Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kids Play War, Leon Gimpel, Paris 1915

One hundred years ago, the slog of World War One had set in, which would only stop when the old world was finally crushed. I saw these pictures elsewhere from Paris during World War One. The photographer was Leon Gimpel*. What he did was stage photos with the children who played little games of cops and robbers only transposed to the French and Germans in the streets. Knowing that Gimpel helped create everything from basic poses to the very "toys" they used to play, the pictures lose a little emotion. By creating a message and using the kids for whatever message he wanted, the very message of children playing fighting games in the middle of a war changes. It is not organic anymore. Kids playing war in the middle of a war is a fantastic example of that odd awareness children have of adult things but transformed through a child's mind into their concepts, like light hitting a prism and becoming a rainbow. Gimpel playing with this to stage "battle play" warps this. It is tainted. An innocent play game representing a dangerous thing that could make a viewer stop and think has become an adults exploitation of children to push some point. Still, the photographs are wonderful to see.

Interesting choice of staging

Did Gimpel provide the clothing too? Awesome toy rifles.

The kid in red is starting to creep you out

The kid in red is like an evil sprite

Only one kid has the stones to shoot... the evil bastard in red

For kids playing, no one looks happy

Final proof that this is staged by Gimpel. An awesome plane...

...hung from a telephone pole by a kid that is maybe 2 feet tall with a gut

*If you're confused why an adult wouldn't just take pictures of the kids playing and catch the spontaneous order and organic feel to children handling a war time situation on native soil, Gimpel was a Jew. Exploiting kids... must be genetic. 


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Interesting, a little creepy, and not a Pickelhaube in sight.

Of course he's a Jew! They just can't help themselves. Their unhealthy interest in little kids was demonstrated for me when, as a young man at an upscale cocktail party in London in 1992, I observed a well-known Jew financier set a little girl [not related to him] across his knee so she straddled it, and proceeded to give her a 'ride'. Disgusting. It almost caused a scandal afterwards. Why didn't anyone say anything at the time? Because he was a powerful Jew financier, of course.

These people are pure filth.

peterike said...

Gimpel was a Jew. Exploiting kids... must be genetic.

Heh. I don't know about that. But being masters at propaganda and cultural manipulation certainly is. And since the ends justify the means, exploitation is kosher.

PA said...

John 8:44

peterike said...

One might also notice that every kid in these photos is white and French. I imagine a contemporary photo shoot would be quite a bit different (and oh so much more vibrant)!

Also, the creepy little kid in red clearly has something stuffed in his shirt and pants to give him that weird fat belly. One wonders what Gimpel was thinking there. Just grotesqueness for it's own sake?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

After getting old I could see what was the Wars, Communism and Globalism endgame... Europe was crushed, the Kingdoms and Empires replaced by Judeo-Bolshevism resentiment and hatred of the Old Order (Catholic and Orthodox Christianity).

WWII destroyed real European (and Japanese) Narionalism, Communism and Capilalism a two sides of the same Shekel coin.

Anonymous said...

Chutzpah (arrogance) is the most important jewish value, keep this in mind.

Rifleman said...

I like what Leon Gimpel did here. He's pointing out how adult White European men who created that horrible war were just like children. Stupid, violent but still no better than children with no understanding of the horror of it all.

Then the Euro-scum went alt it AGAIN in a few decades.

It was just the threat of American and Russian nukes that half way tamed them.

Now they have given up on reproduction, Christianity as well.

Africa is their future. 100s of millions of Africans are on their way.

But that's White Europe's fault. Blaming "Jews" or communists is just another diversion by the same clueless White guys who blame feminism for the reason they can't date attractive women.

Suburban_elk said...

This is an entertaining series of pictures and it is well presented, and the kid in red does have something about him, which the original photographer emphasized to good effect.

