Monday, August 10, 2015

A Note for Gavin McInnes

On August 9th, 2015, Gavin McInnes realized after decades of being edgy, that he is no longer the edgiest of the edgelords.

I like Gavin. I read his essays and follow him on Twitter. I laugh at him trolling feminists on television, leaving them sputtering or shaking with rage. Gavin McInnes decided to actually interact with members of our edgelord crowd. It started with a trickle with the cuckservative thing where he had to throw the "you guys hide behind accounts and call people cowards" statement out days ago. The anon thing proves our entire point. You must remain anon to say anything the dominant liberal worldview does not approve. He gave a tough guy "so what, I've lost jobs/quit/was fired". Tone it down, Moe Greene, "I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders!"

Do you remember Justine Sacco? Life destroyed over one tweet by the Twitter SJW mob.

Do you remember Pax Dickinson? Blacklisted after being fired over tweets by the progressive commissars.

Do you read what the far right shitlords tweet? It is light years edgier than the two individuals I listed (maybe not Pax). Roosh had the feminsts try to block his small speaking engagement and even physically attacked him. Gavin McInnes is given airtime on national television. Times have changed. It is not simply you lose your job quietly. You become an example and a 2 Minute Hate. Everyone else reads about it for 24 hours, and your life is never the same again. Yes, there are many who will sympathize with you, but you become kyptonite to enough people, especially HR departments. They Google your name when you apply for a job. Who wants to hire someone with the Google results of the two names listed above? It is a goddamn shame, and is why we go pseudo. We have families to feed.

The other thing is, Gavin has a net worth far higher than the rest of us. Many wish for that level of wealth. It would make us antifragile. It is my goal. If I were at that level, heck, not even that high, I would be an edgelord in plain sight. The anti-SJW pushback might be taking baby steps and mockey of the SJWs is key. Having open edgelords is key, too. Shit Gavin, why not start up a rival to "Go Fund Me" or "IndieGoGo" that offered an edgelord insurance fundraiser for people unfairly maligned by the SJW/PC mobs (NRx project idea?). Lose your job, and Gavin's charity will state your case and see who responds. I bet you could have those right wing Benjamin Button babes push it, and the Fox News crowd would help these edgelords. Maybe use your visibility and power to help the edgy crowd come out of the shadows.

Yes, Gavin McInnes is the Godfather of Hipsterdom. Yes, he started VICE. Those two things are decades old now. Want the clues to know how old those two things are? Hipsters are mocked even by middle aged Boomers now. VICE has been coopted and is a tool of the regime now. Time marches on. Gavin McInnes is published weekly at Taki's. I had one essay published that they deleted the darker heroin stuff. Ask Mandolyna. Hell, Gavin, she asked me if I could make it topical. This is a national fucking epidemic, how much more topical could I get?

I'll break down Gavin's distance from the edge in a way that any child could understand. I know, several in our crowd know, people who died using heroin and even the new blue drop heroin with synthetic fentanyl. I know, and many of us know, the small town cops, social workers and probation officers facing this problem on the frontlines. Some of our home towns are goddamn trainwrecks now.

Gavin McInnes reads about the heroin epidemic in the news from the comfort of feudal New York.


Glengarry said...

OT: Financial Times this weekend told me there are now at least 300 weed startups. The only ag business of interest to Silicon Valley, I guess.

Anonymous said...

List of purged (F/Handle's Haus):

Anonymous said...

"feudal New York."

Do you also read the Eradica blog?

peterike said...

List of purged (F/Handle's Haus)

Wow, that's a great reference. So, so many.

But you know, we have a word for purging CrimeThinkers. It's called "diversity."

Anonymous said...

Gavin McInnes has literally done heroin. You are way off base.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. Gavin McInnes has become a coward, probably due to loss of testosterone and aging. No one with any sense would read him now.

Anonymous said...

Remember that James Watson had to sell off his Nobel Prize b/c of his comments about Africans, and Brendan Eich (co-founder of Mozilla) is still unemployed a few years later. McInnes was already a millionaire when he was ousted from Rooster. It's childish to say "just make a new position!" to some IT technician in Ohio.

ARoss said...

What Gavin is failing to realize is the new edgelords are just using the templates set by the shitlib kikes and neocoehens of Hollywood ex Fight Club, V for Vendetta and taking the mockery aspect of such pieces to their logical conclusion.

Mark Citadel said...

He says "I've been fired!". What he fails to realize is that for Reactionaries who reside in Europe, or travel there routinely for business, pleasure, or family, many of the things we say can actually get us arrested in countries with hate speech laws. There is not ambiguity or tongue-in-cheek satire about what we do (most of the time). It's hate speech, loud and unrepentant. As far as I'm aware, McInnis hasn't gone that far.