Monday, July 06, 2015

Grerp Reviews Sexy Baby and Hot Girls Wanted

Some of you may recall a pleasant blog run by a lady in our broader circle; "The Lost Art of Self Preservation (For Women)". It was like an antidote or instructional guide for women compared to the claptrap of lies feminism has poured into modern girls' heads. I am fortunate today to post an entry by Grerp. I asked her to watch two documentaries I watched, and send me her take on them so we could compare a male and female traditionalist take on them. My post is tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy....

Sexy Baby, a 2012 documentary by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus that examines the effects of the pornification of American society on three women 10 years apart, seems to have something it wants to say, but never comes out and just says it. Its major players are:

  • Winnifred, a 12-year-old girl living in New York City, who explores the power she’s coming into as a sexually maturing young woman in any number of narcissistic and inappropriate ways.
  • Laura, a 22-year-old preschool and kindergarten assistant teacher, who is saving money to get plastic surgery on her genitals so they will more closely resemble a porn star’s.
  • Nichole, a 32-year-old ex-porn star, who tries to live a more normal life again on the fringes of the industry and conceive a baby with her husband, Dave.

Watching any of these three try to come up with any real wisdom about life or society is an exercise in futility. Nichole (“Nikita Kash”) seems to at least understand the cost of her life choices, although she’s still trying to convince herself that 1) erotic dancing is artistic dance and 2) empowering. This most definitely stems from the fact that the business she and her husband run books porn stars in erotic dance venues.

Winnifred thinks she knows everything, and she most assuredly has the highest IQ of the three, but she’s still clueless as she tries to justify her attention seeking behavior as feminist expression.

Laura just wants to feel better about herself and thinks she can accomplish this through plastic surgery. She doesn’t seem to have other opinions about “how porn, social media and pop culture affect women and girls.”

All three of flounder about looking for some kind of meaning in life or someone authoritative who will tell them no for once in their lives. Winnifred especially needs a swift kick in the pants. Her parents want her to become something high status and important and worry that she will derail herself with her staggeringly bad judgment, but never hold the line with her, waffling endlessly about whether to let her back on Facebook after she’s posted another video with her 4-year-old sister pantomiming Lady Gaga. Both of them are ineffective, but her mom, a lawyer, is a real piece of work.

Empowered Nichole struggles to please her husband Dave who comes out and tells the audience she’s no use to him as a wife if she can’t produce a baby. Another Dave highlight: refusing to answer the question of whether the porn he’s made over the years should be accessible to 12 year olds.

Terry, Laura’s mom, rationalizes her daughter’s obsession:  “If she feels like this is something that could enhance her life, improve her life. I want her to be happy.” But she cries when it’s time for Laura to really go under the knife. The crazy thing about Laura is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s not spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery as any sort of direct strategy. She just wants guys to like her or feel sexy enough to attract one to sleep with her. This was confounding. I’m not exactly in the thick of things anymore, but if a thin, attractive, 23-year-old girl can’t go out and find meaningless sex somewhere, I don’t know what kind of world we’re even living in.

Clearly, Laura’s problem is deeper than a dissatisfaction with body parts girls can’t even view without the help of a mirror. Watching Dr. Bernard Stern, her surgeon, tell her, “You’re a great candidate because, I mean, these are big,” made me want to shiv him through the heart. His entire practice is devoted to just female genital surgery (including hymen restoration!) which means he profits off of girls’ and women’s insecurities about their bodies by performing unnecessary, meaningless procedures on them. I wondered idly if his practice has payment or financing plans. Yes it does.  

GROSS. Yeah, Dr. Stern, I’m judging you. Hard. This isn’t teeth whitening you’re doing. You’re cutting off chunks of her labia (excuse me, “clipping her wings”) so she can feel she meets porn star standards of attractiveness.

Porn. Star. Standards.

Is it a coincidence that Dr. Stern plies his trade in one of America’s amateur porn hubs?

