Friday, May 15, 2015

Who Lost China Update

One day we'll read the "Who Lost China Again?" op-ed in the NY Times followed up by a Vox inforgraphic heavy explainer for why and how we lost them and how it affects white, Millenial and progressive Americans daily lives. By then, how many white, Millenial progressives will be left? Will they all emigrate to New Zealand and Canada? Probably. China is playing a long game so here are some links about some of their long moves.

  • Koos Jansen is an excellent China and gold watcher. His latest is on the new Silk Road that China is building. This is the overland compliment to their String of Pearls ports and supply chain idea. Iran matters here, as does India. Wait, you thought Barack Obama penned the Modi Time's 100 essay (with praise) and you thought Modi later being on the cover of time this spring were out of nowhere? No! The cathedral is incredibly paranoid that India will align with Russia and China. China is smart, make friends with India and Russia, and they secure their huge borders. Then they can look outward to the Pacific.

  • It appears the Chinese will have to announce their gold holdings to get what they want from the IMF regarding the SDR moves. With all of the pro- and then anti- talk about the SDR, and the instability that an SDR basket would create per the writing of others, the move to an SDR for global trade and finance is a temporary one as China-Russia get stronger. The path could be King Dollar to SDR basket with temporary realignments to new gold system. Gold is the final endgame. I like the idea of a gold backed crypto-currency. Let's get that going.

  • China and Russia inked some more deals. This latest invovles lending to Russian firms by the Chinese. Yes, State Department geniuses, cutting off Russia was going to limit them from being able to do business with anyone else. Just like those wizards of Wall Street, other people would love to get a piece of that Russian commodity powerhouse. China already gets much from Africa, but transit from Africa would bump into the American Navy. The Chinese are not ready to confront that beast... yet.

  • Do not take these wanrings of global change and a new financial alignment from me. Read Bill Gross on the idea that this is all ending. Mr. Gross knows the generational bull run in bonds must end as there is no place for yields to go any longer and no borrower on the margin who has any credibility. There is a reason certain people were not loaned money with regularity or low rates for ages; they cannot pay it back. Equality is a dream.

There are no allies only interests, and our ruling elite's interests diverged from China's a while ago. The biggest change was when the Anglo-Soviet split ended, and the US did not need to use China against the Soviets any longer. No real shared interest after that, and what slowly built up was a Mutually Assured Economic Destruction... but even that has changed. Politically and socially, Harvard and the NY Times might dream up new perversions and new schemes for breaking domestic political enemies under the guise of equality and rights, but these have no use for China. We call a childless single working woman at age 29 an "independent, strong woman". The Chinese call them "yellowed pearls". We do not have to touch anything else, because that gender worldview difference informs you enough. The truth is that we already lost China. The truth is China was never really ours to lose.


peterike said...

Of course the biggest irony here is that China's rise was entirely enabled by the Western oligarchs. They didn't have to move manufacturing to China, but they did because it meant higher profits, higher stock prices and billions more in the pockets of executives. It was win win! Except for the white and black American male who saw millions of jobs vanish.

I mean, who could have foreseen that China might want to flex its muscles one day! Who could have foreseen THAT! It would have taken a reasonably educated high school student to imagine such a sequence of events, and our elites are not reasonably educated. Or more likely they really don't care, as destroying the white male is always Job 1. Don't you love it when the collateral damage from you making billions just happens to take out an enemy? Win win again!

So now we're worried about a Russia/India/China alliance? Ok, then how about for starters we stop letting millions of them into our country? How about we stop giving them thousands of super-valuable seats in our elite universities every year? How about we stop letting them park their money in vacant New York city real estate?

No, somehow we can't seem to take even the simplest and most obvious of steps to defend out own interests.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are busily devastating Africa, that continent so dear to the hearts of SJWs. But do we hear a word? Nope. The Chinese are blasting through forests for the wood, and in their wake come poachers, and these poachers are annihilating the elephant population. Why? Why to serve the insatiable Chinese demand for carved ivory! One hand muddies the other, as it were. The whole stinking thing is rotten, and we've handed trillions in buying power to some of the worst people on earth.

In fact, the unbelievable environmental damage being inflicted on Mother Gaia by the Chinese is a direct result of our oh-so-environmentally-aware elites outsourcing their pollution to China. But... global warming! Better restrict yourself to one sheet of toilet paper.

You can't even track all the cognitive dissonance of our elites. If you mind-mapped them it would look like the apocryphal explosion in a spaghetti factory.

If I didn't have young adult children I'd really be kind of looking forward to seeing the whole house of cards collapse.

Suburban_elk said...

International politics is difficult to get a toehold into; but the United States will not be a player on the international scene if its own house is in such a mess.

Even now, are the pieces of the geopolitical chessboard nation states, or are they consortiums of deeper and darker alliances in banking and industry and perhaps more sinister things?

Nation states have a force, and are those pieces, to the extent that they represent coherent peoples with identities. And for this reason, i think that even now "the USA" means something. But what will become of this expression, this "force". The USA in its native character is not international. To the extent that it is (international), it is not the USA. And ironically its best soldiers are from the South, though that is not as true as it was when Tom Wolfe wrote about it 40 years ago.

The nation states of Russia and China and Iran will have much more resiliency, because their inner turmoil is not so new and unresolved, in the experience of the people there. America more than any other place is transitioning, as it was so high up on the hill, and the people are going to be more and more confused as they come down. Whatever is "the deep state" will be compromised by the chaos confusion and turmoil we have come to know and love.

India seems more of a conglomerate and historical circumstance, than China and Russia and Iran. What is the historical nation of India, their history is all confused.

Anonymous said...

The next decade everything will be decided.

Glanton said...

For anyone looking for a rollicking good film that exemplifies white ingenuity, visual style, and kinesthetics I highly recommend Mad Max. . . I know, I know we are all high brow around here but slum it for 2 hours and watch this one on the big screen. There was not a single token minority muddying up the screen and it was refreshingly free of Jew sentiment. And there's lots of muscle cars and guitars that shoot flames.

allamerican1952 said...

To Peterike: You are right on. I think of it as OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder focused on money, wealth, materialism at its most decadent which leads to sociopathic visions of all powerful and all knowing beings (they really do think they are god).

But truth be told, they hold no country allegiances, their only allegiance being to their own wealth and screw everyone else. These mental people are stuck in a win-lose world where they truly think they win if they die holding the most toys, and controlling many lives through their sick perversions of grandeur.

What they have learned from past wars is that some are "too big to fail" and will continue to prosper when in fact they should be the first to face the guillotine. Criminals to mankind all hiding behind their so-called good deeds which is only a PR smokescreen.