Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Week's Social Matter + Preview for This Week's 9

First, a note on the cuckservative phenomenon. Hilarious. It is rustling the jimmies. There is a distinct difference between conservakin and cuckservative. Just this morning I noted Dana Loesch is a conservakin while Megan "Fats" McCain is a cuckservative. Look at their stated beliefs. Conservakin don't know "the game". They don't get that it is rigged. They are your little people and voters for the GOP. A bunch are the types who are responding to Trump's message. Cuckservatives are far more devious and the thought leaders of the false opposition GOP. If a conservakin knew the full truth, they'd be enraged. You were probably conservakin once. Cuckservatives know the game, and play along for a comfy lifestyle and job. Cuckservatives understand the immigration game and push the "need for Hispanic engagement" meme. Why? Well, they run a political consultancy firm that will solve that problem for you. They are disgusting and deserve ridicule.

Last week, I wrote about the DC help to the Sinaloa Cartel. This week I am writing a "Hidden History" piece on what won WW2 for the Allies.


It is amazing what happens when one high profile American decides to make something an issue. Donald Trump’s use of illegal immigration as a central talking point in the presidential campaign carnival allowed for a bit more focus on the prison escape of arrested Sinaloa cartel kingpin “El Chapo“. Corruption became a discussed feature for a moment, and then was dropped. The focus was on Mexican corruption, but a deeper evaluation of the Sinaloas would force Americans to review America’s dirty dealings with the Sinaloa cartel.

There is an old political concept of “money honest” and then dirty politicians. Money honest meant that a politician would not take a direct bribe for a government contract, but if you placed business with his private business, he would make sure government contracts came your way. This is the basics of the Clinton Foundation corruption scheme. They take in money for their foundation, magically your business or policy desires get shepherded through the system, and the Clintons can claim there was no bribery involved. What the American government has going on with the Sinaloas looks to be a similar situation.

The Sinaloas is the cartel that dominates the American drug market. They hold 80% of the meth market, and operate in thousands of American cities. They have set up shop in Chicago as the American hub for their distribution. The Sinaloa cartel controls the heroin trade routes, and dominates the heroin market. The spike in heroin and meth supply is supposedly due to the decriminalization of marijuana, which has just happened in three states. This makes little sense, as the rise in supply started before Colorado’s referendum, and marijuana is widely used across the U.S. The meth spike is due to the American crackdown on domestic producers that started over a decade ago. Heroin’s spike is most likely due to the rise in opiate demand. Drugs are a two-way street, so America’s empty, atomized citizens clamor for a high, and they are finding escape with products provided by the Sinaloas. Mexican gangsters should be easy to spot in America.

They are not. America is now 17% Hispanic. There are 40 million Americans of Mexican descent living in the lower 48. Sam Quinones’ book Dreamland illustrates how Mexican immigration has allowed a setting in white bread America that makes it easier for Mexican drug gangs to operate. Drug dealers find it much easier to blend in when Americans see similar guys working the the “blow and mow” crews on business park grounds. This is when the Sinaloas are not spreading their product directly to urban black gangs that our cities fail to address from a criminal or social standpoint. In NY Times Magazine’s long profile on the cartel, the Sinaloas come off as a business that buys everyone they can, tries to avoid bloodshed, and even grows marijuana in far northern America (Wisconsin). This is only possible with lax immigration enforcement and a porous border.

It gets worse, though, since the NY Times profile missed some opportunities for follow up. Other reporters have looked at how Fast and Furious was most likely a secret deal between the Sinaloas and the DEA. This is arming narcoterrorists that operate in a nation that international watchdogs and geopolitical pundits consider a borderline failed state. Business Insider confirmed that these deals and even worse went on for, roughly, the last 15 years. BI made sure to say it was not proof the U.S. government supported them, but in putting the pieces together, it makes sense. American forces also helped nabbed the head of Los Zetas, who were a rival to the Sinaloas and far more violent cartel in general. The closer one looks, the more it appears the American government picked a winner in the cartel wars.

One of the theories was that “picking” the Sinaloas would allow for less violence, a more stable Mexico, and a safer border. Those are all failures and poor excuses. Cartel violence continues to rage in Mexico. Mexico never cleans up its act because they can simply push problems northward. Up north, there seems to be a government willing to help the Sinaloas. America does not directly help the Sinaloas, but besides the gun deals and informing, look at the details of how federal policy at the border helps the cartel smuggle drugs. Border patrols and agents are criticized for shootings and are hamstrung in who they can investigate or what they can do. Senator Jeff Sessions released a painstakingly detailed timeline of the federal government’s policies, procedures and executive orders under President Obama that have created our southern border nightmare.

