Thursday, July 30, 2015

WW1: American Homefront Tragedy

This was not a WW1 tragedy, but we just marked the 100th anniversary of the SS Eastland tragedy. America was not in the war, and did not want to be in the war. The Lusitania sinking was fresh in American minds. The boat was tied to the dock, but it capsized and 844 died. Lifeboats were onboard, but that was part of the problem. The lifeboats had been added yet the boat had not been designed to account for the additional weight. Rain fell, and people crowded together under the decks. Modern people take so much for granted, and we resort to hyperbole too easily. Whether this is due to 24/7 news media pushing the slightest thing as a wall to wall item for maximum coverage, modern Americans have lost perspective. Tragedy gets slapped on anything sad. Local thugs being shot by other criminals are not little tragedies; 844 people dying in just 20 feet of water while still at the dock is a tragedy.

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