Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carving an Exit - A Thede Union

The search now is for exit. We realize our voice is meaningless because our donations are not in the millions, so exit is what we seek. Not just the few who read this but widespread. I run into more and more people, Gen-X and Millenials who want to unplug. Not go off the grid, but they want to be able to escape the broken down circus that is America. It is the old Howard Beale desire from Network of just leave me alone. These are not dummies nor are they totally traditional anti-poz fighters. It is a circle of people just aware that all is not right in America as Weimerica grows uglier by the month. How do you give someone an exit? Here is my wonky idea at an attempt. 

A Thede Union

I have not figured out a name, and what I am dreaming up I do not think has a name. I will leave that to the marketing department. Please pick this idea apart. Only through constructive criticism can an odd idea be made better. What I envision is this: a nonprofit charity crossed with an REIT crossed with a union crossed with a universal basic income (UBI). 

Mechanics of the idea is a pool of capital used for real estate investment to generate income. Nothing flashy, simply seeking decent cap-ex rates of return. Primary concern is on safety of capital, not reaching for yield. Now an REIT has shares one purchases to receive disbursements and the distributions must be 90% of the earnings. Our version of REIT distributions would be sent to Thede Union members. By being a nonprofit charity, we could dodge a taxation issue for the organization as well as "hide" motives. Every year, the members get their UBI. Basically this is a charity with massive real estate holdings that distributes proceeds to it's members who are designated as recipients of charity. 

Our thede. Not their thede. Strict enforcement of who is let in. I envision the covenants that go into co-ops in NYC or possibly setting it up like annual, renewable grants. Signing up for the thede union is not simple signing the paperwork, one must read it and live it. Like any union, their are duties one would have to satisfy to receive benefits. Hell, if some union members wanted to make an election in December not to receive their UBI but to reinvest it into the charity, we could do that. Think of the thede. How often do parents complain about "safe" things for entertainment for their kids? Couldn't some thede members curate or create thede reinforcing books, essays and whatnot for consumption by others in the thede. How many in the thede homeschool? Could you provide home schooling materials, essays, research, whatnot that we could distribute for use by the thede or even for "non-whig history". I am talking small numbers, so why not consider the non-financial support for a thede member expecting a child? Can you cook? We could figure out what we need and call upon different thede members like the Godfather. Could we bump thede members additional UBI if they do things we consider positive, like having a kid, marriage, work within the group or even outside the group? I'm brainstorming here, but consider the idea of building a society that is quasi-outside society. 

Nancy Pelosi once said something that touches on why this Thede Union UBI could build outside while destroying the current system. Nancy Pelosi gave a rationale for health care reform of (paraphrased), "think of how many more artists we could have without worry of health care". Now conservakin made fun of the frozen faced witch, but she was getting at kernel of truth in the modern trap. How many Americans work a job they don't want or are improperly used because they need health care? Pelosi could have rephrased it to, "No one should have to work a crummy job they don't want just for health care," and a lot of people would have clapped, nodded their heads, andagreed. She used the artist thing because that's the SWPLs dream. A UBI works similar for our thede in a few ways. "No one should have to work a sh*tty job just to exist in a safe space in crumbling America." I'm just going to number a bunch of ways I could see this helping.. 

1. Even if it is small, it could supplement or cover child care if you went that route.
2. If a woman wanted to take years off to stay home with the kids, the UBI gives a cushion for the financial calculation part of that decision. "Gee honey we save by not paying for day care and the UBI makes up for some of my lost income!"
3. If the UBI was even 5K per year, what does the gap between having a BA and not having a BA shrink down to? Maybe more people go into trades rather than college if they know they'll get an extra 5K a year and NOT have college debt. Added bonus is fewer people go into the college indoctrination system. We could keep our thede away from progressive poisoning. Starve the university dragon to death.
4. This would kind of act like insurance in the event of unpersoning by the SJWs. it isn't going to make up for a 100K salary, but a blue collar worker making 20-35K annually would have some security with a 5K annual UBI.
5. This UBI allows for people to rearrange their work schedules. What if 20 hours a week to The Man is all you want as you build a life outside the system. Stop chasing shekels! Life is more than economics. "I am not a number, I am a free man!"
6. Live in a great area that has crummy schools because the apartment buildings 3 miles away that are stuffed with the underclass and UN refugees? I bet that 5K UBI would help tremendously for making a decision on should we stay and go private schools or should we sell and bug out.
7. If you were starting a business, you could operate at a slight loss because the UBI would subsidize you.

