Tuesday, April 07, 2015

That Funny Bloomberg for Mayor of London Report

Michael Bloomberg may run for mayor of London. Of course not, and he is not even eligible but this oddball story leaked out and made it through a press cycle ending with a NY Times comical op-ed. This is not like years ago in days of old when the mayor would have the keys and potentially lock out a man trying to claim the crown. One must love the odd way a claimant could sometimes rise simply by being in the room when the king died to then grab the crown and declare oneself king. Bloomberg is a billionaire and an elderly gentleman, so this feels a bit odd. Bloomberg did not use his media outlet to slip this one out. Bloomberg has discussed the rise of cities, and the importance of their This running for mayor of London little leak does not feel legitimate in regards to London. It feels like a trial balloon.

This is tainted by my weird take that Bloomberg will be the Democrat nominee in 2016, but think about what a media cycle of Bloomberg as Mayor of London does. There is the trumpeting of what he did in New York City. There is the nice contrast between Bloomberg and De Blasio that voters and readers will immediately make. Bloomberg will get great press as a competent executive. The idea of mayor of London will be shut down, tossed out as a frivolous idea that dies an obvious death. What lingers on are all of the positives discussed. Bloomberg is sharp, competent, and you know what, not nearly as crazy as the modern left raging it right now nor as incompetent as Team Obama is looking with whatever they touch. Gee, too bad he can’t run for anything else.

But he can. He can run for president. All of these positives will be in the air. Does not Hillary look shaky right now? The press and academia are begging others to run like Senator Liz Warren and even old Al Gore. How easy would it be for Bloomberg? Can’t you hear his announcement of running as a Democrat? “I didn’t leave the Republican party… they left me.” Wouldn’t he be a bit of a reprieve and breath of fresh air for the left that maybe those aging whites and Big 10 whites that feel weirded out by the SJW left and browning of their party? Those Wisconsin and Pittsburgh city households can say, “Oh honey, we can vote for Bloomberg, pay no attention to the immigration numbers or the crowd at the pediatricians.”

For all of the damage they have done, the Silent Generation never had a single president. Bloomberg can be their one. He’ll be just adult compared to the rabble on the left, and he’ll be not as scary and mean as those evil, Republicans. The 1% will relax a bit as they would have one of their own as the figurehead, so some extra protection would be in place. He has a built in attack arm to destroy Hillary now if he wanted with his media empire, and if he is interested, he should use it now and excessively to drive a stake through her before the left can find their savior. This will probably not happen, but neither will Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of London.

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With thoughts you'd be thinkin said...

Will he run for Lord Mayor of London or Mayor of London? Because if meets the rudiculous requirements of the Lord Mayor with its feudal guilds and such, he'd probably win as corporations can vote for Lord Mayor.