Thursday, July 16, 2015

Progressive Media Bingo + Misty Copeland

On twitter (my account @SOBL1), I noted within the last month that Misty Copeland was trending on Twitter and joked on why a ballet promotion would cause the Twitter trend considering how trashy Twitter is. Great thing about Ms. Copeland is that she hits several different things that progressives love to celebrate and that Steve Sailer loves to point out about changes in society and the squeeze on blacks even as America gets duskier.

Misty Copeland was promoted from soloist to principal by the American Ballet Theatre. I can use just her citation filled Wikipedia for all of these points.

Progressive Bingo - Media Points

1. She is a non-Asian minority. Asian ballerinas are like Asian violinists, Asian Harvard applicants, and sexy, thin 4'10" Asian women = threats to SWPLs and upper middle class whites.
2. She is the first black principal dancer. OMG, media lovefest. Plus, being black, now you know why she became a Twitter trend. This will be the one time this decade blacks notice the ABT.
3. She does not look like stereotypical skinny twig ballet dancers.
4. She has been a self promoting machine for years now so she is very media friendly.

I swear she is African-American
Unmentionables - Sailer Points

1. Three performers were promoted to principal dancer, but she is the only one you're hearing about.
2. She is biracial. Take a look at her. If she had the end of her nose shaped by a surgeon, you'd ahem, never know. She could, dare I say, pass!
3. Black dad abandoned her and white mom was married at least 4 times and bounced around boyfriends for years. Stereotypes confirmed.
4. Sex sells. She pushes this 100%. The endorsement deal with Under Armour probably requires it.
5. Here's another "first" for blacks with a biracial kid taking the spot.
6. When was the last time the media went nuts over an ABT promotion? The Today Show even did a blurb on this.
7. Exception that proves the rule. Seventy five years with no black principals. Wonder why.
8. Media grooming. The media has been giving her publicity since she was a teenager. Not many 15 year olds have their child custody battle discussed in the LA Times. She started a bit late (age 13), but she is talented and had good PR even then.
9. Media attention as an adult. She wrote an autobiography about her "unlikely" path to becoming a ballerina, which if you stop for a moment and read the Wikipedia entry sounds like any normal woman who goes into ballet through studio classes with the added benefit of adoption by a dance focused couple. It's just that she is part black. Her autobiography has been optioned by Hollywood. She has appeared on network television on many occasions and in many different formats. She is going to have a reality "docuseries".
10. Have you paid attention to her blackness? She is super black. Like black black blackity black African-American.

If my wife lays on the beach one day, she gets this dark

Did she get the promotion due to some of that pigmentation? No. She is talented. There's a better question. If she had two white birth parents instead of one, would she get the same attention*? Jesus Christ no. To prove the point further, did the media report on the retired ballerina that was a principal for the incredibly uncommon span of twenty years, Julie Kent? Didn't think so.

Sex sells

*Darker question: Had she had two white parents would the black dance couple have adopted her?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you wrote about this. I've been listening to a classical music radio station in my car and they will not shut the fuck up about this. It borders on absurd. It seems like the DJs mention it between every single piece.

The first time they trumpeted this achievement I was driving with some SWPLs in my car and I said "Who cares, what kind of discrimination does a black ballet dancer actually face? Evil redneck dance choreographer won't showcase her badonkadonk in the new set? Dad can't watch her dance because he's outside taking tickets?" The SWPL's laughed, despite being all being unabashed liberals.

Having successfully pierced the veil, I decided to trickle in a little HBD and said "She's probably the first feature black ballet dancer because black people don't care about ballet." Its undeniable, and hopefully hit the "black people and white people different" button in a couple of their brains.

Joking is my preferred method of action when talking politics with women. Even the most liberal ones laugh if its funny, occasionally they will say "you're terrible" with a smile. I don't know how it would work with liberal men because I don't hang out with liberal men.

peterike said...

I saw the headlines for this -- you could hardly help it -- but I never read any of the stories because I don't care about the "first black" anything, unless it's "first black in new exodus back to Africa." And I also don't care about ballet. But my surprise level is less than zero in finding out she's not actually "black." It would be interesting to put together a list of all the "first black xyz" and see just how many are mulattoes or otherwise.

