Monday, July 27, 2015

Everette Lee DeGolyer + Modern Convenience

There is much that we take for granted. One I like is refrigeration. That is an interesting example of Eruopean ingenuity plus many industrial pieces that fit together to make something everyone uses and our current population numbers depend on work. It is also a thing white people put together in their spare time to improve the world. Get rid of whitey and you'll get rid of some of the goodies you enjoy. At the base of everything is energy. A man virtually no one has heard of but all owe something to is Everette Lee DeGolyer.

I have written before on the legit excuse that we cannot discus every single person and every single contributor in the world. It is a silly exclamation for progressives to cry marginalization. I wrote how Charles Kettering invented many things that make the modern world go, but who could name him? Yet, progressives and their poor, put down pets want you to feel ashamed you do not know some random reporter or mathematician's assistant that happens to be part of the rainbow coalition. Everette Lee DeGolyer allowed oil and gas exploration to take the next step in development and put seven billion mostly useless people on the planet. Few know of him and his feats.

DeGolyer was a geophysicist who brought the science of seismology to oil exploration. He did not invent the techniques, which were developed by two other white guys, but he applied them to oil resources and in ways that yielded oil so steadily that no one denied its value. He discovered the Portrero del Llano 4 well, which kicked Mexican oil development into high gear. His efforts focused on applying seismography to oil exploration. His mind worked on finance as well, as he started the concept of independent, scientificappraising of oil reserve estimates so that investors could pour money into oil firms, bringing oil to you. In his spare time, he started the technology firm that became Texas Instruments.

DeGolyer was also the missionary or pioneer who figured out the oil value in the Middle East. While the US produced 90% of the Allies' oil in WW2, DeGolyer was adamant that the future of supply was in Arabian sands and waters of the Persian Gulf. DeGolyer and his brethren pulled oil out of the rocks and at flow rates that made development of even marginal resources possible. We drill for oil now miles under the ocean surface and thousands of feet under the ocean floor. It goes back to Degolyer.

You think modern medicine is what it is without that marginal oil production and padded EROEI from work originated by DeGolyer and other technical experts? Does food production reach its amazing productivity levels without oil? No. It is a slower growth world, maybe even a world of actual famines in Africa that destroy the population rather than the famines that somehow created higher populations in African nations after they started than before. Do suburbs and exurbs grow out, expanding our population reach and putting off resolving our social policy dysfunction? No.

Looking at it this way, oil, similar to fiat money, puts off dealing with hell and horror and selection pressures by making everything easier. Mr. Land calls it the Malthusian Suppression Machine, but our modern world of technology built on European civilization keeps the horror at bay. Just look at the historical population graph for Rome. Something unusual? Oil keeps the tough questions of who should be around in a generation or two at bay. Some on the Left will chant to get rid of whitey, but if the likes of Mr. DeGolyer are tossed out of the lifeboat, who will keep it afloat?


coyote said...

think: "South Africa". A "dark age" indeed.

PA said...

White nations left to their own devices will create Swiss villages. African and other r-selected societies, when left to their own devices while supported by European technology and humanitarianism, will explode in numbers toward a global ecological disaster. You can image/Google search for horrifying images of endless shantytowns over plastic-filled rivers.

White ingenuity and humanitarianism upset the natural balance of third world population stabity.

deconstructingleftism said...

The assumption is that the white people being disadvantaged are the useless ones- white trash, crackers, bitter clingers, evangelicals, Republicans. And that they won't be missed. But applied science, technology and engineering comes from exactly such people.