Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HIV/AIDS, Gays and Reality

It gets a little frightening out there when the sex positive libertarians are ignorant to the reality of HIV/AIDS. They are focused on discussing the positives of sexual liberation but never the outcomes of their policies. It's so much fun just to say you support sexual freedom and technology's effect on freedom, and not much fun to discuss things like rising rates of STDs, broken homes and gays' inability to stop a perfectly preventable disease. It is best if we focus on reality with gays and HIV and not be lost in the Hollywood fog of gays just wanting to get married and adopt Chinese babies.

The link above describes Grindr's affect on STDs in the gay community. For anyone who knows gays outside of Glee!, you know the promiscuity that is rampant in the gay male world. It's a never-ending parade of new guys whom they may meet in any venue. Grindr is a tool for them to kick it up ten notches and daring people have engaged in anthropological undercover work. The MPC forum has a thread dedicated to one man's attempt to find out how depraved gays are. Please scroll through his conversations with gays. These are legit, disgusting examples of gay sexual behavior offered up to strangers who set up accounts fewer than 5 minutes before initiating contact.

"But that is just a few random anecdotes," yells the progressive who uses exceptional anecdotes to say any outgroup is "just like us!" True, but each example in the gay world carries more weight since their numbers are so small. How many pozzed up gays do you think would approach you on Grindr in one day? Are you quiet now SWPL? Some of those Grindr thread guys talk about not telling the stranger about HIV or openly being okay with sex with HIV positive (poz) men. The flippant way they treat a disease that kills is mindblowing if you grew up with the HIV hysteria of the late '80s-early '90s, the traveling AIDS quilt and the multiple movies about tragic yet noble AIDS victims. These fools playing chicken with HIV are not victims, and it is not about education. Everyone knows how you get HIV in 2015, and it is perfectly preventable. Gay guys just care more about that next sex fix than they do HIV.

Before you discuss total infected or rate of infections, the idea that gay guys tell each other about their HIV status is an issue. Not just on Grindr, but in real life, gays do not tell one another that they have HIV before sex. This is not a fluke thing. There have been multiple studies done focused on "disclosure" to reveal this problem. How many years did the media push the HIV hysteria and push people to discuss their "notch count" with loved ones to be honest, yet gays get off scott free with their high rates of non-disclosure? To not tell someone you have HIV before engaing in sex is akin to playing Russian roulette, throwing knives or whatever analogy your high school health teacher used in 1994. Gays do it often. A whopping 31% of HIV infected gay men do not bother telling their sexual partners they have HIV. That is roughly 1 in 3 of the highest risk HIV community walking around not warning anyone they have HIV. This is why HIV does not go away despite being a perfectly preventable disease.

"Why make such a big deal about it? This HIV issue is an outlier. Gay marriage matters more though, right?" No, SWPL, not really. Look up numbers for gay marriages. Any split for if they are male-male or female-female? Media dodges that for some odd reason. Either way, the numbers are low. Over 12,000 Americans die from HIV/AIDS every year, a majority of which are gay. Do more gay guys get married or get HIV/die from AIDS in the average year? This would be a nice comparison as same sex marriage spreads. How many gay men have HIV in America? It is roughly 650,000. They make up over 50% of the HIV infected population, and the CDC says there are over 1.2 million infected with over 100,000 infected but unaware. That 650,000 number of infected gays would be the 25th largest city in America.

"That number is still small because of how many gay guys there are? Like 25% of all men are gay." Sorry, SWPL, put down the appletini, take off your horn rimmed glasses and read on. How many gay men in America? Recent surveys have grown in breadth and become more refined. There is a whopping 2.2% of the male population that identifies as gay or bisexual. There are 151 million men in America. Simple math shows there are 3.3 million gay/bi men in America. Using the HIV infected number for gays as the numerator and the total gay/bi male pop as the denominator, we can see that 19.5% of the gay male population has HIV. This is staggering. Take this one step further, and combine the non-disclosure study. This means that there are over 200,000 gay men with HIV engaging in sexual relations without telling their partners they have HIV. That means roughly 1 in 16 gay men walk around with HIV, having sex and not telling their partners. Quick question: when was the last gay guy on television revealed to be an HIV carrier? Weird that none of them are despite the 1 in 5 fact. Any of them shown smoking crystal meth? Weird that none are since 1 in 4 have tried crystal.

When the libertarians of CATO or the progressives are discussing gay rights or whatever is the next gay crusade (lowering the age of consent?), bring these points up. Ask them about the rampant promiscuity, bugchasing and the 20% HIV number. Show them the screencaps of the brave soul who engaged in Grindr online research. It is sickening. They may recoil from the truth. Freebasing GRIDS statistics is not for everyone. Do it though. If they call them hate facts and call you names, it is okay. By their own words, they admit they are facts, and by saying them out loud, you remind everyone of the truth. They are defending the sick and the degenerate; you are not. Men who put penises inside their mouths and asses have the terminal illness known as HIV at a going rate of 1 in 5. That is most definitely not "just like us".


peterike said...

It is amazing how at just over 2% of the population, gays can have such enormous clout. Like, ummm, some other group around the same percentage. In fact, both of these groups have quite a bit of overlap.

It goes to show you, that you don't need raw numbers to have power in America. Quite the opposite, really. You need wealth and influence. You need the megaphone. You can basically convince anyone of anything if you have the megaphone.

