Sunday, August 16, 2015

Social Matter - Trump Is A Demon Of The Establishment’s Design

Today's essay at Social Matter is about the Trump phenomenon. The Establishment has no one to blame but itself. Go read it there.

The circus that is the American election cycle has an added bit of flair this time. No, not the possibility of a female on the ticket. We had that buzz of excitement in 1984 and 2008. It is the spectacle of a self-promoting, billionaire blowhard taking the "Bulworth" approach towards a legitimate run for the presidency. Donald Trump has added spice to the 2016 presidential election cycle and in the summer slow news season to excite cable news operatives. He has rocketed to the top of the polls, rustled Establishment jimmies and caused conversations to take place that no one would expect.  
As much as he is loathed by the Establishment, he is a demon of their design.

Everyone ont he left wants to blame Fox News or rise of ugly right wing politics. They do so not to blame themselves. Go read it there!

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R. Wilbur said...

Nrx writers & various alt-right-writers have such a better grasp of Trump than any mainstream writer, it's beyond embarrassing. Your piece is one of the better ones I've read so far from that crowd.

Hell, the commentary on Trump from dick_nixon's fake twitter feed is better than any "think piece" from a respected journal.