Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Will This Libyan General Get American Support?

Remember Libya? It has been on the back burner because it makes the War Party look awful. With Clinton's campaign, expect it to make a comeback in the news for Benghazi issues and maybe, if we're lucky, questions about why did we intervene? A recent National Interest essay discussed the horrors and disorder of Libya and mentioned that a general has a Machiavellian plan to get US help. This essay was brilliant for how it painted the general's scheme and for what it avoided saying.

The essay laid out a brilliant plan by this general to pull an Assad and make ISIS and crazy fundies the main bad guys, manipulating the West into supporting him. This is a smart play as it plays to the concept of "best alternative to a negotiated agreement". The general is lining it up into a choice of Dirty Me or crazy mofo jihadis. Either negotiate with the slightly dirty guy or your remaining best alternative is jihadis running a nation. America painted itself in a corner with Assad due to our Gulf friends (and Israel), but right now, Assad has major propaganda points to play by just saying, "It's me or ISIS." This general wants to do the same.

America is resisting it but shucks, his plan might work. The essay might be persuasive to readers, but not me. The general in question is General Hifter. I wrote on him previously as he is called by some the CIA's man in Libya. Hifter lived in Virginia for two decades. No one knows what work he did to keep his family fed. The better essay or report is on what Hifter did for 20 years in America. He is an American pawn, a CIA asset, and possibly a future puppet. Hifter is going to get exactly what America thinks it needs to send to pursue its interests. He just needs to play the game with State and CIA, and he will be all set. if this essay of Hifter's Libya strategy is any indication, the American media will never cite his past.

The fellow who wrote this is Alexander Decina a research associate of the Council on Foreign Relations and formerly of the New America Foundation. Good regime policy hack in training. To write an essay on Hifter and his attempts to win American aid and not mention his past in America is a horrible omission of the whole truth. This is regime public relations and shaping of the story. If we are pursuing truth and trying to inform readers on what is going on, is it not a responsibility to tell the whole story? I linked to his LinkedIn and offer this bit of advice: no matter how few connections you have, make sure your head shot doesn't make you look like a scruffy chump.

Hifter will most likely get what he wants because the cathedral will want a quiet Libya for Clinton's run. God forbid Libya descend from chaotic Libyan on Libyan violence to hell on earth run by ISIS between now and November 2016. The last few elastic voters in the few remaining states that swing might see Clinton's resume consisting of Libya and realize she is a zero. One would think boats of Africans leaving Libyan ports for Europe would be enough to doom the left, but the media loves them too much to point out hard truths. Hifter does not need Machiavellian schemes. He just needs to go through his old Rolodex of contacts at Langley.


peterike said...

Well this is sort of off-topic-ish. I went to visit Decina's profile, but was immediately distracted by the bevy of very attractive young women who seem to proliferate in these "research" jobs at the CFR. Some of them:

What is up with this? As these all little SJW's in training bras? I guess they want to get husbanded up with some wealthy DC lobbyist type and meanwhile they are out there "saving the world" (i.e. ruining the world). Incredible how all this stupidity gets massively funded. Has there ever been a civilization that spends billions of dollars devising how best to annihilate itself?

DCThrowback said...

university of mary washington? standards at CFR are dropping.

Elkman said...

Re links from peterike. Ashlyn Anderson is University of Indiana, Bloomington - but hey she has blonde hair and a nice ass (presumably) and the key to success - a waspy name. They all do. It might lead one to the conclusion that women have no souls, but i think they can have souls, they just have to pass through their peak fertility and then there are some with souls.

On the topic, that sounds like some good analysis regarding General Lybia and the ugliest woman in the world to ever run for President, but as i have lamented before, foreign relations is hard to apprehend because all the information is second or third-hand. How does one possibly get into that network of reliable sources - aside from the easy way, a degree from the University of Indiana and an at least half-way decent ass and the willingness to use it.

Can ISIS in Lybia be forestalled? perhaps but Isis is an emergent phenomena that cannot be denied. Isis is not a thing it is a pattern. And beyond MENA, everywhere in the world more and more people are on the outside, and it is only a matter of time before similar patterns are visible in more proximate locations. God bless the economy or all hale men.

Anonymous said...

Victoria Nuland was a good looking girl ;)

Females instinctly know who are the "winners", many women who want to be succesful/famous go after jews, Madonna's brother wrote in his book that his sister chased after jewish music moguls early in her career.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I've met and talked to a Jewish dance figure in NYC who slept with and taught Madonna in the NYC dance scene she entered. He had some smart comments about her, and how she rose in the music industry. That book is dead on right that she chased moguls.