Sunday, May 24, 2015

Announcement - Social Matter Posts

After some thinking, I contacted the leadership at Social Matter about publishing my Sunday pieces there from now on. They accepted the offer. I am thankful for inclusion and for finally having an editor. From now on, my Sunday pieces will be there. I'll still do my follow up Monday piece here, since my Sunday-Monday posts are almost always tied together by subject matter (twin posts). My goal this year is to cute back on posts to 4 a week. I'm having a hard time with that because the world is a bit crazy, and I find enough interesting stuff that I feel like sharing.

This week's Sunday post is at Social Matter. Go read it there.

If we review the last year, there has been active wars in Ukraine, Yemen and Syria. There has been wretched chaos in Libya. China is up to something in the South China Sea to route around USG patron concerns. Russia was sanctioned, had their currency attacked by the USG system, had a color revolution attempt be weak and recently enjoyed the USG admitting defeat in Ukraine. Anything going on in Thailand? It has been a year since the coup, and not a peep has emerged from Thailand. The pushback on democratic evangelism will start at the edges with Thailand's coup being an early sign.

Read the rest there.


Frog Do said...

Would it be possible to post an update on your blog for Sunday articles, for those of us with RSS readers who don't necessarily follow all of Social Matter?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on joining Social Matter.

peterike said...

Congrats on this, and well deserved.

I poke around at Social Matter now and then, but it doesn't do much for me. I find it's too interested in theory/philosophy. Now there's nothing wrong with theory, but it's a young man's game, and I'm not a young man. I have no patience for big theoretical/ideological questions or musings. I worked those out for myself years ago. I like practical, realpolitik stuff, which is what you mostly provide. As such, I think you'll be a good addition to Social Matter.