In 2015, these same two directors made Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary about girls getting into the amateur porn industry. Riley Reynolds, a 25-year-old ex-dishwasher, now acts an agent for “girl next door” porn, luring 18 and 19-year-old girls to Miami where the laws governing porn production are less strict. He owns a house where he puts Kendall, Rachel, Tressa, and other up while they get porn gigs.

The girls start off all excited about making big money and becoming stars, creating new profiles on Twitter and Vine and going all out on social media, but it doesn’t take that long before they realized this is a bait and switch. There’s a huge market, apparently, for fresh girl porn, but after the first well paying gigs, girls have to do increasingly degrading things to get booked and paid. This includes violence and humiliation which they assure us are simulated. The porn guys are “so nice.” They really care. Still, a few months in, and it’s clearly a different experience. The sex is bad, a chore, and the health problems associated with having violent sex with multiple promiscuous partners crop up. One girl winds up in the ER, another one talks about how the morning after pill “always works, right?”

Porn takes its toll on their relationships too. Tressa’s mother begs her to get out of porn and tells her she has to tell her father what she’s doing. Her boyfriend, at first supportive, become increasingly more dissatisfied with her choices. He seems like a stand-up guy, but their relationship is doomed because he’s never going to be cool with her doing this, and there’s permanent evidence of every time she slept with someone else while she was his girlfriend.  

While this documentary is clearly slanted to show how the porn industry grinds up girls, and industry workers have attacked it as one-sided, the statistics of amateur porn essentially confirm it. It’s possible that for some girls porn is an enjoyable and lucrative career choice, but most girls wash out after a few months either because they don’t hustle hard enough to get booked or because they can’t do it anymore. By the end, Rachel and Tressa look clearly shell shocked and disillusioned, and their chances for working normal jobs or having normal relationship appear significantly reduced.

The best part of Hot Girls Wanted was watching real amateur porn stars call Belle Knox a poser and a girl “who didn’t know what she was getting into.” Belle yabbers on about getting respect for sex workers and breaking down walls, and these girls can’t stop rolling their eyes.

Of the two documentaries, Sexy Baby is more depressing, but if you’re looking to feel bad about the world and the direction it’s going, Hot Girls Wanted does the job too. Both are on Netflix.


Anonymous said...

How do any of these people make money in porn anymore? Who even pays for porn? Where does this money to pay them come from?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - I've written about this before, and the big money has left the industry but it still makes enough cash to pay. Other avenues are the prostitution that almost all performers engage in as well as if any idiot provides a credit card to a site, gee, wonder why there was some fraud on their card later.

PA said...

Feminism compromises men's ability to control the women in his life, particularly his daughters. Writ large, society loses its ability to effectively guide young, hormone-crazed girls. That partial vacuum of ownership is then filled with jackall quasi-alphas who exploit and then destroy the unmoored girls.

For young men, the road of excess can lead to the palace of wisdom. Not so with young women. They just get ruined.

grerp said...

One of the girls in Hot Girls Wanted commented that at the end of her tenure, she took away only $2K of the $25K she made. No doubt she frittered away some of it, but apparently she was responsible for personal maintenance, transportation to and from Florida if she left, and a number of other expenses she hadn't counted on. I hope she saved enough to pay taxes on because you know Big Daddy Government is going to want his cut of that too.

Aurini said...

Who pays for porn? The addicts. With high-bandwith downloads and free porn out the wazzoo, there are fewer and fewer 'regular' clients. Your average guy would rather pirate porn for free than sign up with a website.

This leaves two categories profitable:
1) Extreme, kink-specific stuff,
2) Psychological addiction to the porn star herself.

The latter sort of client is a man incapable of forming healthy relationships with women in the real world, it usually takes the form of a preternatural maternal relationships. He isn't capable of approaching women the way a man would because of his stunted masculinity, so he finds a 'mommy' figure that allows him to play-act as being a man. This can be through webcam chats or prostitution.

It's a psychodrama.

