Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Need a Timekiller, Give Tumblr a Chance

Tumblr is the Mos Eisley of the Internet. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the crowd that is on Tumblr. It is where SJWs go to shout about their false triumphs, their false rapes, microagressions, their feels and boring little lives. It is also the greatest way to view still photography pornography without making your Internet history look suspicious. Along a similar route, it is a great image depository. Some of the old advertisement pictures I have posted here I found on Tumblr. Tumblr is terrible as a culture, but Tumblr itself is a tool. Deny it, but what is Twitter but an Internet version of the CB radio? Like all tools, it comes down to how you use it.

The hashtag search function can find what you are looking for quickest. It would be a great place to start.

If you are looking for beautiful images, there are plenty of Tumblrs to follow. Just use the search feature, follow a blog or two, and then click on recommendations on the sidebar to amass a stream of European cathedral images or forest and wildlife images. I've been grabbing WW1 images from there to share with you all. Tumblr is far superior to Twitter in this regard.

If you want to check out smut, I'm not going to make recommendations but it is on there. After the purchase by Yahoo!, they blocked uploads of videos, but it looks like the wiz kids have found a way around that.

"I can do that anywhere, so why use Tumblr, 28Sherman?"

If you really want to have fun, use that hashtag to find some psychopaths to follow. It's "Human Zoo Internet". There are plenty of nutjobs. These people get boring after a while, so you need new replacements for a steady rotation. It is like a psychology class on "Modern Western narcissism crossed with Millenial faux sincerity, self esteem issues and SJW vibes". These people use a bunch of other's artwork, photography or quotes to create their digital representation. It is fun because these people are all timestamped 2015.

For several months now, I've followed an incredibly entertaining young British woman here. She's a strong woman of color (WoC) with massive mental issues. Her first Tumblr name was she's got issues. I'm not making it up. She changed it for some reason. By following her, I discovered Indians and whatnot are "taking back the Bindi" because white girls be wearing it for decoration. She posts some "white people steal shit" posts but then defending white people stuff. The most fun besides trolling was when a half black-half white girl called her out for being an attention whore who is dumb enough to post nudes for free. There are social issues to read for yucks from her. Guys, WoC want you to ask them about their background to show interest because we all know how much WoC ask white guys about their heritage (eye roll, dismissive wanking motion). I learned that WoC are strong women until they tell you every fourth post about the time they cried when they did not feel pretty for being a WoC. Besides her nudes and selfies, her photo posts are pretty standard issue for a part Indian-part white woman: many handsome white men, NSFW sex stuff to be edgy, food and rural European scenery with a smattering of ethnic stuff to keep it real. Her posts are now a regular rotation of crap, and I will stop following her shortly (after some trolling). It's not like I can't find nude photos of young WoC anywhere else. I would not post a nude of hers, but I'll post a pic she shared so you all can see this strong WoC, but I've tipped my hand already so you know what is coming.

Strong Woman of Color! "My hair gets frizzy when it is humid! I am not alabaster white! My eyebrows are bushy! Only 90% of the white guys I meet want me! I'm oppressed and carry a burden of being overlooked by white society even though I am part white!" This is why Tumblr is beyond parody.


PA said...

Three kinds of Women of Color in America and their anti-Whiteness:

1) Off The Radar, Both Ways. They are the females whose looks and intelligence keep them completely off White men's radars: ghetto black women, barrel-shaped Mestizas, aboriginal-looking south-Asians. They are indifferent to Whites except when they wanna keep it real. On a positive note, in my experience the very squat Mestizas can even be very nice to us.

2) The Toxic Middle. Here you will find the mediocre-looking Asian and Hispanic women who are intelligent enough to socialize with Whites and just attractive enough to not be completely invisible to us -- but still under most of our attractiveness threshold. Here you will find the Strong Militant Wymyn of Color who write anti-racist screeds online or teach Leftoid courses in college. This is radioactive resentment for being ignored by White men.

3) The Elite Club. Women of Color, including the tiny sliver of black women, who are intelligent and attractive enough to compete with White female 6s or occasionally higher. They LOVE LOVE LOVE White men, marrying one being their great aspiration. Black women in the elite beauty category in particular are, in my observation, very White-friendly.

