Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Note on Writing

Nick Steves tweeted that it looked like I was not taking a summer break. There is a reason for that, but to be frank, I'm trying to cut back on my writing. I'm trying to do 4 posts a week. I have a long term project that I have stalled on and want to complete. I've been stuck at 15,000 words on Robert Rubin for what feels like 18 months. Oddly enough, my youngest child is roughly 18 months old. I always encourage people to write because you never know when you are going to have a great insight and then change a few people's minds. How to do it?

1. Write every single day. - If you write every single day, you refine and improve your abilities. You also can expand your writing style. I try to be serious often, but I have room for my lighter, comedic posts. Writing everyday makes that possible. Practice.

2. Always be looking. - If you write something each day, you need to always be looking for subjects. You'll need to read, you'll need to pay attention to your social world, and you'll need to think about the present, past and future. I put it in my Taki's bio blurb, but I view SWPLs now not with disdain and contempt but as anthropology subjects. It makes dinners with vegans not an hour of suffering but observation and engagement.

3. Always be thinking. - Tease everything out to conclusions. My recent fictional post on the Clinton marriage started after seeing a picture of the two of them and wondering, "What were the emails she had to delete about him and that fucked up marriage?" Add in a dash of every Boomer marriage melodrama and fifteen minutes of brainstorming.

4. Look at the enemy. - I observe and read the enemy's sources often. I want to know how they think, and the BS behind anything they publicly say. They also sometimes reveal reality yet choose to spin it in a way that fits their needs at the moment.

5. You have the time. - The average American watches hours of television and spends hours more on the Internet. Turn that time into reading and writing a 500 word post. Better yet, turn that time into some lifting, reading and writing. Jackasses like me who are not concise turn that into 1000 words. Time management is easy when you cut out the junk food.

Keep lifting, keep posting.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, but if you have any interest in observing reality then your ideas ould get you into enormous trouble in your real job. Which means you have to stay anonymous, which only lasts until someone decides to subpoena Google for your identity to root out hate speech.