventura, and even one candidate tried to suck up in a debate. Ventura bullied people out of the race and castrated them in public. It worked. One man confronts Trump and reminds him that he knows jack shit about governing in front of live television cameras, and he is done. Being aggressive will change how that candidate is viewed, and it will make Trump respond with his bluster and gusto, which will come off as the bully finally getting punched in the face with no response but fluff."

"I doubt one will. A lot of cowardly, craven men up there."

"Cruz or Walker will. They are smart. Walker's immigration stance is not much different than Trump's and he is the only politician who mentions addressing legal immigration. Cruz is a smart, calculating opportunist. One of them has to get momentum, and one of them needs to pick up the Trump immigration ideas without the Trump personal stink. One could even confront him by ripping him to shreds about his naivete and inexperience on the debate stage while ending the rant with a job offer that when they build the wall, Trump is going to be the man that they call to run that project. Crowd would go wild. It would lead the news cycle for a week. It would be a manly move, and this political class lacks any shred of masculinity unless it is talking about defending Israel. I actually saved Israel's ass. I didn't puff my chest about it for decades. It's either confront him or they deserve to die as an organization in 2016. "

"But Trump will go third party, right?"

"Bullshit. That would involve a mountain of his money, and is he really that wealthy? What if real estate slips a bit? Trump won't burn through half a billion to run and lose. Perot had certified billions to spend in an era where he could spend $60 million in an entire campaign, and Perot was actually the frontrunner as late as June of '92. Times change. Trump needs to project the winner image for the rest of his businesses. How much money does he make on real estate versus how much money does he make on speaking fees, the Trump name and his real estate classes? He also knows the GOP and their business interests would shun him forever, truly hurting him. He has to threaten the third party run so his supporters now think this television series has a guaranteed second season: the general! He means it this time, unlike his prior flirtations with presidential runs. Trump has toyed with runs before, so this still feels gimmicky to viewers at home."

"Why are you so certain a Democrat wins, and why not just say Clinton?"

"They have the media. They will win. Clinton... she's underwater already and it is mid 2015 with no real challengers. Unsure about her. Sanders is a stalking horse for Warren. If not Warren, some good Eastern racket candidate."

"There are none. It's roadkill. They keep losing statewide elections in moderate or swing states, and the only ones who rise to the top are nut jobs or elderly white people. Spitzer would be the nominee in a cinch had he kept his dick in his pants."

"Then it's Warren. She campaigns poorly, so have her be a late entrant to limit her time campaigning and keep her to cliches as she goes for the first female president. Do you realize how important Vice President is this time? Clinton will be 70 in her first year in office. She has had uhhh strokes or concussions. None of that fucking matters because she is a Democrat. 18 1/2 minutes of tape versus 4 years of emails! None of it matters because she is a Democrat! She could be a jailbird come 2018 with what she has done with her emails as Secretary of State. VP matters this time. If she is in trouble in mid-2016 and picks a minority Wall Street puppet, you could have an empty suit like Cory Booker or Julian Castro as president by 2018 when you get your fiscal crisis that you are always expecting."

"It'll happen, it'll happen. Fucking Castro. Guy talks about getting into Stanford with his 1240 SAT but he "handled it". No shit. Hardest thing about elite unis is getting in. You know how many kids I knew at my little, rural high school who scored higher than him in the SAT and didn't get into Stanford? About 20 in my graduating class. Guy is an affirmative action empty suit."

"Left likes it that way. Wall Street likes it. Keep funneling money to the 1% as a beige man or woman tells them how much they care for the underclass. The Ivy League could be renamed the 'Puppet Scouting Service'. Castro is terrible, but the Democrats cannot find a competent Hispanic for their statewide elections. By now it should have happened. It is why they nominated him to the cabinet. He needed gravitas. Can't make him a potential VP when his only job was a show pony mayoralty."

"It's as if the Left has the voters but those voters just don't cut it for ability and advancement, as if they are using idiots stuffed into voter rolls to win. Hmmm, democracy. I do not see how they hold it all together without the cash. No chance for your GOP? Walker-Rubio, Perry-Rubio or a Walker-Cruz ticket seems like something that could win if Perry or Walker assumed Trump's hard line on immigration."

