Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why The NY Mag Open Marriage Article Sounds Fake

Making the rounds since it was dropped by our media elite overlords has been one man's tale of being a super feminist by letting his wife screw other guys. It is being laughed at, mocked, given the dismissive wanking hand gesture and been skewered by others. I see this as a nice propaganda piece to push the very idea I wrote would be next quest for the progressive steamroller: polygamy, open marriages, breaking down the one man-one woman foundation for society.

I'm not going to joke on the article. I'm going to point out that this appears fake. This is in NY Magazine, a pretty prestigious platform. Note the author Michael Sonmore returns nothing on Google, has no LinkedIn, no other hits but this one article. Either NY Mag is printing a known author under a pseudo or they are crafting a fictional story to push a desired social goal. Strategically, this is to push poly on married people who read NY Mag, those who say they read Ny Mag and people who want to be like those who say they read NY Mag. Most normal human beings will scoff and mock this story, and Amerikaners wont even read it, but stupid SWPL types will. Even more specific, who reads stupid "Lifestyle" essays? This is to push it on SWPL married women. Remember the prog goal: break the nuclear family, push decisions and norm enforcement to the tribe, break down tribe identities except for the big government approved tribe.

This focus on ladies explains the details. The details are very female focused and friendly, and the key is the supposedly male narrator. Here is the feminist or female friendly poly fantasy. Pick up on key pieces of the story.

  • The wife brings the idea up.
  • The couple talks and talks and talks about it.
  • The husband is open to it and agrees.
  • The male writer recycles the old canard that his wife is hitting her sexual prime in mid-30s (ha).
  • She is a mother of two (a 6 and a 3 year old).
  • They have done this for two years.
  • The husband has flings but not as many as her.
  • He wants to hear her hot sex stories.
  • One of her first flings fell in love with her
  • Her new fling is Paulo.
Review the above. This is a win-win for all involved. This mid-30s mother of two isn't schlepping for sex with an older man, but a guy with a name that connotes exotic, Latin lover. This flies in the face of the experience your divorced or single female friends in their mid-30s are having. Wait, hold on, they have been doing this for two years and she has a 3 year old. So this woman brought up an open marriage with a 1 year old? Hahahahahahahaha. Her husband approves, he's getting his freak on too, and he is supportive and even wants to hear the lurid details. In the beginning a man fell hard in love for the wife, she tried to reciprocate and it became a mess... yet the married couple stayed together and did not end the experiment. Ladies, you too can easily find sex and even have new guys fall for you if you just move to an open marriage! Like the overdrive push on gays and trans, it is not tolerance or acceptance but approval and encouragement. We all want to have our vices approved, then they no longer are vices and we'll no longer feel any tiny tickle of shame or guilt.

This feels like a fake. It is reminiscent of the divorced mom using online dating to snatch a millionaire carpenter that Dalrock exposed. Without names, it is hard to believe. The unknown pen name in a major media platform reminds me of another pseudonym to push an agenda that felt a little off. A couple of years ago a writer named "Isaac Abel" was published in both the Atlantic and Salon. Really deep stuff like "porn addiction", "porn addiction making him a bad boyfriend" and "his one gay experience". It was admitted that Isaac Abel was a pseudonym. I'm just an anonymous blogger myself, but Isaac Abel sounded an awful lot like Ona Abelis.

Isaac Abel was a sex writer who lived in Brooklyn. Ona Abelis is a writer, sometimes on sex and relationships, who lived in Brooklyn. If you run samples of their writing through writing comparison tools, they have some striking similarities. There is no proof they are the same person, but by golly, shucks, the overlap is interesting. Abel's essay's messages are pretty straightforward: porn warped my mind and then later I had a gay night. The gay essay reads like bullshit you'd find on literotica or Tumblr where a young woman ships Indiana Jones with Harry Potter (these people exist). SWPLs read these media entities, so it pushes some prog friendly ideas chief being gay experimentation should be fine for all.

