Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 Hour Tinder Strategy

Weev and I were mocking a Dutch model/tv personality about immigration. Simple really. Who will control the Dutch dikes and flood control systems if the Dutch are repalced by Arabs and Africans? South Africa is collapsing after a similar replacement. Odd thing was that the model we were tweeting was one I posted to here a year ago as a cheesecake Summer Break post (the blonde). I have not done one of those in a long while. That teasing also happened after some talks with guys who use Tinder.

I recently spoke with a bunch of mid-20s singles and heard some fun stuff with regards to Tinder. Both genders agreed that it changed dating. Sex is easy. A relationship is hard. Use Tinder just for sex. Both genders said keeping someone for longer than a month is tough because the flakiness of women, the lure of easy sex for men on Tinder without any need for connection, and the hypocrisy of young women saying they don't want to settle down and get married but then crying on the phone when a friend of theirs gets engaged. Theme from the women that they would not name was "sluts ruin everything". Vanity Fair released an essay that agrees with their ground level assessment.

Tinder still seems like a good idea if you're interested in quick lays. Here is a good strategy laid out by a peer.

1. Use good pictures of yourself. Come on, this a given but plays into step 2.
2. Know your audience. Are you a hipster, a bro, older, etc.? Know your target partners for the quick lay. Play to those demographics.
3. Swipe right on 20 women in the morning before work. Cast the net wide.
4. You will get hits. Apply Heartiste mad text Game throughout the day. For Christ sake, you could just send lines of dialogue from 50 Shades of Grey. Goal is to set up the evening meet up for drinks.
5. Meet for drinks. You stagger this and tell one to meet you at 7 and the other to meet you at 10pm. This hedges for the probability that one flakes.
6. Game, Set, Smash.

Sounds hard. I really thought so. Guys who explained it to me said you get results that match the effort you put in. Works for them. Hard to argue.


Anonymous said...

One of the more overlooked benefits of monogamy is efficient use of time. When you're always looking for another tinder bang, you raise the energy you expend for each nut. If you've got a girlfriend or wife, you seduce her once and then its upkeep. When you're single and racking up body counts, you are spending a lot of your time (and maybe money) trying to impress girls you really don't care about at all. Its not irrational per se, as the Coolidge Effect is real, but endless dating means too much alcohol, too little sleep, and a lighter wallet (I don't care how smooth of a player you are, you pay for drinks now and then. It's socially normal). That's why most of the more normal guys who PUA burn out or scale it back to a better medium ground while the guys who make it their life are complete weirdos who need constant validation and end up giving "game" a bad name.

K said...


Ezra Levant of spoke to Roosh V: provocateur, "pick up artist" and, yes, political pundit.

WATCH Thursday, August 13 at 8pm ET.

Deduction said...

I find point 2 unnecessary.

I have a replacement point.

Get her onto whatsapp early (as soon as you think she is interested - probably a couple of jokes if you're funny), if she resists, move onto a different girl.

Elkman said...

Fishing for comments, on this one. Yeah your advice, … is; but on the other hand you have no idea (what it’s like for a single man).

“Shyness is a curse.” Some men have evolved to not take the sex from women, except when it is really offered up. Total civilizationalist neediness! but that strategy doesn’t work, long-term; ugghh Life!

I know to myself i got to leave this place
Going where the folks don’t know my face
Where the orange blossoms bloom

John Nolan said...

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R Rajesh