Suburban_elk said...

That pictured girl is a bomb. She gets to be included in the white family tree, if she wants, because it is flexible in that it allows in the best looking.

But apparently "she's got issues". That is actually a funny handle. She is super "good at the internet". I saw a rebuttal to that effect in the youtube comments, it went "you suck at the internet, your page doesn't even have any likes".

Looking at her linked page was not the worst lamest thing i have ever seen. I like the artistic style soft porn, in small doses like a fleeting tumbler image it is appealing.

But she is super hot, what sort of issues or problems can she have? There were hot young girls in the sun walking along the streets today, and there is no reason to walk along these awful busy suburban thoroughfare streets (which some critics call stroads), by these girls at this time of year and day, except to be seen. But what kind of a culture is it that good looking girls parade themselves on these streets where are only cars. Weird suburban dystopia. There is no public space and there is no culture, so people go online.

I think it is not too distantly related to the original post. Killing time on the internet. Everyone is on the internet because there is nowhere else to be.

Everyone knows this is nowhere

I wrote that on the chalkboard at Caribou, where they write a "folksy" simulating question that was, Where is your favorite place in the Cities. So i hit them with the existential despair. What kind of stupid ass question is that - why suggest a better place to hang out, when everyone can't get there because otherwise they would be there instead.

Indian girls, bindis whatever, totally want the white penis, but i think they are generally somewhat reluctant to enter into the slut scene, at least the ones around here are still of the better immigrant classes and are concerned for their family reputation and scared that dad will throw acid in her face. I confess an attraction to them, especially the sort pictured.

Portlander said...

Apologies for interrupting cheesecake Thursday, but if I may be so self-indulgent, last Friday I wrote:

Hell, even the F*ck The Police'ers are a bunch of useful idiots underwritten by Soros and Establishment Democrats as a false flag to further isolate the police from the civilian population. You think FTP is not part of some larger plan?

Today on Zero Hedge:

Questions about Baltimore they don't want us to ask

#4 … CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that the “disappearance of the police for hours this afternoon is something that is going to haunt this city for decades”.

#5 [P]olice officers in Baltimore claiming that they were instructed to “stand down” during the rioting on Monday afternoon?…

#8 [O]rganization funded by George Soros stirring up emotions against the police in Baltimore?

#12 Mayor of Baltimore has very close ties to the Obama administration...

They are getting so predictable it's almost boring. I'm surprised so many people are taking Baltimore seriously. It's Obama's Gulf of Tonkin to justify Fed take-over of local police depts.

PA said...

"Apologies for interrupting cheesecake Thursday, but .."

When someone writes that I always picture Forrest Gump saying "Ahm sorry ah ruined your black pan-ther pa'arty..."

Son of Brock Landers said...

Portlander - I saw that ZH thing and immediately thought,

"Soros and the cathedral are using these black complaints as a means to reform local police under federal/cathedral control"

Son of Brock Landers said...

All - Tumblr has plenty of women like this young lass. They post nudes often, whine about life, try to be edgy and are generally lame. Symptoms of today's culture and society. This photo was clean, so I could share it, but she has plenty of good nudes where she has a little more weight on her (non-airbrushed) and nice curves.

She's about as dark as my wife after one day in the sun.

nikcrit said...

Here you will find the Strong Militant Wymyn of Color who write anti-racist screeds online or teach Leftoid courses in college. This is radioactive resentment for being ignored by White men.

The Elite Club. Women of Color..... They LOVE LOVE LOVE White men, marrying one being their great aspiration. Black women in the elite beauty category in particular are, in my observation, very White-friendly.

Don't see it; and I knew a lot of black females in that category growing-up; e.g. "Jack and Jill club"-types, etc. in Chicago and other Midwest locales.
I would say that, to a body, good-looking, professional black females would want first, a black man who's their peer in income and attractiveness, followed by a Hispanic man with those qualities.

I'm not 'against' your scenario, but I just don't see it en masse. The occasional bf-wm couples i encounter tend to be middle-class with dips from that socio-economic status both slightly up and slightly down; the most distinct impression that comes to mind is that those such black females tend to lack any trace of 'urban' or what we here stateside know as 'black dialect.'

