Sunday, May 17, 2015

Building Networks and Trust

After taking time to review death threats and make a will in case my assassin shall strike, it dawned on me this is a great lesson on trust. If one is engaged in building a network of people opposed to a regime or to be a long march conspiracy, one has to create and have trust in one's network. No one is going to listen nor take a next step and engage with any network that is untrustworthy. John Kenneth Galbraith expressed this when writing and admitting how Keynesians kept quiet and denied the conspiracy of Keynesian takeover until it was all clear with the final victory. Building a network involves reaching out to people, and if they see you constantly attacking nominal allies, they will not be receptive. When I posted my financial blog reads, I noted they are the dissident financial information sites and that many share or work with one another. Not all are 100% in step, but they all dislike the current economic and financial regime. The Manosphere, HBD sites and MPC (three examples) are not buying our entire buffet of beliefs but they do share some common views and generate great insights monthly if not weekly. Keep them in the spider web and use the helpful concepts as they pop up. They never have to or will be core of what you consider "intellectual leaders" (whatever that means), but they can be useful. Do we want to seek the truth? If so, use truthful, accurate sources. Roosh just went on national television (Dr. Oz), and he also just reviewed Culture of Critique, exposing many young men to some ideas not allowed in the regular media. Useful thoughtcrime. We should all keep trust in mind when engaging with one another. It is the foundation for cooperation and coordination.


This comes from Mike threatening to kill me two or three times and going on a doxx hunt of me because I laughed along with an MPC joke on him being a flamer. I played along with his hysterics so everyone could see the monster. Keep in mind: he accused the MPC guys of doxxing his sister just a month ago like it was some horrendous crime. Almost all of Friday's freak out is documented here on MPC. A very comical rundown of the freak out from "The Right Drama" is here. Thank you all for support, emails, screen shots, messages and follow ups of his hysterics (including this morning). If you read the weird tweets he sent (deleted now) where he kept barking for an apology and expressed his anger, it reads like a weird S&M routine. I'm an Italian accountant who lives in a giant city. "Shucks he got me good", I thought lying on my couch checking my tablet while watching a "Poirot" episode. I realized his insecurity was at "11" when he later said to a guy that I was a slimey accountant who sometimes posts a lingerie blog, skipping over this one entirely. That one has 113 posts over 5 years, so good way to funnel followers there and not here where 300 posts happen each year. He's still going on about that lingerie blog today, as if my wife doesn't already know of it. Total SJW behavior.

This should not surprise anyone. Mike flipped out months ago threatening to dox people. He attempted to do so Friday. He also ironically started calling himself leader of nrx as a joke, until he said it wasn't a joke. There are no insults of Mike that can top the truth written here about him on MPC threads, especially here:

Mike is unmarried, childless and has f**ked rachel skrillex yet advocates traditional behaviors
Mike is an atheist but the endarkenment advocates a return to religion.
Mike has no science, technical, comsci, or architectural training yet spouts off on tech and commercial concepts.
Mike has no proof of any capabilities or smarts yet calls all of mpc, dumb, boorish losers.
Mike f**ked rachel skrillex but says mpc has no dignity and is garbage.
Mike is a public figure with the same number of twitter followers as a popular teenage girl in your hometown.

This is pretty mean to Rachel Haywire, but maybe she taught him the S&M terminology. I feel bad for Mike, and realize why he gets very upset at the slightest criticism. He is over 30, no wife, no kids, lives a frugal life, no degree, kind of-sort of has a job... he has nothing so he has to protect the Internet persona. It's like underclass women who claim to have high confidence yet flip out at the slightest dis. When you have nothing, you have to protect anything and hold the line or else all of your failings are open to criticism. I'd pray that he finds peace in his life but he's an atheist so why bother? No one is perfect, but I am honest with myself as a slimey Italian accountant with a lingerie blog.

The name Michael Rossi will stay to the side of the blog. Amazing that I was talking about remaining anonymous yet had a name on my blog for years. So weird, hmmm, why would someone do that? Hmmm. Good thing is, this is the Internet, so I can walk away at any time. Some people are saying neoreaction is dead, maybe, but you can't kill a network of people seeking the truth.

This is just a shit post. A real post will be going up today... on this blog, not my lingerie blog.


deconstructingleftism said...

Oh man that was hilarious. So having a job disqualifies you from being a neo-reactionary intellectual. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Beefy Levinson said...

I laffed, and I didn't even know who Mike was until recently.

ARoss said...

I haven't seen a melt down like this since Krauser crossed ROK.

Max said...


Scott's Bluff said...

Internet personae are weird and it's probably always best to remain anonymous unless you have a great shot to capitalize on publicity.

re weirdness HBDchick said she's been married for 20 years, but didn't she run that old blog, HBDgirl, about documenting her journey to find a marriageable man now that she's 30? (going way back to '09 here)

Then there's and 10 year olds lol. You can't even play the ephebophilia/jailbait gambit there buddy.

How many people would look out of place at a Reddit meet up is my gist.

The entire concept of the Internet meltdown via forums or Twitter is bizarre. Keep the feeling of insouciance in mind is my advice for avoiding a meltdown.

MPC probably pulled me slightly away from Manosphere doctrine of women are to blame™. The whole problem just looks like a mixture of push and pulling from various bad actors on both sides. Women (young women) might lean toward amorality & frivolity, but most of them just aren’t smart enough to devastate a man if he has his head screwed on right.

re Judgement of Paris; you’re a talented writer, you shouldn’t waste your time with that smut. If you have a pr0n problem again, hit the gym, read the classics, go to church, find a girlfriend. I should know, I used to run a blog about my deep affection for, and idealization of, the pendulous, Rubenesque figure found among the female Jewish population (TIG OL BITTIES, MOMMY PROBLEMS MUCH?), until the Jews at wordpress got wind and SHUT IT DOWN.

jk didn’t run that blog

Anonymous said...

Here's how I see it breaking up, using defensible rivers as boundaries.

Mark Citadel said...

I must say you handled this well. I fully agree with what you've said here, and I think you are underrated personally.

Reactionary thought online has grown considerably and that is bound to attract people who are not altogether stable. I don't really care if someone is a waiter or a scientist, as long as you can hold an intellectual discussion and be an honorable man.

Eventually, Reactionaries will be having to congregate, and nobody is going to want to meet up with a doxxer/death threater.

This entire episode was a lamentable fail, but you came out well at least.

PRCD said...

The definitive Anassimov meltdown post-mortem:

neonshadows said...

So you actually run a porn blog? That's disgusting. Why should you not be rejected from polite society?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Neon shadows- are you joking? It's not a porn blog. It's a blog with glamour model pics, no nudes, where I discuss female aesthetics

Devalier said...

"John Kenneth Galbraith expressed this when writing and admitting how Keynesians kept quiet and denied the conspiracy of Keynesian takeover until it was all clear with the final victory."

I've never heard that story before. Seems like an interesting case study. Do you know where I can read further on the details of that conspiracy?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Devalier - Yes right on my blog from two years ago. He admitted it freely in the NY Times in the '60s.

Devalier said...

@Son of Brock Landers - Great, thank you!