Nothing against this gal. She's quite attractive and I'll take their word for it that she's good at what she does and deserved the position (does she though? I wonder if they cut her any slack knowing full well the massive publicity that would result). But man, the media is just nauseating. Speaking of which, I was just in the car and on the sports talk radio show they were talking about how brave and amazing Bruce Jenner was last night at some awards show or something. When the sports talk guys are 100% in the tank for World War T, you know the civilizational end is nigh.

Elkman said...

And now, ABT can probably no longer be criticized. It would be interesting to hear some real criticism of her, done up in a style for the general interest reader, but how likely is that to appear in the gay Sunday NY Times arts section? (or whatever it is called).

She is hot and sexy and obviously at least a lot of talent, but what is the state of contemporary ballet in America? i can't believe it's not as pozzed as everything else. Not to go all Rembrandt, but real art has to be real food for the soul, about who does one want to become, about what aspirations exist in common dreams, and maybe such things only exist once they are expressed. Is some creamed up coffee adequate for that; on the other hand, an open mind is part of it.

peterike said...

Look at this photo of her dancing. You literally can't tell she isn't white.

I got curious about this and wanted to find a review of her performances before she became the Most Important Person in the Universe. Not surprisingly, in a profile in The New Yorker from Sept. 2014 she's saying she wants to become "the first African American blah blah." All very nicely scripted.

One review from 2013 was very flattering, and it, too, was talking about her becoming a principal dancer. As one from 2012. Seems from the moment she started bubbling up, it was all about the black. Ehh, whatever. Why can't she just be a good ballerina and leave it at that? Well, we all know why.

There are a few videos of her at the next link. They mostly reminded me that I dislike ballet, and that I cannot stand any other forms of modern dance. Also, there's a really hot cheesecake shot from her 2013 calendar if you scroll down.

Elkman said...

In the irockjazz link above, the second of two videos at that link, seems a good summary.

Twice or thrice in that link, at about four minutes and five-and-20 or so, the violist wants to break out in an old folk melody, but rather ends up in derived harmonic twaddle … and the dance goes along with that.

But that un-willingness, on the part of the violinist, and the dancer and everyone else, to get into, to be a part of, the themes oh-so-only-hinted-at; but instead they go for "post-modern expressionism" or whatever it is called.

A good place for the larger point, that everything of meaning, has to be part of a story that makes sense.


Can i talk about myself again? I took down an 80` tree yesterday, old school with hand tools. (Remember hardscrabble farmer who used to bless us? he writes at his own place now and knows about taking down tress. My old man said that even people who know what they are doing get hurt doin' that. But i put it within five or ten degrees, … but learned that, the variables there are uncontrollable: That tree was cut all the way through and hanging on a leaf. Sorry for the TMI but that was pretty much the most excitement of my life. Had i known how solid that dead old pine was, i would not have bothered with the risk.

Anonymous said...

We need a new kind of immigration reform. Where only fine-as-fuck minority women are allowed in.

PA said...

No. You want to rut with exotic females, go travel to their country. The immigration policy America needs is subtractive rather than additive.

Cleanse, restore.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, Friend just spent eek in prague and week in krakow on bi. He said krakow had better women. He also said he'd take a 6-12 month assignment there if needed. Woukdnt be shocked to see him escape America and settle down with a Polish girl

PA said...

Yes, that's what Poland needs. American poz overflow. I'm sure your friend is a nice guy... but the fucking empire. Ruins everything it touches.

Son of Brock Landers said...

It is the vampire effect. Escaping the wretchedness. He suffers a bit from the "cant go back to small town" stupidity. He'd find happiness there but won't do it

elsid said...

She looks like any regular girl from africa.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more about the "cant go back to small town" stupidity. I think I know the idea... I have been trying to articulate concept to brother for few years now. Both Ivy grads 10-15 yrs out of school, he still single in NYC miserable trying to keep up with the trust/hedge funders crowd; I moved back near home suburbs an hour from Philly, married with 3 kids and while not all roses also not enough time or energy to sweat the small stuff. Keep telling him to move back/downsize find a local girl out of teachers college but he's caught up with the assortative mating idea. Hoping against hope that he doesnt get trapped by an Elaine...