I'm wondering, is there a number for what HIV costs us every year? All those medical cocktails don't come cheap. How much extra is my insurance every year because we have to keep alive a lot of insouciant gays?

whatever is the next gay crusade (lowering the age of consent?

Good call. Makes perfect sense. As it is, so many people who are "underage" engage in sex anyway, so the public won't protest too much. Gays love teen boys, and of course hetero men love teen girls. Teen girls love older men and would likely flock to them much more if the "creepy" stigma were removed. So who is going to object? The next wave could well be removing the stigma of disparate ages in sex.

As it is, the megaphone + social media has gotten so adept at force feeding the populace that the timelines for pushing things through keep getting compressed. Took decades to really "normalize" gays. Took, what, a year or two to practically normalize trannies? Or at least make them objects of sympathy rather than derision. They could push "sex starts at 15" through in no time at all.

Glen Filthie said...

I have said similar things for decades now and have been written off as a homophobe or a hater or a red neck. Gays are not necessarily nice people. Lesbians are the worst - I know, when my daughter came out of the closet you were either for her or against her and she literally tore a solid family apart. I look back now and wonder...we were a single, happy family and it all just blew away like a puff of smoke like it was never there in the first place. I just boggle when I hear queers complaining about the father of a gay daughter I can tell you that lesbians have cornered the market on that. It breaks my heart to see my daughter with the frumpy clothes, the bad haircut and the sasquatch for a girl friend.

You can't look at that and see something beautiful. Gays are ignorant, unhappy, disturbed and selfish people. I am not drinking the rainbow koolaid. They had the privacy of their bedrooms but that is not what they want - they want to get into the classroom, the courtroom, the classroom - and annoy as many people as they can.

I am quite peachy with Darwin cleaning the gene pool with HIV/AIDS and wish him all the luck in the world with it.

Suburban_elk said...

A circumcised penis is more likely to want butt sex.

Suburban_elk said...

There are huge taboos on the topics of homosex - and for good reason. But since the host raised the issue, …

Greg Cochran wrote that homesex is a virus. There comes a point that the "smelly vagina" doesn't inspire.

I call homo-sex a "social virus" but what does that mean. The Celts would grow out their hair until they killed a man.


I like girls. Just this morning i said to them,

Frankie on down to the corner saloon
get a bucket of beer
said to that old bartender
has my lovin' man been here?

He was her man
and be done her wrong

kurt9 said...

The drug war is a useful analogy. We all know that recreational drug use is bad for long-term health. Yet most of us favor ending the drug war (Prohibition 2.0) simply because it does not work and it leads to excessive police powers (and power to the state).

Suburban_elk said...

Sorry for crossing the taboos. Take it easy, old men! we are only here for a little while. Hey Administrator, lift the ban on nikcrit.

I swam the River today, the Spring Ritual. Can you do it?

Lucius Somesuch said...

"[W]hen my daughter came out of the closet you were either for her or against her and she literally tore a solid family apart."

--I've thought a lot lately about the weaponization of "coming out" used to destroy the peace of normal middle class families.

Obviously, Elena Kagan, RBG, Will Smith, (Barry O too?)-- "coming out" is not for them. Tim Cook, who's been sitting on a billion or however many, for how many years, only lately mustered up the courage to defy public bigotry and sell more ishit in Saudi Arabia. "Coming out", instead, is a moral imperative urged upon 15 yr olds in Iowa who kissed a girl and kinda, sorta, I dunno, it was okay I guess?

@peterike: I know you've already completed this thought mentally, but underage sex will be another asymmetrical weaponization program. Gay-on-boy and Lez-on-girl need only apply.

And speaking of meth: lesbian novelist Michelle Tea has made meth a cornerstone set piece in about every book she's ever written. Her magnum opus, the free-floating roman a clef "Valencia", has a huge Pride Day meth-binge chapter where she capers around with a Canadian- no, I don't think it was the librarian, what was she?-- anyway, some bald Canadian chick in a pvc catsuit. It's a funny book, actually, and revealing about that musical beds thing lesbians do, where they set up everybody's next assignation by committee, something Camille Paglia has also talked about. Sailer got the memo on "lesbian bed death", and his "diet sex" line is terrific; but I have to pull rank on those who think lezbos don't do drug-fueled promiscuity. Oh, they do, they do . . . .

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"It goes to show you, that you don't need raw numbers to have power in America. Quite the opposite, really. You need wealth and influence. You need the megaphone. You can basically convince anyone of anything if you have the megaphone."

100% This!

DJF said...

The US Federal budget for HIV/Aids is going to be 31 billion dollars in 2016.

This does not include what State and Local governments spend nor what insurance companies pay because they cannot refuse existing conditions due to Obama Care law.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT at those numbers. 1/5? Mind blowing statistic.

Before today, if someone asked me on the street what % of gay men had HIV I would have guessed around 2%.

I was going to say this might be skewed because of all the gays who survived the epidemic in the 80s/90s were still around, but this chart makes me think otherwise:

Going off of DJF's stat of $31 billion / 650,000 HIV cases... That means we're spending ~$5,000 per victim per year. Roughly $1,000 per US citizen. And if you're a taxpayer (upper 50%) that's probably a looooot higher.

What a huge fucking waste of our money.

Not to sound like a Leftist but suppling clean needles to heroin users would probably save us a lot of money, and make it a strictly gay issue. Gay and bisexual people seem like they are the disease vector, the druggies are just sharing needles with gay guys too often.

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