Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Bagpipers of WW1

This may be hard to believe but over a 1000 bagpipers died during WWI. These were not men who played the bagpipes back home and then died in the war but actual bagpipers for the army. These men were easy prey who went over the top to pipe for the other men fighting. Harry Lunan was the last surviving piper. He gave an interview where he said, 
"I just played whatever came in to my head, but I was worried about tripping on the uneven ground, which interrupted my playing. The enemy fire was murderous, the men were falling all around me. I was lucky to survive. Hearing the pipes gave the troops courage.
A world long gone....


Suburban_elk said...

And for what? to establish the new geopolitics?

The Scotsmen's dress with the skirts leaves the legs exposed, but very comfortable?

That question of "why war" can never be resolved. It is tied into the nature of death, right? People want to overcome it, though, so there is the contradiction. Implacable irresolution.


Stop making sense. Great picture, drama light sadness grief failure pain.

Magus Janus said...

there was one on DDAY

Portlander said...

Gotta give House of Pain some credit there... wanna get the boys riled up to go kick some out-group arse? Tough to beat a good set of pipes.

And that's the one thing that makes TPTB nervous: whites getting organized for their own self-interest. Browns acting up in chaotic mobs? Meh, they cordon off a few city blocks and watch the fireworks. 100 some odd middle-aged bike "gang members" having a meeting under a truce? For that surround the premises with SWAT and make it a free fire zone. Still not enough? Time for the big-gun: SRRI-zombie AKA lone-gunman shoots up a black church.

Puh-leaze. It's hard to believe the public still falls for this stuff.

As I keep saying these James Bulware types are all flash in the pan. When whites break-out the Muhammad-Malvo ops on TPTB, that's when we know it's about to get real. Something like that go viral, forget about it.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...


PA said...

Hey Suburban Elk, are you familiar with John Berryman? He's from your neck of the woods. Read his short story "Wash Far Away," it should be online. It's a prose interpretation of John Milton's elegy "Lycidas." I read it as a bald-faced boy back in 1992 and it kinda stayed with me. Re-read it a few yers ago and enjoyed it. Your writing style reminds me a bit of the way Berryman wrote that short story.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Where the tradition of playing music on the battlefield comes from?

PA said...

Musuc on the battlefield: a guy I was friends with in the Army was a Desert Storm vet, former tank crew member. He said that when their armor unit rolled into Iraq, they had big speakers blasting Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory." Tall tale? Probably, but still.

Son of Brock Landers said...

When operation desert storm started for the air force bombing campaign they played Rock the Casbah. My uncle was USAF and he said everyone was fired up and tense since it was the first hot action in decades and that song took the nervous edge off.

Suburban_elk said...

Anyone who hasn't been to sea or war, thinks meanly of himself. - Derb

But on the other hand, it's all a battle.

The other week there were was a gang of black kids walking aggressively over the lawns. What the fuck. Seriously, what the fuck, i am asking you, what are you to do. It seems you can't win.

You can't win.

I'd love to make a point, but you can't win. Again, a catch-22 because people can't express them elves, because there is no forms. Neil Cassady foresaw all this but he was a drunk.

PA, i might get around to checking that out, thx for the recommend.

Robert What? said...

It is fortunate that men like Harry Lunan are long gone (fortunate for them, not for us). They don't have to see what has become of the country they fought and died for.