Does it end there? No it doesn't have to. The current regime's system has created a mess of things, and we can find loopholes to build around it. Here's something that the homosexuals have helped us with in this instance that they never intended. The gays and their straight enablers have barked up a storm for marriage. Well, this is because they did not realize how a government marriage is all they were getting. What does a government marriage get you? You would be shocked to find out how many health care, financial and other institutions are open to domestic partners and other beneficiary designations. What does government marriage get you gays? It gets you access to family court. Gays now go through that ringer. What if the Thede Union had provisions for its married members? What if a marriage of thede members getting a UBI had some financial disincentives for the ones who break the covenant? What if you could avoid government marriage, get married in the Thede Union for the UBI bonus, and a divorce wouldn't have government meddling since it was not a government marriage. You would subject your divorce assessment to the Thede arbitration unit. This wouldn't be insanity. The current system is insanity, and everyone but whorrible women know it is broken (deliberate misspelling). We do not have to have a perfect system, but we could easily divide property in a reasonable fashion appealing to many. You can still get the frivolous divorce, but you now do not get your UBI anymore. I hear our Thede has some lawyers, and their services to the Union would be a part of collecting their UBI. An actual easier leap would be to set up a Thede bank outside the FDIC/Federal Reserve system along Austrian lines or at a minimum a Thede life insurance policy so no one would be unable to pay for a proper burial. Let's stick to just the UBI though for this idea before I go off too far.

Our Thede actually has a really good core basis for setting this up. You'd be shocked how much the real estate bubble missed red states and flyover country. The cathedral's eye would not be as aware of quiet, small moves. I would not limit this purely to turning a REIT based on rental properties, but it'd be a base, but what about Timber land holdings? Farmland is a different matter, and I'd avoid. You could use a little leverage at the near zero rates to expand the base quickly. The red state zones offer great ROI for starting up, plus the leech possibilities on the current system. Instead of the parasites sucking out money from us, which will happen regardless, why not explicitly target real estate holdings that have section 8 tenants? The transfer of wealth would be from all US taxpayers, Asian-Oil-FED lending to our Thede through the conduit of section 8. The underclass becomes a financial conduit for our Thede Union. Bwahaha, maniacal laughter as we find a way to use the underclass against the system for our group. That is roughly what McDonald's is now, so why not do it for us? 

Now the world is still going to go on around you. You will interact with it and live your life. We're just trying to divorce you from the addiction of the monthly paycheck to stay in their system. If the progs have spent decades now destroying any institution that could create competing bonds like the family, the churchs, the private clubs, then why not create a competing bond that is more aligned with our thede's interest so it takes care of the asabiyah issue while providing a bit of financial replacement for their system. Here is another item why I walk down the charity route. President Nixon and Daniel Patrick Moynihan saw the value of a UBI. Part of it was reducing costs and sending a higher percentage of every government dollar to the recipient. Another part of it was doing away with the corrosive social workers who did more to enable the underclass or push borderline people into the underclass to secure their jobs. How separate from the underclass are the middle to upper middle class donors from it? This is like the old mutual aid societies of yore.

This is a changing piece to charity in society. Scale has allowed charity to be removed from church and community to large corporations that are umbrellas for the wide reaching social workers. That divide mentality has only grown, and now how do you fell about charities? They are all pozzed. Every single "Day of Caring" that my company does with the United Way turns off a few volunteers from ever donating money again. Once you see who is getting it or where it is going, you get a bit disturbed. My division moved away from toys at Christmas for the needy to simply food drives. If I can set it up as a real estate holding CHARITY that acts like a union, suddenly those of the thede who might feel the drive to give to those less fortunate have an outlet. It is an outlet that would be tax free to the IRS. It is an outlet that they would know their money is going to their people. Once again, using the system's loopholes to build a program to help people get outside their system.