Swingers and cuck fetish couples exist. Hell, NFL coach Rex Ryan and his wife are swingers. It is also a small crowd that should not be pushed on the margins even if it is for the deluded yet high status NY Mag reading crowd. This is pretty nefarious that the media will use fiction, pseudos and possibly women writing as men to send a message. In all propaganda, the messanger counts just as much as the medium and the message itself. It is partly why our diverse society has a hard time with puppet leaders speaking because the speaker "doesn't look like me, doesn't get me". Advertisers are movign away from using human models in photos and videos due to this problem. The speaker or writer matters. This is why the media drags out Harvard kids from Texas to write of the climate of hate in Texas when Oswald shot JFK or Obama the Harvard student was used to counter the Bell Curve. These sex articles are supposedly by men to tell you that the latest deviancy that goes against long standing historical standard heterosexual male norms, mores and traditions are really cool. A man said so.


peterike said...

Yup. It's all about moving the window, slowly normalizing the abnormal. Takes time, but it works. And the time cycle is continually shrinking thanks to the amplification + shaming effects of social media.

Take the gay issue for example. It "feels" like the gay propaganda push started around the 90s some time. But if you look back, you'll find Norman Lear pushing gayness in his sitcoms back in the 70s. "All in the Family" and "Maude" as two examples. These were hugely popular shows, watched by tens of millions of what was then a mostly white America. And they were pushing gay propaganda and pushing it hard.

The corrosive nature of the elites really can't be underestimated, nor can their eagerness to crush the white middle and working classes. And of course you're right that the target of this propaganda is women: emotional, status obsessed, easily manipulated, lacking logic. Start convincing women that an open marriage means you get BOTH alpha fux and beta bux at the same time, push them toward bullying their beta husbands into letting them run without a leash, and boychick you are REALLY doing some social wrecking! This one could be big. Will be interesting if we start to see more of this. And who will be the first celebrity who steps up and announces they are in an open marriage? Or did that happen already and I missed it?

peterike said...

Addendum to my comment: I don't have a big Facebook universe, but I just saw this piece "liked" by a woman on my Facebook. This is the pull quote used to pimp the story:

"When my wife told me she wanted to open our marriage, she wasn’t rejecting me. She was embracing herself."

The woman "liking" it is mid-30s, still attractive, married, two young kids. She works in radio media/publicity in New York City. Of Cuban extraction. A classic SWPL, of the white Hispanic variety. A reasonably sensible women in other ways, best I can tell, but yet she's right there pushing this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Because we know it for a farce, professional wrestling is the only thing that's real.

(PS: You've been knocking 'em out of the park, SOBL. Congrats, and thank you for what you've been putting into your analyses!)

Anonymous said...

As a father of two I barely have the time and energy to have sex with one woman, much less hunt for another. Ridiculous. Maybe a couple Jamaican nannies are raising the kids for them if it's true?

Mark Minter said...

I thought it was fake also, alerted by a tweet saying this revelation about the author not really existing.

And I think it is more for clicks because NY mag knows that all the men's blogs will write about it in a hostile manner and thus, clicks.

But I think it does women a big disservice. It gives men one more reason to hate women, one more example of horrible and based behavior, one more reason to not marry.

I think this is the point to publish.

Anonymous said...

It has to be fake, but I think you're wrong about who wrote it. I think it was a conservative satire on liberal feminism and I think said conservative will reveal him or herself soon. I also think if there's an agenda it's not pushing people into open marriages but the opposite. I think it's used to scare married men into where their lives could be headed if we accept same sex marriage.

The fact is though, not same sex marriage nor feminism have anything to do with faithfulness in a relationship. I am very pro same-sex marriage and very pro-feminist but I think open relationships are wrong, even when both parties agree.

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Ona. Sorry I never got back to you on Twitter. I get a lot of random messages and wasn't sure why you thought I was Issac. In any case, I've never written for NY Mag and don't really write about sex or relationships, save for an old TC listsicle or two. Hope this helps in your search. OA

Anonymous said...

Jackpot! This non-denial "denial" from OA indicates deception. Nice air of studied casualness. For a reliable denial, she needs to say I did not write that article. She does not. Because people don't like to outright lie. If she doesn't say she didn't write it, we can't do it for her. Looks like you've got your "man" SOBL!