"This isn't my GOP. Jesus I brought in the big money, wanted them to be tough and these bastards pissed away that advantage and then became faggy liberals. Perry is done. He could've won in 2012, but his advisors and back surgery sunk him. Walker-Rubio could work. Walker-Cruz would be fantastic, but you've said it yourself kid, the Left is a headless horseman. They have the votes but not the leadership. Stiffs like Al Gore and John Kerry were inches from the Oval Office. Jesus Christ, if the GOP were serious, organized and not a bunch of spineless cocksuckers, they'd not have let 17 candidates enter. They'd have 3 highly respected candidates with 1 or 2 candidates to push the debate for topics and give visibility as a potential VP pick. The parasitic pundit and consultant class wants as much blood as they can get so they're spreading things thin. Who the fuck believed in Jeb Bush's chances! That was $100 million they could have thrown at Walker, Jindal or Rubio."

"Yeah, he is beyond the 14 year freshness test, and so is Clinton and it shows since their parties have moved beyond them now. Jeb hasn't had a fight since 1994. Still too soon since W's presidency since he is framing himself as a repeat of his brother. His chances ended in the Katrina flood aftermath. If he was ever going to make a run and win, it was in '12 had he positioned himself as the polar opposite of his brother."

"Seen his wife?"


"Did he marry the help?"

>minute of tear inducing laughter with the flickering fires of Hell in the background<
"I know. How the hell did he bounce between Texas, Florida and his dad's high power circles in DC in the '70s and not land a hottie. Their love story is even odder. You should check out Sailer's finds about the Yeb-Columba romance."
"His father should've laid down the law. Jackie O talked JFK Jr out of marrying Daryl Hannah. He listened, and she was a beautiful movie star. George should have had a bride pageant like in old Byzantine days and streamed Texas beauties and well groomed, educated DC girls by him. I would've killed for 4 sons to create a political dynasty backed by oil money."
"Sounds like Jeb would've botched that pageant. He was in Miami in the coke era. Fuck, man, how does he not at least marry the hottest golf cart girl at his dad's country club. Honestly, if someone told me Jeb's life was a Deep State brainwashing plot to create a hybrid Mexican-American president for the 21st century union of Mexico and America, I would listen."

"Let's stay on topic. This proliferation of candidacies sows the seeds for the eventual nominee's failure. Whomever emerges, unless they absorb all of Trump's support, will have less than half the base voting for them in primaries. Compare 2012 and today with 1980, 1988 or even 2000. Having so many candidates hurts party unity and November turnout. It's all of the same donors and virtually all of the same policies. They just shifted dollars from Cruz's SuperPAC to Carly Fiorina's. It is all a game like market testing. Have you seen her talk?"

"Botoxed to Buddhist serenity. I still don't quite like your Warren talk now compared to earlier this year. She's white. She's also kind of transracial and phony like Rachel Dolezal. Have you seen these black lives matter activisits harass Sanders? He's old school socialist. This is why I don't see them holding it together long once the bills come due. Social Security's bankruptcy was moved up to 2033 now!"

"It is glorious. Absolutely beautiful to watch that cocksucker who worked with those agitators get shouted down by their descendants. Freedom Rider gets shouted at by blacks who think Freedom Rider is a rapper. He is actually getting the treatment he felt was righteous when directed at good ol' Southern boys. Communist. Some animals eat their young for they know how truly horrible is their being. I wouldn't want to live in an Eastern city when the dollar collapses."

"Dark, Nixon. I think there's something afoot. This could be an opportunity for massive realignment."

"Kid they sell you on that every eight years or so. Four if you consider election night 2004 vs election night 2008 coverage. Sanders is just an old white man they shout at because he takes it and they have no concept of history or knowledge of anything. Name me one competent nation in Africa."

"Botswana. That is the one. What about Biden? I know he's been planning this since forever."

