Monday, July 20, 2015

Annex Mexico And Get It Over With

The greatest thing about the Trump candidacy is that he is merely speaking truths about immigration through our porous border that normal Americans have thought or said for decades, bringing them out in the open. The second greatest thing is the weird situation that Keynesians like Paul Krugman, who get hard ons for any public works project, are not supportive of his "Build Da Wall" project. While I support Trump's immigration restrictionist ideas, let's give the left some play. In fact, let's take the left's idea to a logical conclusion. Let's annex Mexico.

I am not the first to suggest this in tongue in cheek fashion. Read Erik Rush's book, which is a quick read of 100 pages or so. The statistics in his book are staggering, and yes, it is an invasion aided and abetted by the elite of both nations. Rush has a RationalWiki entry that is so critical that I like the guy without knowing anything else about him. Mexico is a borderline failed state that without the pressure release valve called America would have to deal with its problems. This has nothing to do with starvation (they are fatter than us) or misery (happiest nation on Earth). This is just the humane way to handle a situation where 40 million Mexicans live in America (Mexico population is 122 mil), with a large quantity of them living along the border and sending remittances back, propping up the Mexican economy. This also would be America embracing the reality that it is an empire and changing administration of its empire.

America would have a much smaller border to defend to the south of Mexico, and it would change how it administers its immigration problem to account for the 122 million new Americans. America could call for a stop to all legal immigration for a decade generation as it assimilates, integrates and figures out how to handle the Mexicans. There are benefits, and not just resolving the border issue. The Marxist loser Mexican academics would be defanged, Mexico would suddenly have American administration and Mexico would have a boost of infrastructure projects to build up its nation. Imagine the ecological improvement by sending SWPL teams down to collect the plastic bags (the Mexican national flower) south of the Rio Grande.

The other change this would have to bring is a change in how America administers its regions. This would create a need to maintain economic consistency yet allow for provincial administration on a social level. Money is all that holds America's disparate regions together, so we could go full throttle on this and respect regional differencs while maintaining the economic beliefs of our 1%. I know this won't happen, but giving up on the forced universalism would benefit everyone. Provincial autonomy would calm everyone down. There are even bigger rewards.

On Social matter yesterday, I wrote about the DC-Sinaloa Cartel connection. There is a two prong way to dismantle the cartel's violent side. First would be mass legalization of drugs. You might think this will lead to armageddon, but no, just look at Portugal's experience with legalization for a possible roadmap. Legalization would drop the price and legitimize the cartel producers and turn them into another arm of our "just enough good stuff to use but not enough to kill you" vice products like booze and smokes. Heroin won't be how they hook you, but an opium gum that acts like Nicorette will take the edge off the long work day. Cocaine is a helluva drug, but a vape coke smoke session will help you hit the clubs. You think American manufacturing, industrialization and ingenuity isn't going to find a way to bring cocaine, opiates and weed to Americans in a safe manner? What do you think "oxy" is?

There is a second way annexing Mexico helps fight the cartels is even if you do not go the legalization route. By becoming a province of America, there becomes an arm of federal agents that represent a separate power structure, separate network of authority and separate culture of administration to fight the corruption issue. Yes, American agents can become corrupt, just look at the federal Bitcoin bandits. Strict enforcement of corruption (death if you take bribes), solid pay and unrelenting viciousness towards violent cartel members will work. This is a separate system outside the current system that will be backed up by guns and American wealth. Drones take an entire infrastructure of agents and spotters, but a military not in the cartels' pockets might be effective at stopping the violence. Hopefully, legalization would fix this like ending prohibition started the dismantling of American mobs.

This is all a thought experiment, and one that is a partly comedic, but let's talk about a very possible future for America. Yes, Brazil Norte is bandied about (here on this blog) for those who believe in slower decline, Leftist singularity is mentioned by guys with eyes on revolutions, and a US break-up is dreamed by some of us. There is a brilliant troll amongst us (he's even trolled some of #NRX) who proposes the "White Hispanics in Confederate Grey" scenario. It is similar to Brazil Norte but different.

