Thursday, July 02, 2015

WW1 Creeping Bombardment

Allied shells
Where does "shell shock" come from? It's a simple phrase. It was used to talk of the stress and tension men felt from living in the trenches and going through constant bombardment. We call it PTSD now. We have further made this stress and trauma hard to grasp by calling any tough time for Millenials with boo-boos "PTSD". WW1 introduced the creeping bombardment that would sometimes go on for days to prep for an advance. The photo above shows the shells from one Allied creeping bombardment of German lines that lasted one day. This is why those men came home shell shocked.


peterike said...

Wow. It's really incredible when you see the shells laid out like that. And every one of those was equal to cash in some war profiteer's pocket, while foolish white men duped by Jewish newspapers were busy destroying their civilization to make the world safe for the finance powers.

Elkman said...

Another good selection on "World War I". Some comic had a good bit about how you know you are old when you want to start knowing history. But fuck, the beaches there, and the trees on the shore, and the first thing you think seeing those shells is bodies.

I like the way that man is dressed (as opposed to the bagpipe player who was exposed). Realistically that dress is the king: protection; you will stick out like an insane freak; reconcile it.

The clothes make the man. Not much clothes, not much man. Young people in shorts and tank-tops? some guy at the local corner mall was dressed that way, but he was otherwise a throwback, big jaw and thick wrists, 50-years and mano-a-mano a tough guy. But finally, looked like a punk.