"Who does he appeal to? This is media hype. Biden owns the Obama administration's Wall St policies. Are women excited for him? No. Minorities? No. Far left activists? No, and Bernie's going to lock them up. He cannot cobble together the coalition to beat Hillary."

"So to topple her it would have to come from her left, which is why you think Bernie's a stalking horse. I get it. Something is up though. Pushback is getting real. So there is no shot that with the Bruce Jenner thing, the corporatocracy being naked and rapacious in behavior under a crypto-Marxist Democrat, and the dawning that the race thing is only going to get worse that whites slip a bit more rightward and swing enough of the midwest with Ohio and Florida to the R column?"

"What happened with Bruce Jenner? Amazing athlete, upstanding American. He get killed by hooligans?"

"No, he identifies as a woman now and calls himself Caitlyn."

"Jesus Christ... He has a brood of kids and has been married multiple times. I don't get this?"

"No one does. It is getting weird out there, and the obvious racial stress can shift things. An anti-PC backlash could show up in November of 2016 as a pressure release valve. You give it no chance?"

"Kid only chance is if enough rich Jews shift money and media attention to the right exclusively. They could bury Clinton and the victim coalition left if they wanted to, but they don't. They run that show. It is their circus."

"Ha, you haven't seen the Iran deal and the smear Schumer bullshit."

"I have Twitter. I saw it. This will not wake them up. Israel will bunker down, but will need a patron for help. There will be no massive reorganization of the GOP into the white party with Jewish money tilting rightward. No generation of wins by the GOP, no sudden switch to supporting nationalism like in Israel. Not happening. The Schumer attack is different."

"How is it different? It is insane that they are going after their own, a man who funded the campaigns of their rebuilding in 2006 onward and a smart motherfucker who is unbeatable in his state. This sends a message to the others, but Jews have to be worried."

"I like your message idea, but relax. This deal has the votes. Schumer is sacrificing for the bigger Democrat picture. He is only saying this because he knows the Democrats have the votes to guarantee is passes through, and he himself must answer to those Ashkenazi voices back home. He must placate them to not have any of them slide their money over to the right. If their own Schumer did not defy Obama, they'd leave faster than you could say 'Shoah'. That is why a realignment will not happen."

"So he takes one for the team publicly to keep the Jews calm into thinking Israel will NOT be eventually junked by the Left."

"Yes. Hard to see how a nation full of Hispanics is going to give a shit about funding Israel when Mexico, the mother country, is just south of the border and a humanitarian crisis. With all trends staying the same and Israel gone, the Jews will be fucked. You know who ran Weimar Germany? They did. They never can just relax. Goddamn personal insecurity."

"How bad is the Iran deal?"

"Terrible. Have you compared the original objectives to what has been leaked so far? They released that computer virus, Sixnet or Stuckys, had it work, yet a few years later are caving! Very important thing that even the most bitter of haters of Israel should note. When this deal expires in 10-15 years, Iran could build bombs within months. Obama admits this. That is the tip that since they are taking their program down now in this agreement to lower levels, that the capability is already there. Iranian nuke capabilities is more a fait accompli. In the agreement, if anyone attacks Iran's program, we then defend Iran! That is guaranteeing their development of a weaponized program. Jesus Christ, when negotiations went south earlier this year, they should have re-implemented sanctions and thrown cyberattacks at them."

"That's my line man, you don't know cyber. You died before the Internet."

"Saw it on Twitter."

"Jesus Christ, you didn't see Jenner but you knew this???? Why do you need a Twitter account?"

"I am a geopolitical junkie, the sick shit I avoid. I get tailored trends. Hitler loves reading Twitter. Seems people quote him on Twitter a lot. He's such a narcissist; he loves it. I avoid pop culture garbage."

"It's all politics now. Jenner is politics. He is a 24/7 reality show for trans* acceptance. This is performance political art. It's horrendous. We're a broken society, and others can take advantage of it. The Iranians played this marvelously. Reports say they were on the brink of economic collapse though."

