Monday, August 31, 2015

The Maturation of Roosh

It has been fun to observe the change in Roosh. Just to see the tweets, the updates, the trolling move from online to real life has been a joy. It is taking the hate click strategy of Return of Kings and turning it into a real life force. Like meeting an Internet Friend in real life, it is a weird but exciting moment. You know what else is fun? Seeing Roosh grow up.

If you're reading this, you're no stranger to Roosh's writing and antics. I enjoy his writing even as the single life became something I hear about and observe, not participate in. If I ran MAXIM, I'd have him as a steady writer. It was also kind of juvenile or immature with the pursuit of notches or flags if you're going international. Roosh still wrote incredibly well on the state of gender relations as a front line soldier compared to the fat and lazy writers of older generations, living in their bubbles. This was his insight into reality that would bring you back to read more.

A question was though, where was he going with this? Tucked away in a post once was Roosh writing he'd only marry and have kids when he could provide for them without his wife working. Then that kind of disappeared. Then he wrote ever darker posts while abroad. There was the weird post on what the Internet does to a person that he wrote after coming back from an Internet/Twitter break. There was the forming of Reaxxion, which seemed like opportunistic pouncing on the Gamergate idea to make a buck. After fighting the SJWs for a year, things got too redpill for the RooshVForum and he announced a break with the term redpill and creation of neomasculinity. Where was it going? Seemed like a continuation of his self-improvement writing but with softer entries so to expand reach.

That is a problem here, and with Internet writing in general. Roosh himself reveals the problem of the digital self. How much of Roosh is genuine and how much is for clicks, sales, etc.? In his mid-30s, how many revenge fucks do you need? What's the next step? Remember, they end tv shows because no one wants to see an old man chasing teenage chicks. When he announced he was going on Dr. Oz, I was excited for him. My wife watched with me and said, "Of course someone in your sphere gets on Oz and they're the bad guy". Roosh did not do well on Oz. He claimed he was blindsided (I believe it). I also expected more from him and a modicum of media savvy once he knew the trap they sprung. Still, it is live TV. He announced a speaking tour. "Jesus Christ, it's all about cash flow" was my thought.

But something clicked. Roosh wrote of being the bad guy. He wrote of giving the fools in the audience of Dr. Oz and watching at home someone to hate on, and this is a powerful realization. Realizing it before the tour was key, because he could shed the illusion that his message would be accepted or even allowed to exist as a potential good. In our vast right wing sphere, we need to recognize that what we believe is based in truth and what is true is good, but that we will be hated for it. You will be called names, you will be chased, you will be designated bad.

Bad in the eyes of a sick, broken regime. Roosh speaking, not folding, and performing ju-jitsu on the SJWs is important. Read this and try not to laugh at the ridiculous reporting, not just from feminists (male or female) but how the media frames it. Roosh might as well be a raping Turk on horseback. A woman takes his picture and asks if he is going to rape her, which he laughs off and says not even if you paid me. This was reported and printed. This is clown world. A speech to fifty men should not be a threat to the regime, but look what it inspired. Roosh is 100% right that it vindicates what the manosphere and alt-right has said for years. Totalitarian suppression of any wrongthink. As this review details the event, Roosh sounds like a grown up with vision.

Roosh very calmly and clearly lays out how a normal, masculine approach to life is now considered evil or wrong and gay pride parades with the Frankenstein homosexuality are actively cheered and encouraged by our cultural gatekeepers. This is negative society in action. Up is down. It is an adult and mature message. "Let me help you navigate the modern world and be the man you were meant, were bred and evolved to be." It is not just picking up chicks for notches anymore. It is easy to see how almost all modern media messaging sends bizarre messages of what is appropriate, just watch a commercial break on television. Roosh is looking to provide counter-programming.

