Monday, August 10, 2015

Attacking Senator Schumer

Want to know why the media is drumming up talk of a civil war within the GOP? If they did not, there would be wall to wall talk of the confusion and civil war on the left. Yes, blacktivists are jumping on Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign events, but have you heard fo the attacks on Chuck Schumer? Senator Chuck Schumer came out against the Iran deal, and the knives are out for him. Dump Chuck Schumer. This is a huge, open dispute, and has a deeper meaning.

Senator Chuck Schumer is a smart toadie for Wall Street. He is not going anywhere. What is amazing is how early and hard the progressive ankle biters are nipping at him. When Harry Reid retires, the fight for the next Democrat leader in the Senate is between Schumer and Senator Durbin in Illinois. If you look at the money they have raised, men they have placed, and time they have spent cultivating their islands of power in the DC archipelago, this will be a great fight. Schumer is putting himself at risk of losing that fight just by going out on a limb versus the White House, and the White House is desperate for this deal. The details of it coming out are not good, and this is a huge defiant step versus Team Obama.

The fierce anger at Schumer personally is not why they are doing it. It's not him. It's to send a message to the other Democrats not as secure as he is to say, 'Don't you dare buck our president no matter how bad the deal is or we'll remove you'. This keeps the others in line. Stopping this Iran deal will require more than just Schumer on the Democrat side from defecting. There need to be like a dozen defections to stop the Iran deal. Count them: Menendez, Schumer, Blumenthal, Manchin, King, Coons, Cardin, Heitkamp, Gillibrand, Booker, and you're done. You think that Booker is going to defy Obama? Manchin is desperate to keep his seat in a state that is much tougher than it was a decade ago for Democrats. These middling politicians are far more at risk than Schumer. The Iran deal passes.

The message does not simply go to the lower standing Democrat senators. Remember that Schumer is part of the Democrat leadership. As disgusting a person as he is, he is very intelligent. His radio advertisements in 1998 were ahead of their time and what you hear now from the Democrats. Ads would air that D'Amato hated women, children, old people and puppies. They were guffaw inducing, but were basically the War on Women before the War on Women was pushed. Schumer knows this deal has the votes. Chuck Schumer is sacrificing himself to placate American Jews. The battle in the Jewish soul between Bolshevism and Zionism that Winston Churchill remarked about nearly a century ago still rages. Schumer has to signal to American Jews that everything is fine, so don't shift in your support.

Support as in "votes" is a minimal effect. The real shift would be if wealthy Jews realized their money is going to a voting bloc and ideology that is in the process of junking Israel and giving them the South Africa treatment. Progressives will not allow nationalism to flourish, and Israel's exception is being tossed aside. The real shift would be if Jews with media entities realized this was happening, and suddenly went a step further in directing of the neocons from financial support and foreign policy direction to domestic media support. If an awakened Zionist side of the media slid 3% of the vote in several swing states (VA, FL, OH, CO) and the Upper Midwest (PA, MI, WI), the electoral map shifts dramatically and then the Israel devoted puppets of the GOP hold the keys to the Oval Office to keep Israel safe and sound.

If you believe in ZOG, that would be the logical shift. It will not happen though because the modern cathedral is a mix of Protestant Universalism and Jewish Bolshevism. Media Jews are Jews that bought into Bolshevism and rejected Zionism. I'm sorry Israel, but you're going to have to bunker down hard and prepare for the siege. As far as the heat on Schumer, do not fret about him. It is really about everyone but Chuck.


DCThrowback said...

Fun, thought-provoking read.

Anonymous said...

I really like your post but this is wrong:

"The battle in the Jewish soul between Bolshevism and Zionism that Winston Churchill"

The Bolsheviks and zionists were the same jews back them, the jews that funded israel were all marxists/trostkyts and atheists, Churchill "Zionism vs Bolshevism" was way of excusing jews for the Communist Revolution in Russia, in the early 20th century everybody knew it that jews were controlling both Communism and International Finance.

peterike said...

Interesting about Churchill and Jews. I was just re-reading Evelyn Waugh's great "Sword of Honour" trilogy, one of the great works of fiction about WWII. He slips in various comments about Jews and Bolsheviks, makes his main Jewish/British character De Souza a rather contemptible snake, and flat out has one Jewish character say something along the lines of "everyone knows Churchill is a friend of the Jews." The main character also feels that Britain lost all pretense to honor when it sided with the Communists.

One of the great conspiracy theories of the war is that Churchill was, in fact, in debt to Jewish financiers and was largely doing their bidding to bring total war on Germany. What would the war have been like without Churchill? What would Europe have been like? It's curious to think how much of this stuff was common knowledge during the war years, but little of it made it into any of the "official" accounts or in the work of mainstream historians, and the torture-confessions of Nuremberg just cast a web of confusion and misdirection over everything. Of course Jews were prominent players in that affair.

Anyway, everyone go out and read Waugh's trilogy.

Anonymous said...

Germany's crime was to create a separate Banking system outside the International jewish ususry system, Churchill said this himself before dying.

lee woo said...

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