"Reports have said that for years... decades. If they were on the brink, why not push them over? The next thing will be carving up Iraq and Syria to save Iran some money and blood now. Maybe they now have a weaker, smaller client in a carved up Syria but they keep Shia Iraq as a coherent, stable nation with a ton of oil to keep things going safely on their border. They better keep Russia and China as their main patrons because State and CIA will just foment regime change within their borders the soft way."

"So like that we can go from war with eurasia to always being allied with eurasia."

"Yes, kid. Sorry to tell you, but you are in the decline."

"From a client-patron standpoint. This is madness. We truly are the Empire of Chaos. I just want that retreat for people who know the system is rigged on the Falkland Islands like in Brave New World."

 "Stop worrying about out there and think of domestic politics. Make a calculated decision on fight or flight. Trump is a harbinger. Caesarism is coming. Worse is coming. There will be savvy men who will see his success and use it to their advantage with better marketing."

"But he is right that all of the pols are bought and paid for, selected for television viewing pleasure."

"Yes, and your technology and atomization are centrifugal forces. Sure, technology makes centralization great, but it is now at a scale that guarantees terrible service. That same tech tailored for a community will provide better results. I knew it. I wanted money to be parceled out in a more federal manner forty years ago. Plus, there is no social cohesion in America. What centripetal force is there in America?"

"Uhhh, social welfare programs?"

"Battle is coming. You are right that an anti-PC backlash will come, but voting is not how it will be settled. Breakdown and creation can be simultaneous. A man of the plains can speak for the plains residents, and the technology is there to provide for them better than what DC does without a bunch of faggy Eastern Establishment dandies directing the social show."

"We're more likely to get sex robots, immersive vr and then be seduced into oblivion as the rest slip into a mix of Aztecian-Zimbabwean-Muslim warfare."

"Immersive what? Sex robots?... My God... What can compare with a real woman?"

"Not yet, but like you're passing on Raquel Welch in hot pants."

>10 seconds of silence<

"I always loved my wife and still miss her dearly down here."

"I know, I know, but slip Robo-Raquel into that nun costume from Bluebeard and you'll think twice."

"What goddamn movie was that? That came out before you were born. I should know '70s trivia, it's my decade, not you."

"If you have Twitter, you can Google search for Raquel Welch + Bluebeard. This ring a bell?"

"Jesus Christ."

"First time in my life I wanted to get up on the cross. Dying breed all but extinct in Hollywood. Closest we have to that now is Sofia Vergara and she is over 40. She's like a mix of Charo, an aggressive telenovela lead and Carmen Miranda."
"Sounds... exotic. Latin or Italian?"

"Does it matter? All the hot ones from South America have that Mediterranean look and are genetically European. If only our Mexican immigration problem was with female sexual competition and not an overexpanded labor supply and growing criminal class. Who is marrying an oompa loompa from Mexico?"

"Jeb Bush."

"Point taken. I know the possibility is there for the Happening, but the modern West seems like a spent force. The Greeks should be destroying everything in sight linked to Brussels, yet they do not. I'm more of a muddle on in a long decline guy. We're more likely to get a northern version of Brazil or maybe a white trash-mexican mix than a collapse, break up or revolutionary leftist meltdown."

"Do not be so sure. This is the end of the Faustian-European era. We have moved deep into the decadent phase. Bruce Jenner wearing a wig and dress out in the open and celebrated. It's insanity. Europeans last saw true collapse in the ancient times but before the european soul was crafted, so it was a ghost story parents and priests told them among the ruins. Elements were there but the break with the Roman tradition was not until later. An end will cause a spiritual crisis within the soul. Some will self-annihilate and others will fight. My end tore at me, and I am but one man. The 700 year cycle of spiritual tension is ending for the Protestant Age like the prior 700 year cycles before them. What comes next? Blood shall defeat money. There will need to be more than blood for a man cannot thrive on hate alone. Hate may sustain you, but it is empty. You will not grow and thrive. A people need to create. The soul and mind will need a cause... spiritual food if one will."

"My God. You're dark tonight, man."

