Sunday, July 19, 2015

Social Matter - The Washington-Sinaloa Connection: Another Failed Attempt To Fund The ‘Good’ Side

Go read about the support the Sinaloa Cartel gets from DC at Social Matter!
It is amazing what happens when one high profile American decides to make something an issue. Donald Trump's use of illegal immigration as a central talking point in the presidential campaign carnival allowed for a bit more focus on the prison escape of arrested Sinaloa cartel kingpin "El Chapo". Corruption became a discussed feature for a moment, and then was dropped. The focus was on Mexican corruption, but a deeper evaluation of the Sinaloas would force Americans to review America's dirty dealings with the Sinaloa cartel.

It's not corruption if the money goes through different legit channels. It's not help if DC doesn't come right out and say it is help.

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