But don't blame the porn industry for this; they're a symptom, not a cause. Women are attracted to it because marriage has become so thoroughly unattractive; there's no longer any incentive for a woman to marry, since she can't help her husband achieve success in his career - she'll need to be working too. Adding to this, men have generally become far less sexually attractive. Putting out for some pathetic beta male is, ultimatly, no different than putting out for money.

I've developed a great deal of respect for people in the porn industry; it's a business, and it's one of the few businesses that still encourages entrepreneurship and discipline, rather than politicking and politically-correct shiboleths. The problem isn't porn; the problem is a society where the best opportunities are in porn, and traditionally constructive careers are being destroyed.

Teddy said...

This only effects the societal rejects. The winners in society don't have any use for porn.

No big deal.

The women involved in the industry have nothing going for them so it gives them some type of outlet.

Portlander said...

I'm not sure what the point here is... progs come up with some cause to define deviancy down in open (wanton) defiance of the wisdom of elders and tradition. To no one's surprise it ends in disaster. Finally, being Progs, they don't admit defeat, they double-down.

For this I need a documentary?

It's not like it even matters what the deviancy is, there's not one they've gotten right. Can anyone name a 20th c. progressive cause that was just and justified? I suppose Jim Crow, but that very quickly passed its point of marginal return and has turned into their all too typical sh*t show.

One thing ya gotta give Tex Arcane credit for, whether his theories have any basis in fact, as a working model they describe humanity damn near perfectly.

Corn said...

Thank you for the review Grerp. I really enjoyed it.

NZT said...

Thanks for contributing Grerp, I always enjoy your thoughts and this is another great post.

"I've developed a great deal of respect for people in the porn industry; it's a business, and it's one of the few businesses that still encourages entrepreneurship and discipline, rather than politicking and politically-correct shibboleths."

Spoken like a real old-school alpha patriarch. Would you want your daughter to join the industry, even if she was guaranteed to be financially successful? If yes, why are you even reading a blog like this one? If no, why are you OK with other people's daughters doing it? Make no mistake, it's a cabal of degenerate scum-of-the-earth producers exploiting foolish young women, ruining them for any shot at a decent upstanding life, for a few scraps of money and fame. But hey, at least they learn to hustle!

"For this I need a documentary?"

It's one thing to know a thing is true, it's another to see it illustrated in the lives of real flesh-and-blood people. "Men need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed".

Elkman said...

So where are the fifty-five-and-a-half jokes about oversized labia? (DCThrowback got one in, on the prior thread).

"Look lady i like your oversized labia." Or is that something you don't want to have said to your wife? (Did my parents have sex? omg gross forever.) But if this is the topic don't labia get turned out?

As for words to the patient on the table, Wow what a mess (in the head, honey, just in the head - we love your cabbage, uh i mean carriage).

Aurini said...


Because I'm mature enough to realize that we don't live in a perfect world, and that trying to legislate the pretense of morality only winds up making things worse in the long-run.

Ban alcohol, and alcohol abuse goes up.

Ban porn, and nothing but shady porn will remain (the mainstream stuff is very careful about consent, few of them would ever work with somebody like Bella Knox).

Porn and alcoholism are symptoms of an underlying problem, not the problem itself. If you want to get rid of porn, then fix marriages; if you want to get people off of anti-anxiety drugs, figure out why they're on anxiety drugs. It's easy to target the symptom, and posture as if you're holier than anyone else in the room; much harder to get your hands dirty and try and improve the average person.

Portlander said...

Ban alcohol, and alcohol abuse goes up.

Ban porn, and nothing but shady porn will remain.

<sigh> Tired, old, liberal straw-man.

No one said ban it. They said mainstreaming porn, and making sexual promiscuity and all manner of deviancy a perfectly normal, "choice," and then being shocked, shocked! at the resultant Three Ring Sh*t Show is the vapid stupidity that only militant, self-loathing Progs could conceive.

That said Progs somehow are able to foist their vapid stupidity on the rest of society leaves the sane among us shaking our heads dumbfounded, wondering who could possibly give such non-sense the time of day. An active conspiracy by a cabal of sociopaths, as improbable as it may seem, nonetheless, is also the explanation most possible.