Ditto for Hispanic women; they want a peer like them first and foremost.
I think white professional females are more willing to cross racial lines than are black prof femmes, in terms of personal urge at least. Though I concede the taboo, with its status-penalizing result, exists much more in corporate America than lower-brow America.
Anecdotal: in my school district, I'd guess that 30% to 40% of the white middle-class females employed by the district ($45k-to-$85k per) are married interracially.

There was actually a photo essay a couple of years back on early Tumblr about mixed couples employed by the Chicago public school district, though i can't find it now..

I agree that Asian females follow the thesis of your comment. They might prefer white men more than fellow-Asian men.

PA said...

Pure and utter Negro fantasy in Nikcrit's comment.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nikcrit's comment makes sense that people want to stick with their group. OKCupid and dating sites prove that. Black women were most loyal to their group, Asian women least loyal. IR marriage rates still low for most of US.

The rest is fucking gibberish. He's absolutely blind to the "OMG they really like me!" effect of dating up. WHat the fuck do you think is behind the gleeful crowing about "swirling" by black female hipster writers.

PA said...

"Nikcrit's comment makes sense that people want to stick with their group. OKCupid and dating sites prove that"

Yes, I didn't make that part clear. It's the other stuff , like you said, that's gibberish.

nikcrit said...

Pure and utter Negro fantasy in Nikcrit's comment.

Well then howsabout disputing what i say with links and facts?

SEttle down; more like "negro indifference' over fantasy.....

You're so nutty about holding up some perpetual racial competition and inevitable triumph.

btw and for the record: I would be delighted if bf-wm pairings became commonplace; it would alleviate and be retroactive vindication for all the cold stares and dressings-down I received from black and other NAM girls in my 20s and 30s for cavorting with white and hispanic women (among black and mixed girls too).

Ok, at the schools this week, I'll keep my eye out for those black and Hispanic girls with Kanye and Li'l Wayne T-shirts oogling the white boys with their Marilyn Manson and Cradle of Filth T-shirts.

(off the record: going by what I know of your online avatar persona and background and temperament, I can't imagine such a person being more ill-suited for residency in Washington D.C.; you just may get high blood pressure and other stress maladies if you keep living there...lolzz).

p.s.---- sorry for the double post this time; but this one is the one i intended..

Son of Brock Landers said...

I think we need to stop feeding the nikcrit IR troll. PA, that means not bringing up obvious things that we all generally agree on (except nikcrit) that are covered in greater depth and with with anxiety on other alt right websites. It's hard for nikcrit because as mixed race he either A) has to admit to socioeconomic realities which means his white parent dated down decades before it was "cool" or B) he has to twist anything anecdotally that keeps him from thinking about "A". I actually pity him because like the stereotype of mixed race kids, he is in his forties pushing 50 and still single and childless. He never quite fit in to form a family, which is exactly what everyone worries about with those kids.

PA said...

Fair enough and I agree with what you say about Nikcrit's tough spot, which to him is as existential as our racial situation is to us.

nikcrit said...

"I think we need to stop feeding the nikcrit IR troll. PA, that means not bringing up obvious things that we all generally agree on (except nikcrit)"

Ok, it's official: you're one more echo chamber in the man-o-sphere. Fire away!

his white parent dated down decades before it was "cool"

Technically true in accord with aggregate opinion. But i would say that a small-time ice-cream heiress from central Wisconsin town meeting a future UC-med-school black male graduate from Chicago when they were both scholarship undergrads at UW-Madison isn't exactly 'dating down.' I know it's not the beltway, but many would argue that a UC med degree trumps a Cornell accounting B.S. Plus, this was the mid 60s, my parents barely knew of, let alone held fiery political views and allegiances, toward those of other races.

"he is in his forties pushing 50 and still single and childless. He never quite fit in to form a family,..."

I was married four nearly five years. True about having kids ------ though a few may have been sired in my 20s that I don't know of.... But hey, while your age estimate is correct enough, I still haven't hung up the idea of someday playing papa.
That is a true regret; but when i talk to friends my age, they say it's a wash, their being fathers and mothers ------ they say there's as much upside as downside to it.
I could've had kids; it was my mixed-up sense of priority more than me being mixed or 'not quite fitting in' that made for that.