But the tactic of arranging kids for dramatic staging is nothing new, and in no way shape or form is it a particular guilty pleasure of the yenahus. Unless they are to be held responsible for the pageantry that goes on in a million spectacles in the public elementary schools of America. And some would make the case that that is somehow their doing; that is not my opinion.

But consider the school plays, which were and are obligatory for young children in the public schools, and they are put on to display these goofy scenes and rituals which no longer resonate and it is all become cheap and laughable spectacle; and it gets worse, it somehow gets imbibed with the frustrations and perversions of the teachers. On public access television was one of these seasonal reviews that had 8 and 9 year-olds doing songs that were beyond vaguely sexual. Insanely inappropriate stuff, and no parent put a stop to it.

It would make a better story if my memory were sharp enough to recall the specific songs, but take your pick, it was contemporary young popular music with its innuendo. It is likely enough that the teacher and the music director were core Americans.

Dave said...

OK, the photos are a little lacking in spontaneity, but have you every tried shooting action at ISO 50?

Mr. Gimpel didn't even have Kodachrome film, which debuted in 1935 at ISO 10. He used Autochrome plates, with an effective ISO of 0.5. So a 1/100 second exposure becomes a one-second exposure, or longer because lenses had smaller apertures in those days.

fnn said...

Fdr was hot for war in 1939, says Herbert Hoover:

Hoover would document his conversations with the various people he met with. An example is provided of Hoover’s meeting with Kennedy on May 15, 1945. Kennedy indicated he had over 900 dispatches which he could not print without consent of the U.S. Government. He hoped one day to receive such permission as it was Kennedy’s intention to write a book that would:

…put an entirely different color on the process of how America got into the war and would prove the betrayal of the American people by Franklin D, Roosevelt.

…Roosevelt and Bullitt were the major factors in the British making their guarantees to Poland and becoming involved in the war. Kennedy said that Bullitt, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the Poles not to make terms with the Germans and that he Kennedy, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the British to make guarantees to the Poles.

He said that after Chamberlain had given these guarantees, Chamberlain told him (Kennedy) that he hoped the Americans and the Jews would now be satisfied but that he (Chamberlain) felt that he had signed the doom of civilization.

Kennedy said that if it had not been for Roosevelt the British would not have made this most gigantic blunder in history.

Kennedy told me that he thought Roosevelt was in communication with Churchill, who was the leader of the opposition to Chamberlain, before Chamberlain was thrown out of office….

James Forrestal, Under Secretary of the Navy, documented in his diaries a substantially similar conversation with Kennedy.

From a review of a book by a mainstream Jewish historian:

For three quarters of a century, scholars have debated President Roosevelt’s role in bringing the United States into World War II. But this book goes far beyond that question: It argues that FDR was the mastermind behind the very war itself. From late 1938, Robert Herzstein writes, Roosevelt’s agents in Europe were busy at work agitating for a total European war to destroy Germany: They incited Poland and Germany against each other, and at the same time more or less bullied Britain and France into supporting Poland. At the same time, the President set up a virtual police state at home, using the HUAC, the FBI, and other government agencies to spy on, harass, and ultimately annihilate the domestic opposition.

These are startling claims, to say the least, which challenge the fundamental assumptions of most historical writings on World War II. As summarized above, they sound as though they might even be dismissed as kooky conspiracy theories. But the author who makes them is no marginal figure. Robert E. Herzstein, Professor of History at the University of South Carolina and former consultant to the Jewish World Council and the US Department of Justice, has previously written several other acclaimed books on the Interwar-World War II period, including “The War That Hitler Won” (1978, on propaganda) and “When Nazi Dreams Come True” (1982, on Nazi designs for European integration). Most famously, he authored the best-selling “Waldheim: The Missing Years” (1988), which was glowingly reviewed by Simon Wiesenthal (among others) for exposing the Austrian President’s past in the German Wehrmacht. Herzstein is without doubt a respected authority on the subject, and thus we must take him seriously and consider his arguments with care.