Sunday, May 31, 2015

At Social Matter "Moving the Muhammad Window"

Week two at Social Matter, seriously, just bookmark SM, add it to your RSS feed or drop in daily. It is worth the daily check in. As I typed Friday, this one is on Egypt and how things are changing even if the military is running the show.

Egypt's coup by the military was not greeted with protests. The coup offered a respite from the intense violence between rival Islamist political parties and their street gangs. Bread also became a manageable cost for Egyptians as well with the help of Saudi money. The junta did not waste time with dealing with rivals, sentencing to death hundreds. Food flowed and the American media got bored. Now Egypt is sentencing former President Morsi to death along with followers, and the American media is giving Morsi and company the full opportunity to generate global sympathy. Even if Morsi and his cronies are executed, the effect of their power and source of legitimacy has changed al-Sisi's junta's administration compared to Muabarak's administration.

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Lucius Somesuch said...

This is slightly tangential, but something I often think about: during the Mubarak years, a US-friendly Egypt enjoying a "Cold Peace" with Israel amassed 1,400 Abrams tanks and a further 1000 upgraded Pattons. This largesse is, of course, largely a payoff for being a good neighbor to Israel in the first place. Turkey, meanwhile,for another instance of Muslim resurgence, has the 3rd largest airforce in NATO (240+ F-16s, with F-35 bids and a purported domestic program for a 5th generation fighter plane). And so on.

Current US/Israeli policy is focused on the supposed threat of Syria and Iran, but Syria's army was sub-Saddam level. Neo-Con policymakers think nothing of destabilizing peaceable regimes that already are heavily stocked with advanced weaponry, all the while hellbent on demolishing a paper tiger like Assad's Syria.

Granted, Egyptian training, tactics, leadership, repair and supply, etc. may all be greatly deficient. But a mass of Abrams tanks on the Sinai has to be more formidable a threat than poor old Assad's T-55s on the Golan Heights. Is this just weary old stereotypical Jewish hardheaded intransigence on display? To radicalize a sleeping lion like Egypt and make it harsher, more Muslim, more adventurous-- it's madness. There's no pragmatic rationale for--enemyizing-- a quiescent neighbor. Do Jews get off on their "democratic values" spiel that much? Didn't Hitler once win an election too?