Part of this dawned on me while researching Nixon's UBI attempt. Another part was learning the money mechanics of a mega-non-denominational church in Indiana. The foundation of their funding was a core of five, wealthy families. That is all. The church grew rapidly and into a massive community. The physical structure was giant, and they had a lot of programs for their community. The church borrowed money, thinking more and bigger would placate their egos honor God. Didn't work out, and now they are reshuffling things and going through a massive transition. It dawned on me. Why the hell didn't those five families keep things simple and small, but consider massive charitable outreach to their church members to help them along, especially after the financial crisis? Jesus wants big screen plasmas with the sing along words scrolling, not charity to your neighbor. Why not be a security net to help their community through that time and hopefully stay on the straight and narrow? It got me thinking: why the hell doesn't someone figure out how to do this?

I know this sounds a bit odd and pie in the sky, but so is hoping for secession. I am trying to think differently for an exit. You only lost your time or might have strained your eyes rolling them at the idea if you made it this far. I am trying to find an economic escape, which is basically all that is holding the US together, with a ethnic component relating to the thede. This all goes back to my view that Christianity provided an exit and some voice for Roman subjects from the dying, corrupt empire. The early Church carved out enclaves for people by providing them basic food, some care and a sense of community and voice within their community that they could not find in Rome. It offered a chance to build something worthy of their hopes as well as picking good parts of their past. Christian patches sprouted within the Empire early on, and built a viable community that could not only survive but swallow the dying Empire. In the end, the foundations of said patchwork formed what sprouted across Europe. I'm not saying this is a huge idea that could rebuild Western Civilization. I'm not that ambitious with this as I know the parts that build it but have not figured out exactly what it is. I'm just trying to find you an exit. 


Orthodox said...

I had a similar idea for a development bank. It would be cross between the old immigrant banks and investment banks, but dedicated to the thede.

The real estate angle could work well if you target a devastated area, such as Detroit or Ferguson. Young thede members who haven't contributed capital could earn a subsidized income: go to this burnt out area and clean it up. The thede would profit from the increase in property values and rents. This way too, you're not as dependent on the outside for income. Set up a separate bank and real estate unit and then interest paid on the loans goes back to the thede too.

If you are large enough and geographically centralized to some extent, you could provide your own healthcare coverage. Then costs would really start coming down for families. Eventually you'd start exerting positive social/econoimc pressure on others because the costs of operating outside the thede would be higher than within it.

Stirner said...

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. What you are talking about is essentially a Fraternal Benefit Society.

Set up the Order of Carlyle or something relatively mundane, and it would blend right in with all the hundreds of others.

Basically invisible, except for those in the know. Most of the legal and tax heavy lifting have already been hammered out.

Suburban_elk said...

It is a good idea and what is not to like. As a previous poster brings up, perhaps some fraternal benefits society is closer to the envisioned Thede, than one might think?

The problem of corruption, though, is hard to root out, without the face-to-face reality of everyday life.

If there is this profitable enterprise, and i get to sign up and receive five thousands bux a year, well i am going to sign up for it and so will a lot of others. How to solve the problems of an intentional community that does not share the same living space. I doubt that problem can be solved. A mutual aid society is a compromised version for that problem - compromised but still a good thing (perhaps?), for its members, and outwardly.

The central questions of mutual aid societies, fraternal networks, and other such things, must be their "organizing principles" which are prosaic reflections of the mystical deal that is visions for life and the children and the future, and now. To what extent does a unspeficic racial idealism, combined with un-agreed upon notions of Christianity, carry that cart? Plenty of people with some charisma can sell their model, but the unifying forces have to be widespread among the people.

Which gets back to people having to share living space and more than that, shared daily lives. Which people nowadays are not inclined to, but of necessity.

The small farms movement or whatever it is called, is without a doubt the closest thing to an emergent organic community, and its participants are mostly white. That is a good model for the "lower levels": and then a united but dispersed network of such communities, not necessarily farmers but all worthwhile activities. And since it is hard to make money on the farm, or in the shops and homeschools and kitchens, these are covered with moneymaking "schemes" in real estate and whatnot.