"I'm in hell. Every single time Churchill tells me about Yalta, I walk over and kick FDR out of his fucking wheelchair, and then I stomp on his balls. I know I was an interventionist Republican, which fueled my rise. I loved playing Empire. It was... or is... the greatest game out there. I just thought we should put America in charge so no one else would boss us around. I had no clue how self destructive the left was, and that the poison was homegrown. Cultivate your kith and kin. Tend to your social garden. DC will not save anyone but itself."

"I've gotta get to bed. I don't think Trump survives to 2016. You have a point that he could boycott the next debate and focus on forging his campaign network to create a footprint in early states, not just ride name recognition."

"Either way, we'll talk again about his fantastic voyage."

>SOBL hangs up, grabs tablet, goes upstairs to bed<

"I thought your great-uncle was dead."

"Nah, demented, but he's hilarious when he is lucid. Hey, have you seen Jeb Bush's wife?" >searches Google images on tablet<

"Is she hot?"

>Turns tablet<

"Did he marry the nanny???????"

"Jesus Christ."


Stirner said...

This bit never gets old. Nixon kicks all other political pundits to the curb - even an ersatz Nixon...

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Nixon 2016.

peterike said...

Fantastic piece.

Toddy Cat said...

"I had no clue how self destructive the left was, and that the poison was homegrown. "

This. Many of us older conservatives were so concerned about the USSR, we didn't see where the deeper danger lay. Yeah, the Soviets were nasty and dangerous, but to paraphrase Chiang Kai-Shek, the Soviets were a disease of the skin. The homegrown left is a disease of the heart

PA said...

So Nixon is in hell for his remorseless bombing of Cambodia. What is the destination of his successors and why?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Good question PA. Might make a great game "Presidential Afterlife Destination"

PA said...

Presuming loose standards for admission, theologically speaking:

Ford: Heaven, unless others know of some perfidy I don't

Carter: Heaven; good guy who tried to do the right thing. I actually respect him for that "sweater" speech. Batty and bitter, but not deliberately evil post-presidency

Reagan: Heaven; "nobody can rule guiltlessly" - Saint Just, as cited by Arthur Kostler in Darkness at Noon. He made difficult decisions but I believe he was honest with his conscience.

GHWB: if various conspiracy theories, ranging from dispatching JFK to 911 are true, then hell. Going by acknowledged facts, still hell for double-crossing Shia rebels.

Clinton: hell for rapes, possible dead girls, and defying Christ in Serbia.

GWB: Hell for complicity in 911; going by acknowledged facts, heaven because he acted in good faith and honest conscience. Unless he's judged as traitor over Amnesty.

Obama: does he have a soul and therefore an afterlife?

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, I agree with these. Nixon is there in war leader sector because even if he felt bad, nothing makes up for modern war techniques in wars of choice. The separation of the man who bombs from the war field creates such a wide disconnect, that no proper sorrow can be felt.

Ford, Carter and Reagan dodge it. Carter saw the breakdown of the post-war consensus and knew the coming reckoning. We just dodged it in the '80s/'90s with a boatload of debt and going after the commies. GHWB gets hell. Clinton's choice to intervene in Yugoslavia was insane especially since we did not in Rwanda. I also think Clinton never feels remorse for anything in his life. If he did, he wouldn't be pushing Hillary to run. Fuck, he pushed her to primary O in '12. W and O go downstairs, but as you said, does O have a soul to damn?

PA said...

Correction on w. He started an unecessary war on false pretences. Fuck him.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, I felt W's tempered approach on Afghanistan was great because immediately after 9/11, America was an angry vengeful place wanting blood. One of my history professors laid out the gameplan the US should follow and they did it to a T and did well. That was a team effort of a well oiled machine. Woodward's book on that was great for an inside look.

Choosing to go into Iraq was terrible. I get why they did it as a Wilsonian Interventionism, Global transformative type of war. It made no sense to do it as we gutted our manufacturing base and did not institute a gas tax. Even if the Deep State was asking for it, he never should've done it.

peterike said...

Carter: Do impossibly high levels of smug sanctimony get you into hell? He's a spiteful bastard too, and Dante put Wrathful at Level 5 of hell. And then there's the idiocy of boycotting the Olympics, but that's not hell-worthy. Carter might slide by on his Presidency, but his endless post-Presidential career of bitter carping earns him at least a partial residency, if not eternal.

