Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fresh, New Female Faces Of Comedy

OMG, there are some new faces of comedy that are so totally fresh that they will shake up America! In your face, rowdy cursing and sexual young women who know no limits. Let's look at them.

Amy Schumer
The two dumpy chicks from "Broad City"
Oh man, these women joke about sex and drugs and boozing. How cool is that? Totally empowering... but wait... something looks familiar. Could it be, hold on a second. I have seen this before.

A foul mouthed quasi-cute chick with connections and blondish hair?

Chelsea Handler = Guy Pearce in drag
A foul mouthed chick who talks about weed, sex and naughty things with dark hair?

Sarah Silverman
Looks like it is Hollywood's turn to rotate out their chosen vehicles of young city lady with a foul mouth. I wonder what naughty, cool things they will share on their terrible shows with low ratings that the pundits will say are so hip and awesome. Hollywood, just be sure to not send Silverman to the glue factory; she is a woman not a horse. Weird coincidence, but not a single woman shown will be found in a church on Sunday, but you may catch them at the synagogue a day or so earlier.

Circus stays the same, only the clowns change.


NZT said...

LOL forever at women comedians

Unknown said...

They might be ethnically Jewish but I seriously doubt these women attend synagogue.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Nietzche wrote that jews are not decadent as a people but they use decadence as a weapon to prevail "against the World" or something like it.

PA said...

Thank you for wading through the culture of death so I don't have to.

Orthodox said...

Handler looks like Guy Pearce in drag in that photo.

icr said...

Oddly enough, the man who was called "the very first stand-up comedian" was apparently a raging anti-Semite. It's a very strange story:

Anonymous said...

I feel oddly attracted to Ilana Glazer, I don't know why.

peterike said...

Sarah Silverman is the hottest of these ghastly, foul-mouthed Jewish women.

What's interesting, too, is how wildly the media supports them. I check out New York Magazine regularly for New Yorky stuff and other things, and not a day goes by when they aren't pushing Amy Schumer. Before that it was the "Broad City" women. Day after day after day they promote these women, and always in the context of how "heroic" they are, "breaking down barriers." (Note that one of the characters on "Broad City" has regular sex with a black man that she won't commit to, even though he wants to commit to her. I think he's a dentist or something equally illogical. But you actually see them having sex together, and it's grotesque.)

The Jewish media has supported Jewish "comedy" in precisely this same way since forever, probably starting with Lenny Bruce. It's always ground-breaking and heroic and brave. It's never what it really is: depraved and offensive and insulting, and anti-white.

Elkman said...

A netflix comedy, Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats, might be worth an hour. It is the vehicle of one Chelsea Peretti, who is half-jewish and half-Italian. (Judging by television and the movies, one might think that most jews are half-Italian, or that most Italians are half-jews.) But without going into review mode, it is pretty clever. She has a HUGE nose, which is the punchline for a bit about how she plays a blonde jewess disguised as a shiksa in (where else) Nazi Germany. But this comedienne is confused about her vagina and what role it should play in her life. But she makes jokes about it so all is well?

Another netflix comedy, also neither recommended nor endorsed, is Bo Burnham, what. This guy is too clever by half, it is an interesting insight into too much consciousness and not enough balls, or something. He has a big head and can dance, but he is very very gay and likes pussy too.

Also, Bill Burr’s third latest and last netflix was a huge HUGE disappointment. He is apparently married to a black woman - how bizarre is that? For awhile Mr Burr was the closest thing to a realtalking popular icon but he fizzled out, the culture swallowed him up he got lost in swirling folds of chocolate cake.