Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Project For My Readers

Over the 4th of July weekend, I had a conversation about teachers and our school system. Eventually, the conversation turned to the weird phenomenon of teachers sleeping with students. When I pulled up the Pedoteacher List I have made, he was shocked. Those are just the names of teachers in the news. It got me thinking.

You all see these reports on your local news. Jokes are made in the comments. If there is no jail time, you get the gender double standards comments. Next time you see a pedotecher busted, comment and leave a link to "The List". This list has received thousands of views, with a few new ones every single day. Get this list out there. Posting the list will get people sharing it and aware. It will also make me aware of new predators to add to the list. I do not get paid for clicks. I just want this list spread.

The posting of the link also works to spread the meme of pedoteachers not being rarities but being a bit more common than joked about. Yes, teachers are human but if in charge of our children, we should hold them to a higher standard. Don't fuck the kids shouldn't be too high of a standard. I'll collect the names of men too, but the shock of women is a key push. Conservakin white knights need to be slapped into reality, and silly feminists claiming women have no agency at every turn need to be rebuked. Above all, anything to help delegitimize the public schooling system is a positive. Removing the faux sanctification of modern teachers is a piece of that.

If you are going to make any change or prepare for the "turning" and what comes after, we will need to build separate institutions, delegitimize current, dominant institutions and create asabiyyah. Americans live in a nation with no social cohesion and elites who share little if any of the values of the different groups within its borders. What do borders matter now for Americans anyway? Homeschooling, homeschool co-ops, private schooling, religious schooling might appeal to different people for different reasons. More people are entering homeschooling now, and this new wave is made up of folks escaping the poz. They had a higher threshhold for poz than early adopters though, so it is best to spread our values and point out the insanity of the left. If the core of this escape is to educate and transmit cultural and social history and norms, then we can potentially prepare the next generation for carrying on and building aligned with our vision of what a healthy society is. Something that honors our predecessors and lives up to our dreams.

Spread "The List".


deconstructingleftism said...

Rules and standards are oppressive, of people doing what they want and what feels good. Not white men, of course, but women and gays. For gays the age of consent laws will be lowered soon, by judicial fiat if necessary.

The system has to maintain some pretense of objectivity so some other method will be used to keep heterosexual white men from enjoying young girls, rape or sexual harassment laws.

Peter Blood said...

I'm on board. Homeschool or die.

sykes.1 said...

The US Dept of Education sponsored a research project some time ago about teachers having sex with students in the public schools. The report concluded that for every priest/altar boy encounter there were between 100 and 200 teacher/student encounters in the public schools.

The population of teachers and students in the public schools is larger than that of priests and altar boys in the Catholic Church, which explains part of the differential, but there are other factors at work.

First, the Church scandal consisted of homosexual priests seducing teen age altar boys (techically ephebophilia not pedophilia which involves prepubescent children). The RC ephebophilia rate is similar to that of all other churches and organizations involving children. These organizations seem to attract homosexuals.

Public schools have teachers that are heterosexual, homsexual, pedophiles and ephebophiles. So there are many more kinds of sex possible and many more people to indulge themselves in it.

PS: NAMBLA actively promotes ephebophila (the RC scandal), and it has many supporters and defenders among Progressives and Democrats. They get what they want if the age of consent is reduced down to 13 or 14, which was the historical value in many jurisdictions until a generation ago. 16 was the most common, and still is in some states (Michigan, I believe).

Elkman said...

All the sex topics - homosex, anal sex, masturbation, age of consent - are surrounded by taboos, even (especially) in the real-talk community online. It ought to be enough to respect those taboos - what is to be gained by talking about sex and its unhappy permutations?

If i were in charge, the Age of Consent would be the same as the age of majority; isn't that the simplest solution? And obviously that age should be lower than 18.


There needs to be two forms of adulthood: First for those at least willing to pretend and aspire to agency; and for the rest. These two forms might be called Citizens and Slaves.

Slaves would still have sex - they are adults. And at any time they can apply for citizenship, the requirements for which are simply that the aspirant is willing and able to voice his application, and that he or she is not guilty of a capital crime. In this hypothetical, all children would have to become adults, as citizens or slaves.

The internet voice James Bowery advocated for Natural Duel. In my hypothetical, citizens have the option of Natural Duel with other citizens; whereas slaves do not. Natural Duel is basically a challenge, among equals, and to the death, and for any real or imagined reason cause slight or insult what-so-ever. It is that last that rubs people the wrong way, but the idea has to be understood as a driving mechanism for the good and true. Remember when Bard shot down Smaug? "His aim was true."

In this hypothetical, women and men do not have separate tracks. They both are children, and then as adults become citizens or slaves.

Glengarry said...

Let me submit the anthem for these teachers:

(Tove Lo, Like Em Young)