Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soros the Puppet Master

Interesting essay that goes into the specifics of those Soros leaked emails. Definitely read this. Just some bullet points of this information.

1. Soros is hands on with the Ukraine adventure much more than anything we suspected. Even in our skeptical sphere (at Theden, my humble blog, LMLaurel's place), the focus was on Soros linked foundations applying the screws and forcing change. Soros is hands on. This also reveals the reasoning behind the appointment of three foreigners to high level spots in the new Ukrainian government; Soros needed proper lackeys in place.

2. Gen. Wesley Clark's name pops up. Interesting that he is involved in this after he has made public speeches about the evils of trying to topple multiple Middle East governments in an outline. Clark is a War Party hack, but Clark is definitely a Soros man. Just for memory sake, Clark was a potential 2004 presidential candidate. His campaign went off like a wet firecracker. Did not happen, but at least now we know why he was being pushed.

3. The section on Liberia and its president is interesting. The Nobel Peace Prize might as well be a Chuck E. Cheese trinket now.

4. Pretty clear illustration of the cathedral in action with links between Harvard, NGOs and then the elite bankers. Money will always pour into pro-statist parties for the opportunity to rent seek. Soros has had his hands in Ukraine for decades now. Mainstream media silence is the wonderful cover he enjoys to pull these stunts off. Soros even mentions how he would not profit from deals but recycle the money through his foundations. Economically rape a nation to then fund more foreign adventures and domestic political fights.

5. These elite looters have a stunningly simple MO that they repeat seemingly non-stop. Destroy a nation and its economy, and then swoop in and collect hard assets on the cheap usually with easy money due to proximity to central bankers. The goal that these connected money men want is a publicly sanctioned private looting. This is what I wrote about with Russia in the '90s, as well as what is going on in Chicago now. These vultures and parasites will continue their work with the ruling system. This is another sign of our corrupt crony empire. USG breaks you, then its 1% private partners economically loot your remaining decent assets with local partners.

How is Soros not dead yet?


PA said...

Two Eastern European agitations I recall from around 2000-2002 that may or may not have had Soros fingerprints on them: Belarus and Jedwabne.

The first one involved propaganda about Belarus being a soviet holdover and Lukashenko being a dictator. In Poland, Jewish/US-owned premier periodical Gazeta Wyborcza regularly posted news of allegedly horrible treatment of Polish minorities there (though in reading those exposés I was hard pressed to see what that awful treatment exactly consisted of.) But nothing, it appears fifteen years later, came of it. Lukashenko is still president and appears to enjoy sovereignty from USG.

The other affair was the publication in Poland of the book "Neighbors" on the subject of an anti Jewish pogrom in 1941 conducted by Poles when the Soviet army withdrew and the German occupant took charge of the village Jedwabne. The book made big shockwaves in Poland and the narrative pushed the beastly anti-semite caricature. But the whole thing quieted down. Even the Wiki page is calm and even-handed about the incident. My guess is that WWII-era Polish antisemitism narrative subsided because Jedwabne and other such incidents have been retaliations for Jews' extensive collaboration with Soviets and their role in executing or deporting to Siberia of thousands of Polish families.

peterike said...

Soros = Jew
Wesley Clarke = Jew
Most of the Ukrainian oligarchs = Jews
The Harvard Cabal = Jews

But that's all just a coincidence!

The machinations of Soros are truly astounding. The guy is evil incarnate, yet on the Progressive Left he is a respected, even admired, figure. And why not, he funds a lot of jobs! I actually stopped subscribing to the New York Review of Books, which often has interesting and apolitical articles, because they repeatedly would run Soros-bylined stories about Russia, Ukraine, etc. which were all blatant propaganda. I'm sure he donated a few bucks to the publication. Leftists are so easy to buy.

Looting is the new "capitalism," yet we're supposed to admire Soros and scorn men like Ford and Carnegie, who actually built things, creating jobs and wealth. Even in the US, what is outsourcing but a form of looting? When you literally pack up a factory and ship it to China so you can have greater profits, how is that not looting from the U.S.? And it happened thousands of times over as our capitalist "creator" class morphed rapidly into a looting class as the finance power finally overwhelmed the system.

"How is Soros not dead yet?"

Easy. Nobody's managed to put a stake through his heart.

GFC said...

Wesley Clark is on record while still a US Army general during the Balkans shenanigans pronouncing that the era of the ethnic nation states in Europe was at an end, and this was a USG policy goal (I'm paraphrasing). Shocked me to the core when I heard it, but makes it not at all surprising that he's a Soros lackey. I wonder if he was while still in uniform? Quite possible, IMO.

My guess in Clark's case it's his belated discovery of his Jewish identity that has made him such a determined apostle of multiculturalism/ One World-ism.

On Soros, I suspect no one's killed him yet because Soros is an inner circle member or very close to the inner circle, who would freak out and seek a disproportionate revenge strike were he to be killed. He really is a real-life Bond supervillain, for my money one of the most profoundly evil men on the face of the earth today. He has a direct hand in plunging into chaos not only foreign countries, but also American cities, see: Ferguson, Baltimore, and God knows where else.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck lost his Fox news show for his attacks on Soros, he was accused of "antisemitism" even if he love that shit little country, he brought back Saul Alinsky after all.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

A lot of jewish neocons/likudniks hate Soros, think he is a "secret nazi" or something.

There is a theory that there is two competing Globalists camps, both are jewish-led, one is the Likud/Neocon camp and the other is the more Progressivist.

Xopher Halftongue said...

Soros and The Cathedral are a cancer... And radiation is the cure.


Anonymous said...

All Jewish yet you call it The Cathedral, when is this farce going to stop?

Svar said...

Yeah this guy is right. Be accurate and call it the Synagogue of Satan or just the Synagogue.