Friday, May 22, 2015

New Neoreactionary Site "The Future Primaeval"

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the guys at More Right as one of my weekly neoreactionary reads. I commented how they reminded me of a European salon with their high quality discussion and air of class. It appears that last night the guys of More Right decided to leave More Right and start a new site, The Future Primaeval. If yesterday's post is any indicator, there are fantastic things to come from these guys.

As a lover of discussing the whole story or hidden history, there is a post I really enjoyed. "White Man's Burden Revisited" writes of Rudyard Kipling's well known poem White Man's Burden from 1899, but also of the lesser known Kipling poems of 20 years later that revisit the idea of Europeans coming into contact with the "other" and the necessary reactions or actions Saxons should take. I won't post anything, go there and read it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, off-topic but Steve Sailer seems to really hate Weiner, it looks almost personal.

PA said...

I checked out Future Primeval and it's quite good. Thanks for the tip.

Speaking of Sailer, I'm done trying my luck at commenting there. Invariably, my comments don't get approved until several new articles are already posted. It's frustrating when you wrote a good one with no one yet approved. Then a day or two goes by and you see 85 new comments and yours is still pending moderation.

Similar at Heartiste. I've lately had good luck postingmy ccomments, but then yesterday I wrote a pretty good one and it got eaten.