"has to admit to socioeconomic realities"

That's the crux of differences and past disagreements; you two think you're sort-of American middle-to-upper-middle-class mores, values and aspirations are universals and therefore thus a given ----- but they aren't.

They're terribly boring after a while; you'll see SOBL..... I grew up in theS same milieu----- socially, economically ----- from the get-go, merely by dint of being in the "Talented Tenth,' which, even though it's not a very distinguished financial level, gives you access to municipal society families and institutional movers and shakers, because of your elevation among your ethno-political group.
You're in your early 30s now, I believe you said; by the time you're 40, you'll start to see past the intrigue of your current social station ----- "Mad Men' won't be so fascinating to you then. :)

I'm confident that i'm correct re. a lot of the topics we clash on; the problem is you two often think I'm putting forth as much with schadenfreunde intentions.

But I'm not.

p.s.----- incidentally, I'm typing this from the staff lounge of a grade 6-12 school that was listed in US News and World Report to be about the 160th best public school in the country..... kids a solid middle-to-lower-middle-class background with maybe five to ten percent in solidly upper-middle-class status (fams making over $120k).
And of the 1,100-size student body, roughly 270 of those kids are 'mixed race' in terms of school census data... You guys forget: Hispanics are the great aggregator of racial mixing; in my town, hispanics have so thoroughly intermingled with working class Poles and Germans, that you can't even clearly distinguish ethnic white from ethnic Hispanic anymore.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA, somehow a post about Tumblr being a great time waster and a hot cray chick turned into the Nikcrit story hour. A post on Dubai port-a-potty hookers could somehow come back to his life.

Portlander said...


Ticker said...

Nickrit is the best thing about this place

peterike said...

Ok, so I took the click bait and looked at that girl. I have to say, the photo posted here is much the best of them. She's not unattractive, but she's much more Indian looking in her other photos, and really just kind of ok looking, though super hot for an Indian as they are often so ugly. And a really good body.

The sheer quantity of selfies is astonishing. She really just can't get enough of herself. It's disturbing almost.

Suburban_elk said...

I was not sure which pictures were of her.

Narcissism is not necessarily dysfunctional, though as a concept in contemporary discourse, it is coming to imply pathology. On the one hand a person is admonished to "know himself" and on the other, do not be a narcissist.

In thinking about it (narcissism), it must have different meanings for men and for women. Or perhaps it is somehow an ideal (a perverted ideal) that is beyond the masculine and feminine.

Was narcissism, in its traditional sense, a peril to men and boys, and not females? that might make more sense because females (without children) are more unlikely to see things beyond themselves - everything that they see and experience is a reflection.

That is true for everyone, that all experience that we can be conscious of is a reflection, but i think that for some people - almost all women and men who have not grown up - their experience is also filtered through their own idea of themselves, so that everything is an act within their psychodrama, within their own story.

Whereas for a mature person, that image of themselves is not warping their perceptions of what is going on around and with other people.

In the case of the pictured Indian girl, she is, like all the good looking young females in the world today who are removed from responsibility and tradition, given over to sensuality. That reality to her is physical and biological and chemical, but she makes it into her story.

The women around her are not like that. Or rather, maybe some of them are but that tendency is only expressed online. Down at the grocery and the mall, the look is trash. It is possible to get nice clothes second hand dirt cheap, but ninety percent of the young people in this Middle America are not able and willing to do that because … "that look" is associated with traditions which are broken and a betrayal.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Go to her Tumblr and look for pics tagged "#me". She posts plenty. Really cute girl, great body. Has more T&A than the pic I posted shows.

Anonymous said...

as an ugly indian guy, i love girls like this. if you have decent game you can really clean up with them. otoh, they are clearly borderline personalities (i.e, batshit crazy). for some reason second generation education indian type women usually turn out like this. i don't understand why the SJW bullshit is crack to them. i really don't get it.

also, love the blog. please keep writing mike rossi, and keep posting to the judgement of paris. your taste is excellent sir.