Monday, June 01, 2015

China Reaching Out

Egypt and Thailand are two countries seeking new patrons. They are not alone. The diplomatic teams of many countries are sending feelers out to America's global rivals. This is also not a one way street of clients seeking new patrons. America's global rivals are also on worldwide dealmaking tours. Russia and China have both been seeking to make new friends, make new deals or prepare the ground for later deals as America declines. China has been very busy. Their efforts have even pushed into the backyard of America's world empire as Latin America is now open to talks and deals.

For centuries now, the US has loudly proclaimed or leaned on when needed the concept of the Monroe Doctrine. This has in effect told the rest of the world that the Western Hempisphere is ours to play with and guide. The list is long for Latin nations we have sent troops to in order to help with stability or regime change. This is why China's statement that Latin America is compatible with its aims and goals is very interesting. Latin America and China complement one another. Deeper economic ties are desired. Economic ties eventually lead to social and institutional shared interests. If the Middle East had no oil, do you think America would waste anytime there?

It makes sense from China's side to diversify resource suppliers, find new markets for products and provide an outlet for direct investment of capital. For South American nations, it provides a source of capital that does not come with Yankee strings attached. The biggest news from the May swing through South America was China's bailout of Brazil and agreement for far deeper economic ties. This is right in America's backyard. Brazil is part of the BRICS team looking to create a separate world order. The question has always been how the pillars of that system would come together besides just being anti-USG. China making such a heavy investment in propping up Brazil is a major step.

The pitch mentioned in the first link is of a multicentric economic world. China's other pitch to potential clients is different nations can have different political systems. It is not hard to look at the wreckage of autocratics governments in the Middle East an North Africa or Nigeria's denied plea for help because they won't be nice to gays, and see the appeal for smaller nations with more socially conservative populations than Massachusetts. Giving Russia and China a boost, America has stocked its foreign policy teams with incompetents who say the right things in college. It is also blinded by Israel's cousins continually steering focus back to the Middle East or poking Russia due to historical ethnic animosity. Russia and China appear to both just play the economic hand. Make friends, make deals, smile for the cameras, and allow the angry drunk to make a fool of himself on the international dance floor. Like in sports, sometimes the easiest way to win is to let the other guy make mistakes.

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China is read for Larin-America but the Latinos aren't read for China.