Tuesday, May 19, 2015

States Are Economically Larger Than People Realize

The whispers and murmurs of secession grow with each passing year. Polling firms are even asking if people want to secede now. This is partly because things get worse and weirder with each passing year, and partly because the voting Wurlitzer is not playing the tune the people have been programmed to expect. Alternative solutions are being contemplated. One thing that mentally holds Americans back is the idea of states standing on their own. Regional breaks make sense and are easier to swallow. Culturally or socially, Americans can see the drifting apart supporting secession but they still fear being too small to be independent. What many Americans fail to realize is the true size, scale and economic power of their states.

Independent American states compare remarkably well to foreign nations in terms of absolute GDP. The top half of US states would be top 50 internationally for GDP. Independent nations with clout make up that map. Cobbled together into regional breaks, rump American states would be powerful on an absolute GDP basis like G7 member nations. A hypothetical Dixie would have a top 10 GDP. A Midwestopia would be a balanced powerhouse. Competing for the English speaking population would force these regions to work more efficiently and provide better service for their citizens to entice membership. An interesting trick would also be what states would unleash economically if they did not have the Federal government to rely on for transfer payments? Do Oregon and Maine bring back the forestry and paper jobs that they voted away? How much growth is created by necessity?

Each State With Absolute GDP Sister Nation

Skeptics would scoff at the notion and laugh at the state-nation comparisons. This is easy to do for progressives as it would reveal cursory evaluation of the true numbers without understanding. Plus, the maps usually try to not duplicate nations used. The American states are far richer and more powerful than those absolute GDP comparisons reveal. The better measure to look at is GDP per capita. That is listed on the map below. When you look at those numbers, you see that all American states are incredibly wealthy compared to the rest of the world. The nations popping up there are duplicates and reveal wealthy countries like Netherlands, France, Japan, Italy, etc. When one looks at both measures combined (absolute and per capita), the numbers make independent states even stronger than progressive favorites in Scandinavia or even Asian Tigers. Similar to the absolute GDP measure, cobbling states together into regional states would create strong states able to compete on the global market for commodities. With the natural resoruce bounty of the continental United States, regions would be large players in a variety of important goods, services and basic necessities. All of this without the NYC-DC axis in control.

Each State With GDP Per Capita Sister Nation

Now there is a flip side to this. America's FIRE economy skews some items as does the current federal regulatory regime. Some wealthy blue states are overinflated due to their reliance on real estate and finance. Another problem is that some blue states are no longer balanced with manufacturing, agriculture or natural resource industries and are service economies. When blue state pundits and even little people say America does not make anything anymore, it is really "my section of America got rid of our manufacturing". Drive through the South and Midwest. While it is definitely smaller in size, the manufacturing in America is now more concentrated in specific regions. What happens if red states or even purple states remove the "degree for the good life" demand from education or physically remove populations that make the search for the good life/schools a driving force? The university system everywhere takes a hit. In a global view, universities are an export industry for the US, and especially for a state like Massachusetts. The states that grow food, generate raw materials and can remain competitive from a manufacturing standpoint oftentimes vote rightist and skew culturally red. A break up could reshuffle the current FIRE dominance and remove control of the bounty of the Lower 48 (and Alaskan oil) from the USG and paper shuffling elite.

That is part of the problem with secession ideas. Removing that control of resources from mandarins in the NYC-DC axis is a huge blow. Controlling the bounty that is the American geographic jackpot is the ultimate communist goal. Look around the globe. Few if any spots are as rich in minerals, oil, water and can produce the food that America does. I'm sure 100,000 Midwest farmers and Texas petrol engineers could turn Africa into an economic powerhouse, but they would still have to deal with infectious diseases and other natural problems not found here. As one looks around the globe, the struggle of nationalist sentiment vs. USG globalist reach is really a fight over local control of their lives vs. the needs of the global cabal to control the commodities in that same region for their gain. Keep talk of secession going. If anyone questions the reality of a state becoming independent, remind them of regional states that could form. If they are a true believer progressive, just remind them that Sweden is weaker independently than many American states. Let the talk continue and remind people that states and communities are stronger than they think.


Sam said...

Per Sweden and Globalism, it's sad that the loss of their heritage and identity is seen as something to be proud of:

“We could advance in the same direction faster and get rid of the ugly values of the past that were Swedish values. We stopped being Swedes; we became modern.”


PA said...

An important step to secession will happen when a critical mass of White men replace their loyalty to the USA with one of the following: Breaking Bad-style familism; regional organization and loyalty; an emergent cross-geographical white nationalism.

Very importantly, the kinds of men who join the police and especially the military ought to make that psychological shift. Here is why I welcome the homo-pozzing of the armed forces. Please, bear, don't throw me in the briar patch and don't drive Whites away from the federal armed forces!

Secession, first in minds and then in body politic can be unthinkable today and fait accompli tomorrow. In the end, it comes down to a simple calculation: an I better off under the US federal government or better off free of it?

Max said...

Thanks for the reminder. This is important.

R. Wilbur said...

Additional bonus:

Shift back to party-machine-ward-type politics, as all the new "border guard / customs officer" positions open up along all the new state borders.

Additional bonus x2:

More grey/black market opportunities for running cigarettes, liquor, and eventually red meat from Red States to Blue States, Smokey and the Bandit-style.

Additional bonus x3:

The more difficult to move across the country, the more local investment and the longer the time horizon becomes for people now forced to cast their buckets where they are.

Portlander said...

Come on, people. No one's going to interject with the obvious? OK, two simple questions, just to get started.

1. Currency union. Yes or no?

2. I reckon North Dakota will keep their ICBM's. But, um, who gets the nuclear subs?

guy said...

To 2) Virginia/DC and VT as thats where the builders are. The west coast sub bases are in leftist states (Washington, Hawaii, Cali), so I can see an alliance with VA being amendable to both sides. The only wild cards are Kings Bay, Diego Garcia, and the Japanese ports.