Monday, August 03, 2015

ISIS, Singapore, Israel and Governance

In yesterday's Social Matter essay, I wrote of the structure and genius of ISIS. It was not an endorsement of ISIS despite discussing how they have been so successful with some positive adjectives. They created a structure of leadership, governance and responsibility to create a successful government "start-up". While their multi-winged structure reminded me of the neoreactionary trike, it was because of the clearly delinated responsibilities working for a common goal for their people. Different forms of government work for different groups of people.

ISIS is really a push for sovereignty and security of Sunni Arab Iraqis. Living under ISIS might work for them, it might not. It will give them a tomorrow that they deem better than being ruled by the Shia dominated Baghdad based government. I have little clue if ISIS would work for me, but I am not a Sunni Arab. Often in these circles, Singapore is thrown around as an awesome government due to its efficient administration of a multicultural society and economic growth. It is also a massive IQ shredder. What future does one's progeny have in Singapore? Does one even have kids? I checked fertility rates. No. What is missing there? Singapore does a lot right, but in that familial regard they fail.

We would be looking for a nation that defends its peoples interests, provides a high standard of living with focus on innovation economically, caters to its national identity, and promotes a good feeling of togetherness, social cohesion and asabiyyah. Isn't that Israel? Forget all the terrible meddling in American foreign policy for one second, I'll get to that, and focus on their domestic policies. They have a nice economy with innovation and a high skill focus. There are statist economic policies with a focus on their "nation" or tribe being the beneficiary as they envision it. They have a strict immigration policy, high focus on security, and they have conscription for young adults. Their natalist policies have boosted Jewish tfr to 2.98. Barring nuclear annihilation (won't happen), Israel should be around for a while... as soon as they find new patrons.

Israel's problem is that famous neurosis or paranoia that pushes them to take everything to the nth degree. The puppet work with American foreign policy is pretty terrible. The second presidential debate in 2012 was so Israeli focused that Tawainese animators mocked the hell out of us. Adelson has his hands on plenty of the GOP frontrunners, Clinton has declared she will be a better friend to Israel than Obama. It is a sick system for sale that the US allows, and it is rather troublesome that Israeli interests feel so relaxed to be so brazen and open about their purchases of politicians. This is bad optics, and so are some other geopolitical moves they do. A quieter Israeli geopolitical manuevering method would benefit them.

These are just some pinpoint examples, because one could look at what Putin's regime in Russia is attempting or China and applaud. Russia has lowered their Gini coeficient and boosted birth rates. Russia is finally going after the Russian who was a handmaiden to American looting of post-USSR Russia, which the NY Times laments but actual Russians cheer. Being a bulwark against the American prog buffet is an identity they are rallying around. China is actually cracking down on some looters. Yes, the looters siphoned off funds, but they are being dealt with harshly, forcing other elite to try to escape. Can you imagine an America that properly dealt with all of the fraudsters from the last bubble? There would be 1 million trying to emigrate and 4 million others in jail.

I am one of the many who hope for an American break up. Partly to do away with communist control and to see them eventually turn the northeast into Progland craptopia. Part of it is being a member of an identity group that may possibly find a leadership that connects with it, can represent its interests and share in its desires. Should not we all live under leadership that does not hate our existence? Is that too much to ask for? Stop strip mining me and my peers for tax revenue and let us live to our traditions, not those newly dreamed up at Harvard.


Anonymous said...

Who could serve as Israel's new patron once the US Empire falls? I don't think there is anyone, other than a few seceded independent American states.

PA said...

The post-WWII American empire is fundamentally unsustainable because it operates on the principle of strip-mining human capital.

Your geopolitical posts are fascinating and make a lot of sense.

PA said...

... strip-mining human capital for short-term gain.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks PA, always respect your opinion.

Anon, Watch for Israel to align either with Russia or China. You are right about a secession state possibly being a patron. The future, with a secession scenario, would be Israel aligning with nationalist nations and rejecting the globalist agenda. You'd have the world broken up by nationalist units with China/Russia/A piece or 2 of old USA vs. the Globalists.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, also the US order was built on the rest of the world being destroyed by WW2. It isnt the case anymore.

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin said...

Right being Israel's patron would considerably worsen relations with most muslim states. However perhaps a reactionary, nationalist or conservative government in the west may well support Israel as a thumb in the eye of muslims, although they would not get nearly as much support from them as the U.S.

A.B. Prosper said...

China will eat Israel alive and Russia doesn't have the resources nor the overwhelming philosemitism the US does.

If the US implodes, Israel can be on its own.

That said, adapting similar pro nation policies is a fine idea. We don't need the natalism though, even if we expelled nearly every foreigner we'd still be grossly overcrowded for our social carrying capacity.