Sunday, August 09, 2015

Social Matter - The Absurdity of America's Devotion to Israel

Go read this Sunday's essay at Social Matter. I discuss American foreign policy and the peculiar interest and focus on Israel.
Have you seen the steady stream of quotes and speeches by presidential candidates about one of our allies? This ally is in a far-flung region of the world. They have a vibrant democracy in an area unfriendly towards democracy. They deal with a Muslim threat, jihad next door, terrorists within their nation, and the threat of nuclear annihilation. They do have nuclear weapons of their own, and have a nationalist leader at the head of the government now. Let’s review the quotes.

I had some good fun with this one, but when you step back and review all of the public statements by 2016 presidential hopefuls together, then you start to feel nauseous. Read the rest there!

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