Thursday, July 09, 2015

WW1 Double Amputee

Double Amputee in 1915 playing pool
Silly white culture. What did it ever do for humanity? Prosthetic limbs. Since this picture from WW1, whites have taken prosthetics to new levels with new frontiers on the edge of limbs controlled by human thought. To put this into perspective, while obese NAMs were catching the 'betes, white science nerds were pushing the edge of technology, science and engineering to allow amputees to have highly functional limb replacement. This does not happen overnight but is the culmination of hundreds of years of science, tech, capitalism, and a society far enough above the subsistence level to create a group of highly skilled individuals to build functioning, mind controlled limbs. You are welcome gunshot wound victims of the world and diabetes patients. No, no forget the thank you, NAMs, it was their white privilege!

I hope the above soldier never paid for a beer for the rest of his life. A game of pool on the other hand depends on his hustle.

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asdf said...

The best analogy for white genius inventing technology whose main purpose is just to keep NAMs alive and entertained.