Reagan: I got a big problem with amnesty, but he was just rolled by the Dems on that one. The war on drugs was pretty bad. He gave us Sandra O'Conner and Anthony Kennedy in the Supremes, but then he also gave us Scalia, so it's a wash. Yeah, heaven I suppose.

All the Bushes deserve hell. See Steve Sailer's recent piece about the Bushes and Mexico.

Anonymous said...

These bits are great.

Once Pakistan got the bomb, what's the difference if Iran has one? The technology is over 60 years old, the horse left the barn years ago.

Pvt. Jaybird said...

I'm not a prude or anything, but can we make an effort to remove the phrase "mother fucker" from the White Man's Vocabulary? I could be wrong, but I believe Nixon himself would've been taken aback as that had not entered the White Lexicon yet. I don't let the younger guys on my crew, White or Mexican, talk like niggers ("bitch", "dog") and I tell them so. "Mother fucker" is a little harder to drop, but I try to lead by example by using "cocksucker", a good old fashioned White cuss word plus it has the anti-homo connotation.

KevinM said...

"Botoxed to Buddhist serenity"

I'll be using that one.

Portlander said...

Once again, fashionably late from the Left Coast, but a few comments nonetheless:

1) Damn, Nixon must have planted something in my mind last night as I slept because this morning before reading this and before anyone else has brought up ground game (at least to my knowledge, SoBL, you are the first) I was thinking about ground game and Trump getting absolutely steam-rolled at a brokered convention.

Allow that to sink in...

It's well known the Dem's inoculated themselves against far-left, diversity wack-jobs with their Super Delegates. Apparently the Rep's more artful, if considerably more expensive, solution to same is run 17 candidates so as to splinter the rubes (read Tea Party) voting in the primaries. So, what's going to happen among the public when both the Red states and Blue states suffer their popular choices being rolled by the party establishment and, despite f*cking it all!, 2016 is still Clinton-Bush. I say again, allow that to sink in.

2) "if the GOP were serious, organized and not a bunch of spineless cocksuckers, they'd not have let 17 candidates enter"

It's a feature, not a bug. I think a while back in your list of websites you left out the Conservative Tree House. That Sundance guy is sharp. He's been on this like white on rice.

3) Loved the heaven-hell comment thread.

GWB, methinks, gets heaven. I don't think one can lay Iraq at his feet. That f*er was predetermined. Exhibit A: Chenney-Rumsfeld-Scowcroft(!) all key players in GWB's administration??? Nope, GWB is every bit as much a stuffed suit as Obama.

Carter does a stint in purgatory for never meeting an anti-US despot we wouldn't suck up to. Brezhnev, Ayatollas, Arafat, the South African ANC... Carter was the useful idiot to them all.

Son of Brock Landers said...


You bring up a great point about GWB. I recall how they said he stopped golfing entirely after a quote on the course during the Iraq War was on TV after being taken out of context. He felt guilty. Doubling down for the surge turned out to work, so while it saved a war it still doesnt stop that it was a war of choice. In all honesty, who in 2005 thought that 2010 Iraq would be in better shape than 2010 afghanistan? No one.

As far as Trump, I laid out my two thoughts using Nixon and myself. I think he can take it all (but lose the general) or he will be gone before the first primary. His falling out with Roger Stone actually reveals one of Trump's pitfalls: his massive ego. He saw big poll numbers and acted waaaaaay too cocky and got off message. If he is serious, Trump needs to reach out to every single overlooked and sidestepped GOP guy in the early states. This is a huge piece of the GOP crowd that is activist but doesnt have the connections. Iowa is a caucus, so those are tricky and he easily could be swamped, but if he has a ground game, he can take NH and SC and force out some of the bigger players.

Portlander said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention in my reply, RE: Trump...

His tell, whether he's really in to win or just f-ing around for ego points (or, hey, this doesn't preclude the false flag for Hillary theory), will be ground game. Does he build one, or just keep bloviating for the cameras?