This is nothing new, as terrible federal decisions like the ’86 Amnesty, the 1996 Bill Clinton “Oh No the Peasants are Noticing” immigration law that was never enforced, and President Bush’s lax border security, despite a huge expansion of homeland security in the name of terrorism, all contributed to this meaningless border. Add to all of this the idea of no border fence of any sort and minimal container screening, and it is a recipe for moving product. El Chapo dug a tunnel under the border to smuggle drugs, which was a game changer for smuggling but just the latest innovation on the fake border.

From a bigger picture perspective, America sends planes, attack helicopters, and thousands of troops to any Middle East flare up, yet cannot be bothered to secure the border. Our border cities, like Laredo, Texas, have become crime-infested, glorified refugee camps for Mexicans escaping cartel violence. This border issue is not a local governance problem, but a federally created monster. Federally created, not something Obama created on his own, because this is the result of our permanent government, that is, agencies aligning with large corporate interests to flood America with more and more workers to increase profits, as well as more and more government resource consumers and users to feed the bureaucratic monster.

Very few people are saying D.C. is in bed with the Sinaloas. Reputable media outlets say the American government is not in bed with the Sinaloas. If there is an out for the Feds, it is the “money honest” concept. The Feds are not giving the Sinaloas guns to help them – wait, they are. The Feds are not moving the drugs for them, but they do restrict border agents, do not inspect all large containers, and never secure the border. The Feds are not setting up the Sinaloas in cities, but they have poorly enforced all immigration laws in order to flood our cities with Little Mexicos for easier cover.

The Sinaloas just have bought everyone in Mexico; it couldn’t possibly happen here. Like a “money honest” politician, the Feds are not working with the Sinaloas per se. The Feds just create the perfect working environment for Sinaloan ground teams, the perfect Swiss cheese border for Sinaloan smugglers, in addition to arresting the competition’s leaders and selling the Sinaloas guns.


peterike said...

That Conservakin essay you linked to is really spot on. Conservakins are folks with all the best intents and good at heart, but they have been led astray. In essence, the Conservakins are what happens when you take a Conservative and run him through Jewish mind-washing and all the Gramscian programming we get from cradle to grave.

The irony is that for all their deference to Liberal ideas, they receive nothing but the vilest contempt and scorn from actual Liberals. It's never good enough. Go around with a timid "well I think we should follow the Constitution!" squeak and you will be hate, hate, hated no matter how many MLK statue unveilings you attend.

It always amazes me how easily the millions have been rolled to support things that are directly and indirectly aimed at destroying them.

Elkman said...

I would repeat my point about Mexican crews being self-selected. In working with them, i was amazed how all they could do was work, and that was all they wanted to do. But those guys were the honest ones, who worked for the standard day-laborer rate of 12 dollar per hour. On their flip side are the criminals: every bit as self-selected and every bit as talented, and from a pool of half-a-billion or so, …

It is easy for white people to "mis-underestimate" those guys. It is impossible to imagine the pressure that is on those people, to succeed.

Anyways i found this article a little challenging, on the analysis. I might recommend a summary introductory paragraph, and conclusion.


On the difference between conservakin and cuckservative, … well which are you? I am hayseed from Loserviller, Upper Midwest, and so conservakin, but would eventually like to move to Capital City and become swapple, … but somehow these options seem limited.

So conservakins are sincere and cuckservatives are professional cynics. These are limited choices. The original post deserves some better commentary.

Elkman said...

Sorry by the way. I will ease up, in the future.

Portlander said...

Two thoughts...

RE: cuckservatives. I think the term is more reflective of our times. The phenomenon is certainly nothing new. I'm sure everyone's familiar with the Decepticon and RINO epithets. Maybe if I were older I'd know whatever ones they had in 50's & 60's. Ike certainly had his detractors. But hey, if cuckservative is what it takes to discredit 'em sign me up.

RE: The Donald. The Left take great glee dismissing him as a Celebrity Bozo. Well, two words... Sergio Berlusconi. So, I'm not dismissing him. Actually I'm crossing my fingers, while recognizing the odds are against it, that he has some true, conservative values beyond a bottom-line, dollars and cents analysis of the southern border. Ie. where's he on H1B, Puerto Rico, Africa, Eastern Europe, etc., not to mention activist courts, separation of powers and rule of law? Probably too much to hope for, and if he's the real-deal on closing the border, that might be good enough considering demographics are our single biggest, and irreversible problem.

Formerly of a rust-belt city on the receiving end of the Great Migration, I can say with confidence: get immigration wrong and nothing else matters.

sykes.1 said...

The corruption in Washington is very deep and very widespread. While I doubt there is a direct tie to Sinaloa, it is pretty obvious that someone is blackmailing Chief Justice Roberts.

Also, Cruz's historic denunciation of Major Leader McConnell for lying and cohabiting with the Administration is yet further indication of how far the rot has progressed.

America appears to be in the end game. Good riddance!