I think it is feasible but it needs people to give their lives. Which is a platform problem because who is going to give his life for something which does not exist? The five thousand dollars would be a strong motivator. Of course that number is hypothetical but realistically it sounds very high. So where does the start-up money come from.

But building such a community structure, without the payouts, will make sure that people are in it for the right reasons.

The future is very bright but, the existing civilizational structure, its "unintentional superstructure", is directly opposed to the proposition. Effectively there is no way out. Which is no reason not to prepare.

Anonymous said...

Way over complicated. Of course there will be secession. There is no landmass on earth, as diverse as the us is becoming, that is a single county.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Last anon - Yes complicated, but now extrapolate this idea within legal framework of a state. UBI in a secession state tied to pro-civ behavior with reductions or removal for bad behavior and crime would work

Pvt. Jaybird said...

Complicated, yes, but I like it. I discussed with a friend of mine joining one of the smaller fraternal orders that has an average age of 70+ and just riding it out till no one is left. If you could get access to a lodge with a beer license, all the better.
A local Czech group hit the jackpot. Their lodge was located in a dumpy part of town that has since been gentrified. Their bingo nights are now filled with DINKy SWPLs and hipsters looking for cheap beer and cheap thrills.
All of this might be cart before the horse though. I agree with Suburban Elk's criticisms. The physical distance between members would be difficult to overcome.

Thorgeir said...

Good thoughts, I've been thinking along similar lines. I'm a lawyer but not a tax lawyer, so this could be ill-informed as to the tax code, but for your consideration:

My understanding is that the Internal Revenue Code allows fraternal societies to be tax-exempt only if (a) they're fraternal benefit societies, or (b) they don't pay benefits to their members, but devote their net earnings to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational or fraternal purposes. (These are sections 501(c)(8) and 501(c)(10) of the IRC.) If the latter, you've got a real problem with using proceeds of a business (real estate or anything else) to pay out a UBI to the organization's members; that's just not a charitable purpose in the tax-law sense.

If the former, the "benefits" in question are usually insurance-like: survivor benefits, disability or sickness benefits, retirement benefits, etc. Hard to see how a UBI fits into that framework, notwithstanding the arguments for replacing the existing welfare benefit system with a UBI. A membership corporation that earns money in a business and then pays a UBI to each of its members (or each family of members, however it may be set up) seems more like a corporation operating for profit and paying the profits to its investors by dividend, albeit on something closer to a per-capita basis than the more conventional per-share basis. From the IRS's perspective, why shouldn't that be taxed like other business corporations (or at least partnerships, if you want to avoid double taxation)?

Again, I like the thought, just struggling to see how this doesn't incur a 35% toll from Uncle Sam.

Of course, if you don't mind paying USG's taxes, then hitch a ride on the latest trend in goo-goo corporate social responsibility, the benefit corporation.

R.Wilbur said...

Your nonprofit idea is a nonstarter, simply don't think the rules would allow that, would draw tremendous scrutiny from IRS.

Stirner said...


Thanks for sharing your expertise.

I like the fraternal society model because it is so mundane, yet easily appropriated by NRx.

As you say, there are problems reconciling the UBI with the fraternal model. Perhaps that is for the best - the fraternal model can be relatively visible and conventional, and provide a focal point for neoreactionary community building. Participation in the society could serve as a vetting mechanism to identify those members worthy of further participation in a separate pooled-investment and resources mechanism.

Other thoughts:
1) Asian immigrants pull this off well. Their co-ethnics will invest in businesses for the FOB immigrants, and then get paid back over time as the immigrant builds their business. This model should certainly be studied and adapted for other thedes.

2) There may be additional benefits if the UBI wrapped up in a religious organization. Call it the "Church of Gnon." NRx is already most of the way there in terms of canonical texts, so it would only take a bit of effort to make such an organization relatively legitimate. At that point, the tax headaches become a bit easier, at least until IRS persecution kicks in. It would also be interesting to play the "religious discrimination" counter-move for NRxers that undergo prog purging. If the Church of Gnon practiced lawfare they was that Scientology used to, it might make progs look for softer targets to purge in the future...