White Hispanics in Confederate Grey

Say the economic day of reckoning comes for the dollar and living standards go through a sudden drop. How many SWPLs stay? Some, possibly many, will leave. Can't you see the Boomers who have enabled their kids tons giving them some scratch to emigrate to Canada, New Zealand, the southern cone of Souh America or even Europe? Hell, the Boomers will retire to the third world to make their meager retirement savings go further rather than change their dumbass lifestyle. This goes for Jews too who will probably high tail it to Israel as Israel hunkers down and possibly changes their patron to remain viable. Before we go further, have you looked at fertility rates?

There is a reason I write that liberals only see Hispanics for their wombs. They need them. That black number is 2.0, but then you have the problem of infanticide and the number that die before they hit 25. Within the white numbers is a split between the very fertile Amerikaner class (great Moldbugism) and the infertile SWPL class. Have you see data on interracial marriage? For all the talk, the interracial marriage numbers are tiny if you don't consider Hispanics a race. When you do, the numbers are noticeable. Maybe you've worked with white guys in the Southwest who tell you that their Hispanic daughter is the whitest acting Hispanic girl you'd ever meet. Then you meet her and have it confirmed until you meet the next one. Not every white married to a Hispanic is Jeb Bush.

If you extrapolate numbers out, looks to me like Hispanics and Amerikaners are your growth populations and your prime intermarriage pairing. They also are not your types to abandon America for New Zealand if the dollar tanks. They also like their groups' history. If America gets knocked down a peg economically, government services get cut back and futures look dim, the SWPLs will bail for cafes in foreign lands like a new Lost Generation (cosplay opportunity).

Who is left? Good old, prole Amerikaners and Hispanics who have been melding slowly in certain spots. Do either of those groups like blacks? No. I bet the day of reckoning for blacks would come with semi-organized violence against the dindu class. What whites would be left to cover for the dindus in the media or and non-security institutions? The assimilated black class suddenly loses their patrons (SWPL whites and Jews), and makes nice to the new order. This is a fusion Amerikaner-Hispanic order. That order is White Hispanics in Confederate Grey. Finally, America will fulfill the European held stereotype of a nation of truck driving, gun loving machismo motherfuckers. I will take it over Brazil Norte or a Leftist Singularity.

In all seriousness, the current immigration system does not work. Just securing the border would be one step. The next is handling idiots like the ebola Liberian guy better, as in physically removing and barring them from entry ever again. What was he doing here in the first place? Why do we have H1B visas when we're in a stagnant era? Why are we letting in anyone not a millionaire when we have roughly 50 million Americans on food stamps? Why did we increase our Muslim intake after 9/11? These are all great questions on their own, and they will only get worse as the economy does not have a lift off. If the feds will do nothing about immigration and watch as thousands stream in by the day, drop the pretense and annex Mexico now.


PA said...

Without getting into "Illuminati" theories, would it be fair to describe American elites as comprised of these two apex players:

- Global banking cartel that controls the Democratic party and pushes domestic disorder and cultural Marxism

- Likud/Israeli nationalism that controls the Republican party and pushed militarism and benignly ignores cultural Marxism

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'll agree with the first apex player. The 2nd apex player is nationalist productive econ players (oil, nat resources, last bit of productive econ) + Israeli nationalists.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yes, have been discussing this (White/Hispanic intermarriage) for years, and have seen it happening here in OC. In fact, about 15 years ago, someone published a long piece at (I believe) proposing just this solution. I wish I still had a copy.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Erik Rush entry at RationalWiki. I'd never heard of that site before.

I'd love to see the people who run RationalWiki in real life. I did not think it was possible for a male's testosterone level to be below zero ng/dl. They actually have positive things to say about David FATrelle.

TroperA said...

I though the whole point of allowing ILLEGAL immigrants into the country was that you didn't have to pay them the same income rates or give them the same benefits that you'd give the legal natives. (But of course, you'd give the illegals drivers licenses, welfare, the right to vote and make them de facto US citizens--you just wouldn't make them legitimate citizens because then you'd have to TREAT them like legitimate citizens, in which case, why bother importing them at all?)

The US will NEVER annex Mexico because if it does so, it has to abide by the environmental laws and regulations that currently cripple US corporations. Mexico must remain "the other" if US companies are to extract the maximum amount of benefits while paying the lest amount of penalties... (And do you honestly think the USG WANTS to be stuck with the bill for cleaning up Mexico City? For that matter, do you think Joe and Jane Whiteman in Dubuque, Iowa want their federal tax monies to get sucked into Mexico to support several million gimmedats? They're already pissed about having to support those who have already snuck into our country...