Roosh is also right that this only will help him the next go around. He is taking advantage of the greatest bang for your buck advertising engine today: the SJW outrage cycle. Sure this is about free speech at the superficial level for mainstream discussion, but it is about something else. If you are going to have any pushback, you're going to need someone who steps out first. Roosh, Charles Johnson, the Gamergate crew, and even the Trump, you will need people publicly defying the regime, giving airtime to the other side and pointing out the lies.

There is a core of Americans angry over the Facebook gay marriage "skittles" profile pic crowd. There is a core of Americans who considered the Confederate flag a mark of stupidity or redneck status, but think the media and Left went overboard with suppressing and attempting to erase it. There is a core of Americans sick of all this gay cheerleading, roll their eyes at Black Lives Matter bullshit and know any opposition is silenced by the thought police. You cannot just delegitimize the system but need to offer and build alternatives.

Is Roosh perfect? No, but he is taking steps I would not have predicted even six months ago. Hell, I expected him to start writing "How To Spot The Perfect Wife" and other finding LTRs/wives posts as he caved and found a cute eastern euro to settle down with. Has he found that surrogate activity that so many childless people fail to develop or even attempt to explore? Is this his new calling? Was it reading Culture of Critique? Was it the Dr. Oz appearance? Only Roosh knows. The fun has been watching him grow from writing "how to get laid" to "the gender situation is awful" to "we need to make a stand and build something better".

If this be a crusade for masculine virtue and the destruction of the poisonous and ruinous feminism movement, then march forth. Quit complaining about the dominant cultural messaging system and support the opposition. If you are tired of the insanity around you, pay attention to Roosh's journey and support him.


Anonymous said...

He'd do well to leave Poland and stop chasing the women there before the Nationalists find him.

Alexander Thompson said...

Is this in response to him being humiliated on Ukranian TV now?

Scott's Bluff said...

Good to see you back brother I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Do you read every blog post Roosh puts up? I skip over any title that starts with “Some chicks name: Part 888”. I don’t read his work routinely, but when I go to his site it was never for voyeurism. Kate’s Cell Phone or whatever that piece was called is still in his Hall of Fame.

He definitely produced solid contributions in the past for the Manosphere and deserves his new trolling status. I agree a man can’t, or shouldn’t, game young pussy past his mid-30s if he does not have fame and an angle, (Picasso, Paul Walker, genuine rock stars) otherwise he is incapable of deflecting the normal amount of hand-wringing and uncomfortable stares thrown his way (I am not 30 this is just open theorizing). Although I think it’s fine to court a young girl for marriage (Brimelow-like). I see nothing reprehensible about that.

Roosh is an interesting character anyway, without comparison really; at the intersection of white nationalist hostility and neo-masculinity for all men, you find starkly different opinion about him pop up from different corners of the new Right. It reveals the gradations of whiteness other people have in mind; so white-skinned Turks are not white but brown Spaniards are? Those little arguments and such that revolve around European authenticity and what passes as white. It pokes at a person’s thede radar I think. “Does this person set off my intruder alarm?”

…as a front line soldier compared to the fat and lazy writers of older generations, living in their bubbles… shots fired. But directed at whom… Don’t leave us hanging!

Portlander said...

Welcome back. Hope you and the fam' had a good break.

I don't follow Roosh, though obviously know him. In what appears to be a similar vein, I've found interesting Heartiste's relatively recent political evolution from adamant pool-sider to Trump advocate and unabashed nationalist. As if, hey, maybe there's something worth fighting for and saving in western culture after all.

I'm not surprised. Obviously a lot of people want to feel their at the leading edge of the zeitgeist. If that's ironic nihilism, that can rationalized. If that's a return to ethnic and national pride and traditional norms of propriety, all the better -- certainly it's much easier to rationalize. All that is needed is the right person to instantiate the message everyone is silently feeing in their hearts.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Off-topic: Do you know the a.nolen blog? In her view Trump is part of ploy by the elites to end the Iran deal by going populist, Trump is now the kingmaker in the GOP race and the person he will make king is Ted Cruz with the blessings of Glenn Beck.

Bob Wallace said...

"Roosh" is a grifter who will never grow up.