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thorgeir + Stirner

One thing I was thinking is setting up the asset holding non-profit, LLC or whatever, and separately setting up the Thede Org and working on the way to shift the dollars of one to the other. The asset based charity provides grants or whatnot and the completely separate thede org is what sends the first org the names for recipients. With 21stC technology, this shouldnt be hard to rig.

A localized group would be much much easier, but we can use tech of today to deal with a spread out org. The Amish started with 200.

Anonymous said...

Just become a Mormon. They have pretty much all of this already save the frivolous divorce. And they retain most of their (attractive) young women and have large families.

-Andrew E.

Thorgeir said...

Guess I'm having trouble seeing how giving "people from our thede" a UBI is a charitable purpose, from a tax perspective. (Obviously I get how it's a charitable purpose in a Gospel sense.)

I also think any such plan needs to deal with the reality (which R. Wilbur alludes to) that IRS enforcement is overwhelmingly directed at certain thedes and not others. Democratic pols raising money and preaching the civil rights gospel in black churches, while white churches are threatened with loss of their tax exemptions for letting the Christian Coalition hand out voter guides, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's a story: Some years ago, I helped a small religious school obtain 501(c)(3) status, pro bono. Didn't know jack about it, but figured it was a good cause, better than most of what was on offer. Due to regulations from the early 1970s, when the latest wheeze in Mississippi was for the town to close its segregated white public school and then have a tax-exempt "private academy" open for just the white kids in the same space, I had to fill out reams of paper demonstrating that the school was totally, totally welcoming of "racial minorities." Racial nondiscrimination had to be in the corporate charter and the bylaws (just one wouldn't do), and in every item of fundraising and student recruitment material. Every single policy had to be racially nondiscriminatory. I had to disclose the racial makeup of the student body. Eventually, after I sent the IRS a student body photo showing that a majority of the students were black, they granted the exemption.

Meanwhile, you want a racially segregated school for blacks? Bless you, here's an exemption, I know of three, unofficially all-black, within two miles of the office where I'm sitting. Great example of anti-racist meaning anti-white, but I digress.

I suspect something similar applies with the business entity / grant-making organization and separate thede group / recipient organization dichotomy. If the thede group is a USG client, it'll fly under the radar. If the thede group is something USG wants to exterminate, not so much.

Jay Fivekiller said...

Why not join an existing Fraternal Benefit Society, for example the Odd Fellows. The average age of the membership is probably close to 70 (if not over) and fast dwindling, and they already own a ton of valuable commercial property in the western states. If a few hundred like-minded young men (under 50) joined up they'd quickly be able to turn the IOOF into something like what you've already described. Plus, I suspect that most existing member of a traditional fraternal orders would be receptive to your scheme.

As Stirner said, why reinvent the wheel? Indeed, why not grab the steering wheel of a fairly well-built, American-made sedan?

drunkenrabbit said...

Any organization, nonprofit, fraternal organization that exists is a potential target of IRS harassment. And if that happens to conservakin PACs, you'd better believe it'll happen to you. Better to create an unofficial fraternal organization that runs on internal bylaws and trust, while officially all transfers of money are individual gifts. Sort of like how Hasidic Jewish communities manage to be mostly under the poverty line, but do quite well in practice due to under-the-table charity.

Andrew E, becoming a Mormon is a problem who is a) already religious, b) wants to be able to take their religion seriously

Anonymous said...

I have pitched this to some of my buddies, they generally like it, but don't sign up. It is something that would take many years to develop and most people couldn't stick it out. We also have an extremely independent streak that is difficult to get over.

Anonymous said...

Just become Hutterites. They are like Amish communists. You can put up a united front toward outsiders while living by NRx rules within the colony. You can then opt out of obamacare, s.s., etc. Become raw milk-swilling organic farmers. Marry and Breed. Teach the western Classics and Latin in a little school house. Be market savvy to pay those property taxes. Use all the tricks and make a Kiryas Joel for WASPS.