Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Those Old, Effective, and Competent Racists

The modern West is beyond parody. This applies to the West and its third world vassals. The West cannot identify proper problems nor prioritize well. The problems it does identify, it creates magical prime movers and explanations rather than deal with reality. An odd one is blaming the 21st century socioeconomic failures of American blacks on the legacy of slavery while conveniently forgetting blacks were doing far better in 1960 a full 50 years closer to the institution of slavery's existence. Even when the West shines, the problems becomes who is doing the great deeds. It's usually those damned straight white men. Remember #BringBackOurGirls and the unstoppable Boko Haram? The men beating them back are old straight white men from South Africa.

The hand wringing in that link is immense. These old men who are over the hill and should be retiring are embarassing not just a young opponent but a young military of a nation the world is told is a potential rising power. The interviewed experts praise the efforts of the mercenaries but golly shucks it's just, oh well, those men are probably racists. Forget that they are working with the all black Nigerian military to save blacks; they might be racists. The article even allows another person to take up precious news space to then defend them against the accusation. That has no bearing on the subject yet it is what the article wants to make certain you understand. Competent, effective, winning but problematic.

The tactics they use against Boko Haram are discussed here in a multipart series. This is an interesting read. The white mercenaries are sharp, effective and experienced. They are using a counterinsurgency campaign that keeps the heat on the Boko Haram fighters rather than beating them and then consolidating holdings. This is in contrast with the inkspot strategy of dealing with hostile territory and insurgents. These mercs are in their 50s and 60s. The Nigerian military provides some foot soldiers and sweep operations in tandem with the white merc efforts, but without these old white men, Boko Haram would still be advancing. Contrast this to fearful reports that Boko Haram would unite with ISIS for some north Africa apocalypse.

These old men are shaming all of sub-Sahara Africa. Deny it, but why else would South African politicians threaten to arrest them on return? These men should be given a welcome home parade, but they will be harassed by their ungrateful fellow citizens. They have committed a great sin. They have shown the blank slate egalitarians and diversity Pied Pipers for the frauds they are. People matter. All of South Africa is an example of this, but these men venturing out into a media made international crisis brings attention to it that the media cannot hide. A young, fit dummy "commanding" a tank because his cousin is a corrupt bureaucrat is no match for a smart, experienced fighter. Extrapolated nationally, you cannot import third world people into Germany, England and America and expect Germany, England and America to run as they did before. For anyone thinking this is a glimpse of the future, it is actually a reflection of the past. Native tribes war viciously with one another over small time disagreements and need some whites of Northern European descent to come in and effectively manage the situation.


Podsnap said...

It would make a nice movie..

Henrik gets laid off from his job as a police officer and spends his days gardening, when one day Captain Botha knocks at his door with a plan - he wants to get the old gang together for one last jaunt, to save kidnapped girls.

Why not call it "Saving Primate Ryan"

But seriously it would make a great movie. Pity it will never be made.

Glanton said...

The modern West is beyond parody.

Sadly true.

The following is an actual tweet by Marc Lamont Hill. (If you aren't familiar with him, he is black celebrity academic who is paid by CNN to castigate white people.)

"If we only celebrate and welcome Caitlyn Jenner bc she conforms to tradition cis/and European standards of beauty, we are making a mistake."

So not only are we supposed to celebrate this weirdo's sexual fetish... we must be careful to celebrate it only for the correct, racially sensitive reasons.

Alexandros HoMegas said...


Do you you about the French mercenary Bob Denard? He was pulling coups after coups in clandestine operations for France over 50 years.