Anonymous said...

Sailer wrote in his old blog that the future of America (West?) will be a mixture of Brazil with the Ottoman Empire.

Mark Citadel said...

It seems more like they are annexing us!

PA said...

Not sure if you meant the Anglo-Mestizo intermarriage satyricaly or not. But calls for mass mixing always strike me as either a disingenuous move (when advocated by nonwhites) or a defeatist move (when called for by Whites). There is that Norman Podhoretz essay about the solution to the black problem being... to make all of us black.

Hispanics and "Amerikaners" can certainly be allies but that can happen just fine while respecting both groups' integrity.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Annexing Mexico would formalize what is going on. Sailer is much less inclined to believe in a separatist movement to rise from Southwest immigration but I take the other side. I see it happening if only because the coalition of the left is so goddamn wide and strange that to get all that they want, the Mexican invasion forces will separate or rejoin Mexico.

Definitely not calling for intermarriage. Just noticing that pattern. It just makes things more interesting in the hypothetical scenario I laid out because SWPLs would be gone.

Elkman said...

the Mexican invasion forces will separate or rejoin Mexico.

In the presumed hypothetical, a certain robustness in the viability of empire, is assumed; but this ship is going down. The entire US superstate is based upon easy energy.

The topics of easy energy and its decline ("peak oil"), and then with its intersection with the ethnographics of the white race, is the Great Unknown. These are the two trends in history coming to a head. It is funny how intelligent people often come to terms with one of these trends, but not the other.

For instance the commentariat at Kunstler: peak oil yeah. And on other hand, the commentariat at Amren or Takimag: always on about "white civilization": but they mistake white civilization for its techno-structure. (Please re-read that last sentence; i can't say it any better, sorry. And please re-read it again, and say it in better words. This theme, the confusion about what white civilization is, … if all it is is computers? wow pretty lame.)


Mexicans and their cartels are positioned to have influence. Mr Greer writes a lot about this trend of history: how when empires collapse, the powers that desperately remain, in a last ditch grab to maintain, pay off the organized violent people on the fringe. White people with talent, will instantly organize along with that fringe (in other words, with the cartels).

Have you ever worked with the "Mexican" crews on the roof, or in landscaping? Those guys are self-selected to be the best laborers in the world; they're good. And that quality translates right quick into skill with a gun.

Anonymous said...

The real problem, as Paul Krugman has carefully explained, is the Red State Goyim Question(6:00 min.)

"...a lot of the craziness comes from White rural Americans who feel they're losing their country - they're losing the ownership of the country - and they're right, we are becoming more diverse, more multicultural, and they are, in the end, they are not the future; in the end, the power they still have, will go away. But it's a very difficult time until then..."

mikestreetstation said...

I think the annexation would go the other way. We'll have cartels from sea to shining sea, and Univision will be our major network news.

Anonymous said...

"and Mexico would have a boost of infrastructure projects to build up its nation."

We cant even find the money to fix the infrastructure we have, so i doubt there is a boom in infrastructure in mexico unless it was needed for business.

I think it makes a lot of sense to annex Mexico.

Ken Man said...

Annexing Mexico will help the economy and strengthen the USA. Mexicans and Americans are linked through their European heritage and Mexicans of Spanish descent are attracted to Americans of Anglo Saxon Descent. I say that all admixtures of Europeans are attracted to each other and share some common values and traits.

Ken Man said...

The author's exposure of White and Hispanic "European Family Pairing" (EFP) is very insightful even though it never gets talked about so matter of fact like he did in this article.

These so called "different" racial groups will continue combining without much memtion until the realize these they are actually ethnic groups that were socially compatible before they ledt Europe and ultimately merged into a single "USA First" ethnicity based on their combined cultural experiences from Europe and the new World.

Mexico is Toast, but the "New America" will soon be comprised of the USA and Mexico.

The same fate will befall Canada for the same reasons until we ultimately have a large chunk of territory called America" that is comprised of what was once the USA, Mexico and Canada.

e pluribus unum