FWIW, Firing Stone does indicate the latter.

Regardless of Stone, bottom-line, yeah, we agree.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I know someone he reached out to so I think it is real. We have a broken system, and now a man, perfectly tailored to the broken system's inputs, is showing what a fraud it is. My Sunday post at Social Matter will be about this phenomenon. I discuss it a bit on a podcast I did with the Social Matter guys. This is hysterical.

Surviving_elk said...

In terms of contemporary history, you all somehow know more than i, but in terms of eschatology they are all going to hell, carve it on a deadhead and float it down the River.

My vague impression was that Carter was the last good man. According to cracked dot com he did some heroism on spent nuclear rods.

The geopolitics of Bush were on the 50-year plan, they wanted to win the Great Game, Happy Motoring and cheers, and they sorta won the short term.


Kids and internet Friends: Politics matters less and less. I have blown it with the neighborly relations, but i have 20 oz tomatoes and 4 lbs squash, it is all to hell, “eff this gay civilization.”

You want a favor, ask and like for real, can we please do something?

Toddy Cat said...

"nothing makes up for modern war techniques in wars of choice"

Vietnam was a not a war of choice for Nixon, he inherited it from LBJ. Nixon thought that just cutting and running would result in a bloodbath, which it eventually did, so he really had no choice, except insofar as surrendering is always a choice. Given the mess he had dropped on his plate, Nixon had no choice but to try to hold the North off while turning the war effort over to the ARVN. It actually more or less worked, until Congress defunded our South Vietnamese allies.

As Moldbug put it, Nixon won the Vietnam War. Also, our bombing in Cambodia was aimed at military targets, which were there because North Vietnam had violated Cambodian neutrality. The NVA was responsible for any civilian casualties, and besides, Nixon wasn't personally selecting the targets, like Johnson did. The "Nixon in Hell" schtick is funny, but possibly inaccurate. Nixon may or may not be in Heaven, but if he isn't, it's not because of Vietnam...

Son of Brock Landers said...

Point taken Toddy Cat.

I wouldve preferred the US go all out in Vietnam. Destroy the north. Note that we never bombed the dykes because the media wouldve played up the humanitarian crisis element... but it wouldve made the north beg for leniency and surrender.

Portlander said...

Finally, I gotta say, is that photo of Jebe' & Jabba for real. WTF, Chuck!?

Geezus, that's why she is so "shy." In their moneyed circles she's gotta be surrounded by 8's & 9's, aging or no, on a regular basis. And while, twins excepted, the rest of the Bush women aren't much to look at, they aren't uncomfortably so. Her? She's friggin' cringe inducing.

As an American, it's embarrassing. You think Putin laughs at the Queer in Chief and First Beard now... <sigh>

I do wanna see Berlusconi make a move on that one, though.

Toddy Cat said...

"I wouldve preferred the US go all out in Vietnam."

Agreed. This is how my Dad, a WWII Vet and classic "Hard Hat" felt about it. I can remember him, beer in hand, listening to the news about Vietnam, and yelling at the TV screen "Either win the son of a b*tch or get the Hell out!" Unfortunately, LBJ (who my father hated like a snake) tried neither, and by the time Nixon got in, it was too late...

Son of Brock Landers said...

If my grampa saw LBJ on TV, he would say, "there's the guy who killed jfk". He did this even in the '90s.

JFK lost that war (letting Laos go neutral, killing Diem, escalating in '63 out of fear of "losing" a country), LBJ did not make any good moves, and Nixon had to clean it up. Vietnamization worked. What doomed the South Vietnamese was when Congress cut funding and we wouldnt provide air support in '74.

My oldest uncle was a vietnam vet. Some good stories, some bad stories and some sad stories. He told me of a firefight in an air force hangar. When they took some VC as prisoners at the end of it, they secured them and held them in a locked shed. They had all guards accounted for. VC escape. My uncle says "Can we arrest the Vietnamese guards?" His CO makes phone calls and returns to say, "No." My uncle never was alone with those guards ever again, but they stayed at that base longer.