Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's Soros Doing This Month?

It is fun to mock sites like Salon and Slate for their silly beats they cover. The pop culture beats are terrible wastes of resources. There is the Kardashian beat, the paparazzi beat, and the ever popular "Jon Stewart Style Derisive Comedy" beat. Could they redirect those resources to cover some other public figure? Tackling someone who has hands in multiple jars, lips at the ears of many world leaders, and money spent on everything legal and illegal one could politically imagine would be a great beat. Maybe it would earn a Pulitzer. What would a George Soros beat look like?

Is Soros taking down Greece? Could it be, might it be... yes, he is. George Soros goes after the Greeks. This is why you buy powerful governments, so you can then engage in big lending with foreign, sovereign borrowers. You keep the lending going and like a morphine drip, they get addicted. Then the threat of pulling it gets played. Either the foreign sovereign ponies up the money or they scream they can't and then bailouts happen, which really just end up in your pocket not the foreigners. Greeks got a new deal. Look at the fine print. Clause 7 makes default virtually impossible, clause 9 allows the advancement of neoliberalist globalization to the business activities of Greece, and clause 10 cites privatization of assets. Wonder who will be buying those assets for pennies on the dollar?

Soros is everywhere with his money pouring into foundations and charities that meddle in foreign nations. The Russians are onto this game, and may be taking steps to push old George and his minions out. Smart move to remove foreign elements unaligned with the ruling power or broader society. What right do they have there? They are located in Russia on the whim of Russia's security and bureacracy systems. Hungary is onto the NGO game as well, so if you are a do-gooder prog in college, stop learning Eastern European languages. Soros will re-assign you to Sub-Sahara Africa. You can teach them about female empowerment and gay rights. Good luck surviving. Take note any of you who dream of secession. You cannot just leave, but you must remove root and branch the posionous elements of progressive power.

It must be root and branch since Soros has his tentacles everywhere, especially in America's heartland. Who else is going to tell Americans that #BlackLivesMatter? Soros is backing an anti-death penalty drive in Nebraska. Tsk-tsk, the death penalty is barbaric and bad, so no way should a small state bring it back if it sees fit. Soros' worldview must prevail. I think allowing protestors to turn into rioters and telling police to stand down is barbaric and bad. Where is my foundation to fund #SafeCitiesMatter? When you allow democracy to set up shop, you allow money from anywhere into the process. I can dream of pan-secession and competing states, but I would look for a state that bans any NGO. A man like Soros would never rest with many more targets to change. Just look at all the work to be done in big, bad America by his Open Society foundation.

This might be too much to lay at the feet of one man. After all, the Ford Foundation started by Henry Ford eventually became a CIA front, channeling money to Harvard, non-profits, research institutes and everything to advance the Anglo communist agenda. This is why the Soros beat would be a great endeavor. What other entities or billionaire patrons are sending money into Soros' non-profits to push public opinion one way or the other? How many media members are complicit in suppressing this information? For an industry claiming to want to speak truth to power, the media finds a way to dodge old Georgie's dabbling whenever they can.


GFC said...

The foundations like the Ford Foundation are to the USA what the NGOs are everywhere else. It's hard to think of much that is more pernicious than they are: well-funded organizations with decades-long focus to advance agendas inimical to the people they are working on. They have been the real movers and shakers in American society since 1945. American education has been destroyed by the foundations, to name just one example. The NGOs are the same tool applied abroad. I'm surprised we haven't seen NGO foot soldiers put to death yet or given long sentences in prison. Given the havoc they wreak, they have gotten off rather lightly. I suppose it's understood that these organizations are an arm of the USG system so that has afforded them some protection. You can see an example of this with those Greenpeace activists arrested, was it last year? by the Russians for trying to sabotage a Russian oil platform in the arctic. They were looking at spending the rest of their lives in Siberia, then were sent home.

Hopefully we've seen the end of mercy for them. It's long past time these agents of chaos and destruction have the spotlight firmly focused on them, and justice served up to them for their crimes.

Portlander said...

If I'd get off my arse and start my own blog "Big Foundation" was a topic I was going to write on.

In the last few weeks there was news of Buffet giving a big slug of money to the Gates Foundation. Well, the motivation is not charity, it's just more of their scam on the rest of the country's native stock.

Think about it... he, and Gates, and all these other billionaires run up the score on their net wealth in no small part by bringing in foreign nationals as de facto scabs. Then, they make a big deal about giving their wealth away to charity, which is to say not pay any taxes on it, but the charities aren't concerned with direct assistance, or anything that might actually help people, like the Salvation Army, your local food bank, or the Red Cross before it was totally corrupted. No, the Gate Foundation is about malaria treatment for Africa, forcing STD vaccines in the USA, and by-any-large centralizing power, with Common Core being the most recent notorious example.

And that's with the founders still alive. Just wait until they die and O'Sullivan's Law really kicks in.

Anonymous said...

What is the deal about Soros? Is he making the Tikkum Olam (repair the world) according to judaism?

peterike said...

The Soros beat! One of many that the media by and large keeps under wraps. Where's, say, the NAM depravity beat? Think of all the potential bleeds-it-leads stories, the sexual abuse stories, the child abuse stories, the purely hilarious NAM-fail stories. Essentially, take World Star Hip Hop and filter it through the MSM. The clicks would be off the charts. They could even sell a few hard copies, for goodness sake. But they won't, because the NY Times would rather go out of business than violate their politics.

You've got the Israel-AIPAC beat (though The New Yorker, or all places, did cover that, and it was fascinating and valuable). The immigrants taking American jobs beat. How many tear jerking stories could we have of whites losing their jobs to immigrants? We get almost none. The immigrant crime beat (currently a one-woman show with Ann Coulter). The predatory bank beat. No, not "poor minorities can't get loans," because we get that every day. The real story. Who is telling it other than Matt Taibbi, and his take is consistently "those darn Republicans!" The American Empire beat. The global warming / massive grifting beat. Grifting in general as a beat.

Oh dear, one could go on and on. So many good stories, none of them told.

Toddy Cat said...

Great post. Soros comes about as close to being a James Bond villain as any actual person I've ever heard of. Obviously, great historical forces are currently at work, but if you wanted a personal answer to the question "who is destroying Western Christian Civilization?", a perfectly reasonable answer is "George Soros", just as a perfectly reasonable answer to the question "Who lost China" back in the late 1940's was "George Marshall", as Moldbug once pointed out...