Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who Won the Divorce?

Who won the divorce? That is a question that is the older version of the college and high school question of "who won the break up". Who gets the friends? Who did better? Who got over who faster? Besides the manosphere weeping over divorce theft (real) and the horrors of a divorced man faces (child custody horror is real), not all is a loss. After a while, one has to wonder if all the fear mongering over how bad marriage and then divorce are is to keep young men in the skirt chasing phase to keep readership up. There is another gauge for who won the divorce that sometimes takes years to keep score of, but there is usually a very obvious winner. We will use the Amy Poehler and Will Arnett divorce as a guide. Who are the two divorced singles sleeping with now?

Will Arnett is sliding up next to this 28 year old honey.

There were better pictures

Amy Poehler is in a relationship with this catch... forget it. Just Google Nick Kroll. It's too sad to even consider when there is no way Amy Poehler has a new mate that tops Arnett's new squeeze. Okay, here he is.

Best pic I could find

"Scoreboard!" From a looks perspective, Arnett wins, but do not count out Poehler's new beau's billionaire parents. Yes, he has no talent but parents rich enough to buy off everyone. You've probably seen this in real life as the sexual market values youth, low BMI and beauty in women, while men can appreciate like a house if they have enough other good qualities and consider women who may have daddy issues. If you have aunts who have been married 3 times, I bet their 2nd and 3rd husbands look worse than the first. If you have a divorced uncle, I bet he can date down in age easily. The dysfunctional modern world provides a large pool of unattached women over 30, and sadly now, many without kids.

Marriage is a pretty bad deal from the court perspective, but generally it is the best way to have kids. An alternative is if you could talk your lady into getting "married" to everyone but the government. This way, as a single mom, she gets the government benefits but you live as a married couple would. I know one couple who have done this, and my wife and I sometimes think "Damn, why didn't we think of that". This is residue of the messed up government interference in social matters, and the desire to cause more harm and destruction that will lead to higher use of government social services. Gentlemen, she may get half, and if you live in an awful state, she may get alimony. She may get the kids for a majority of the time, but she'll get the kid headaches, too. Your friends may all abandon you, some will pick sides but some will stay friends with both of you. Before you settle on who won the divorce, pay attention to your new lovers. The scales there are tipped in your favor.


Kevin Michael Grace said...

It's not true that Nick Kroll has no talent. He was quite funny on Community as the German foosball creep and again on The Soup last week.

Scott's Bluff said...

Oh boy, I hope you’re sitting down young buck, you might shit your pants after I drop this truth bomb on you. Men are not “settling down” because not because they are childmen, but because WOMEN are acting like GIRLS ™. And I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a 95% divorce rate in the United States. 95%. And I’m sure if you throw out the blacks (DA BLACKS?) they prolly drop the bass down only to maybe 80%. These are facts.

OT, I watched (skipped through) that movie with Sofia Vegara’s threesome scene that came out last year. Typical Hollyjude schlock as far as I could tell. Main character is some hideous Italian playing a Jewish gigolo (stop laughing) who first fucks, guess just guess I know you know, aging blonde shiksa Sharon Stone whose husband is dead or doesn’t fuck her or something.

Anonymous said...

Kroll got absolutely every role due to his parent's connections. Gotta give him credit for shamelessness.

He always gets cast as the creep. I wonder how many creep roles his father will buy him in the future.

nikcrit said...

O.T.@regular commenters here,

Check this out; Now I clearly see why you alt-righters guard your anonymity so carefully; jee-zuzz; actually outright scary, her story is....
also, btw, a pretty damn good piece of daily journalistic feature writing.....

peterike said...

"Conan! What is best in life?"

"Dumping your tired out girlfriend and hooking up with a hot young squeeze."

"That is good! That is good!"

peterike said...

Nik on the Sacco story. Agreed, a good piece of writing (though I didn't read it all, cuz I got bored anyway) and some great illustrations.

I'll admit that I was feeling very bad for Ms. Sacco until I got to this bit:

Her extended family in South Africa were African National Congress supporters — the party of Nelson Mandela. They were longtime activists for racial equality.

Then I was glad. Ok, I get it now. I'm betting she's Jewish, and it was very precisely Jewish activists (Joe Slovo prominently among them) who pushed so hard for black rule, effectively damning thousands of whites to horrible deaths, rape, crime, etc.

I don't care about Justine Sacco anymore.

Toddy Cat said...

"Now I clearly see why you alt-righters guard your anonymity so carefully; jee-zuzz; actually outright scary"

And here you thought that we were just paranoid, didn't you? As we used to say back in the '70's "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you..."

Suburban_elk said...

Justine Sacco made the mistake of making a joke on twitter that was actually funny.

She tweeted that she didn't have to worry about AIDs in Africa because she was white. So yeah, the bitch is funny, or at least she was, until she got shot down and now she is sad.

