Tuesday, August 04, 2015

That Curious NY Times Sea Slaves Story

Did you read the NYTimes "Sea Slaves" outrage article? It is a sad tale of woe for these fishing boat squads. The weird thing is why now? These practices have gone on for decades, so why now of all times? Are there not more important stories? Are there worse stories around the globe to cover? Are there worse stories in Thailand to cover? The last question answers it all. Thailand's junta rule is doing fine right now. This is a problem for the USG system.

The timing is what is interesting. This piece is long, and it would take time to put together. The story's emergence probably has to do with Thailand's junta performing much better than the NY Times op-ed said a year ago they were and would perform. Note that a year ago they said sanctions would help restore democracy. Sanctions are on the Thai's minds as they were waived due to anti-trafficking efforts. This "sea slaves" concept could develop into a product that would be boycotted, blocked or sanction-worthy. Does it matter? Yes, as fishing products are 1% of Thai GDP. In this day and age of leverage, even a 1% hit to your economy has big effects.

This also offers a nice opportunity to poke at SWPLs and progs who love their cats. Next time anyone mentions #WhitePrivilege or rips on early European settlers of the wide open continent of North America, bring this "sea slaves" story up. These fishing crews are often searching for fish to feed pets cats. Yes, pet cats, SWPL friends and spinsters' boyfriends are why so many fishing crews roam the seas for seafood. The cat food needs the chunks of fish in it, Fluffy cannot just eat kibble. Complain, Ms. SWPL, about early American settlers who simply wanted to farm untapped land and fish off uncharted coasts. Just make sure that you note that Southeast Asians are used as slaves on the open seas to provide your cat with what you think is the proper diet.

There are countless things to be outraged about, and it is easy to get outraged if one believes in the naive, childike "everything is awesome" view of humanity. Just this month, silly normies and progs got pushed into a 2 Minute Hate over a Minnesota dentist shooting a lion in an African hellhole. No one noticed that Zimbabwe is a corrupt craphole that needs bribes to function at its third circle of hell level compared to smooth running Rhodesia. The media said to be outraged. These same people cleverly turned their head from the Planned Parenthood videos which slay the canard of "just a clump of cells". Can't be just a clump of cells when you're sorting through eyes, arms and hearts. This "sea slaves" story is another bit of outrage porn, but of course, has a political purpose. Don't step off the reservation Thailand, the cathedral will come to get you.


Orthodox said...

Does Thailand have a curious NYTimes report sex slave story? If they don't have a unit dedicated to collecting material on foreigners, they need to start one.

Elkman said...

This post touches on a lot of topics: planned parenthood and abortion, trophy hunting and animal rights; slavery and cat food, democracy as a malleable device of the global elite (or the System) … it all ties together somehow!

The global economy, the system, makes slaves of us all, though people seem sort of to manage and escape.

The one opinion i would weigh in on is planned parenthood and abortion. Horrifying stuff, the reality of what it is. The girls and women who go through that, who have that done, are permanently damaged or, at best, permanently scarred. Most of these women don’t know that they are damaged, though, which goes back to the bromide that they have no souls. Most people (not just women) don’t have souls. My own soul comes and goes. Look back on a life and wonder “what the hell was i thinking?” and then consider that if you are alive in 20 years time, you very likely will say the same thing about yourself now.

The problem is surplus energy aka leisure time - people did not evolve for this. We evolved to live as animals, just looking for food and shelter and scrimmaging around all the time and suffering wounds are Arrgghing! at each other and the world and when that becomes unnecessary all those instincts and the associated mental energy gets twisted. The theme that i fixate on is the associated mental energy and where does that go. I know this is pretty incoherent; there is so much work to do, around here; and then once you start, there is more, … so why even begin? The problem of tomorrow.

The Harvest won’t wait though. It is August.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Yeah, there is a lot of things to get outraged about but we let our Masters decide which one should be in every week.