Thursday, July 16, 2015

WW1 Terror from Above

The Kaiser's airmen prepare to engage

What would truly blossom in WW2 but found its start in WW1? Tanks Air power. It is easy to point and laugh about the biplanes ("Haha, Snoopy planes!"), but there were also zeppelin bombers and spotters. War has a way of speeding up technological advancement, even as it destroys resources. The large German bomber below was an ancestor of the lumbering Luftwaffe bombers that would terrorize Britain, and if not for radar and a mistaken dropping of bombs, would have finished the Brits. Okay okay... might have finished the Brits.

German Bomber
This resembles those WW2 bombers and looks a bit more menacing now, doesn't it?


Peter Blood said...

Airpower > Tanks, but Airpower + Tanks = 3GW.

Jason Roberts said...

"War has a way of speeding up technological advancement."

I was thinking the same thing on my drive to work and suspect this (war) has to be the main reason for why Europe jumped so far ahead of Africa, Western Asia, and Eastern Asia.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Its amazing how fast military aviation developed shortly after the invention of the first aircraft, the Japanese were already using seaplanes in 1914 to bomb the Germans in China.