Also, she is not jewish, judging by her looks. Her face is on the hard side. In the old days she could have done a lot of work on the farm.

But her career woes are not very woeful. She had a jet set job but now she has to join the rest of the beleaguered masses at starbucks and pretend that she is going somewhere.

Mike said...

This makes sense now. The unwatchable Kroll show gets picked up while the sublime Sports Show with Norm Macdonald gets declined.

peterike said...

Also, she is not jewish, judging by her looks.

Yeah she is. She tweeted this:

"As I sit and eat a bagel with lox, i would like to send love to my jews who are all starving themselves right now. #hungryhungryhebrews" — Oct. 8, 2011

Also, I think she looks very Jewish. She could be a typical New York Jewish girl.

Also on her name: "Recorded as Sacco and Sacchetti, this is an Italian and sometimes Hebrew surname of seemingly biblical origins of which it has apparently three."

In addition: "Her Twitter bio identifies her as the head of PR for IAC, a media company owned by Barry Diller, which includes sites like The Daily Beast and Vimeo."

Classic Jewish female job.

It all fits.

PA said...

Relating to the larger picture re Sacco, I started drafting several versions of a comment but hang it up as I couldn't make it past writing "this sucks, liberalism sucks, SJWs are a manifestation of the vilest impulses of human bonding instincts, and the modus operandi of liberalism is to free the worst impulses of our nature in order to feed and nurture the system."

But it's good practice to step back and avoid unnecessary venting.

Later, I saw that Steve Sailer had posted a long excerpt of Vaclav Havel's communist-era essay "The Greengrocer." Sailer was possibly tipped off to it by a commenter at Heartiste's. So I posted the following comment on Sailer's site, which I think lets us better understand the Sacco tweet hysteria:

[Begin my comment at Sailer's]

As I also mentioned on Heartiste's when somebody posted the Vaclav Havel link, we are living exactly through what Eastern Europeans experienced with Communism. Do read the "Greengrocer" excerpt at Sailer's.

All of this already happened, just change the place and the specifics of the theatrics. There is a wealth of knowledge that’s relevant to our times in the writings of Vaclav Havel, Milan Kundera, Czeslaw Milosz, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and many others. Westerners should read them, as this specie of totalitarianism is outside the West's experience. For instance, take a look at Zbigniew Herbert's poem "The Power of Taste" to see our present regime's lessons-learned from Bolshevism and for clues to how it may still ultimately unravel.

If there is a key difference between Soviet/EE communism and the contemporary American one, it's that the current western version was much more subtle about the Terror phase of the revolution. While Lenin and Stalin were unapologetically mass-murdering and deporting people, Americans (which incudes America's eager vassals in Western Europe and the anglosphere) are doing it with a smiley face. And the results -- how do you rate Lubyanka vs Rotherdam? or East Berlin vs Detroit?

[End comment at Sailer's]

Coincidentally, Roosh posted a short story on the same theme on his blog yesterday, called "The Denouncer." I recommend reading it.

Suburban_elk said...

Sacco does look jewish now. Is that an expensive (well done) nose job?

It is funny how sneaky and deceptive those looks are. They are truly evolved to mimic and fool. These days, in contemporary neuropsychology (or whatever the fuck), they know how central is the function of mimicry to people's affect and behavior, and their appearance.

But someone such as her will act like your friend, but the whole time they are scheming. It is difficult to know who to trust. The emergence of the autism spectrum, with its categories for asperger's and borderline, has a lot to do with the multi-racial non-culture that is the new reality. The relationship between those two things is a valid question and would be a hot potato. It is not my original idea (as if that needs to be said).

How people communicate (or fail to do so) is really the issue of the day. Liberalism is the emergent system that has no place for a Greek hero, nor his bawdy jokes.

The system of liberalism depends on people not directly communicating with each other on a real level. Confucius thought that we all should live in villages. For the record i don't want to live in a village. That is a joke, but you know what i mean. There is a point that has been passed.

Anonymous said...

The divorce rate is steeply declining. Only losers get divorced nowadays

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - the divorce rate for first time marriages is 30%, so its lower now. The rate for college educated couples married after age 24 is even lower. You have a good point, its losers keeping the number up.

deconstructingleftism said...

>This way, as a single mom, she gets the government benefits but you live as a married couple would. I know one couple who have done this, and my wife and I sometimes think "Damn, why didn't we think of that". <<

The Mexicans in California do this. The guy has a decent job and the woman stays home with the kids and gets welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid.

PA said...

"The Mexicans in California do this"

Living in an in bona fide relationship with your gov is really becoming a sucker's deal.

Ricky_Vaughn99 said...

Kroll is 36. Poehler 43. Kroll has classic gayface. This looks like a classic beard and public relations gimmick set up between agents.