Wednesday, February 25, 2015

They Progged Cartoons

Is television poison? Oftentimes it is. I'm not going to pull a Randall Parker and go condescending snob on you, "Haha you brainwashed poor little soul, you probably cannot help yourself". Thanks Dad, keep popping Vitamin D and eating almonds in your superzip, I bet the hordes of lumpenproles will honor that imaginary zip code border. Television and Hollywood is garbage, but occasionally there is something good. We cut the cable cord years ago, and Netflix and Amazon streaming through the Roku-box is our method of Hollywood consumption. It's pretty minimal for us adults, but the wee one does watch some things. That is how I grew to know Thomas the Tank Engine and write up a fake fandom subculture. One thing I do is watch the cartoon or live action show for messaging. Some things are never turned on again. One of those will be "Alpha and Omega" and its terrible direct to video sequels.

A simple Saturday morning with your kid pointing at the Netflix screen and saying "Doggies" can become a lesson in hybrid vigor. See Kate the alpha female wolf is suppose to marry an alpha male wolf, but she falls for smart Omega Humphrey. Alpha Garth learns to love Omega Lilly who has a hair swept over the eyes look (wolves can do '80s haircuts?). This is a big deal as alphas only marry alphas. Oh my God, the barriers are being broken down. The packs do not approve, but love wins out. Love also wins out because Kate decides, "no papa wolf, I will not marry the wolf you say I should, I'm making my own wolf decision". Yes, the inter-class or interracial dating message starts with little kid movies.

Further progressive messaging is in the direct to video shows. Standard modern progressive viewpoints. Exclusion is bad. Traditionally awesome people who are alpha and want to be the best or pure are morons, bad and never good. Exclusion is bad. Even in competitions, excluding anyone due to performance is bad. One character says (paraphrasing), "Yeah only the best compete and the best just happen to be alphas". Check your alpha wolf privilege, cub. Now a mom, Kate, turns out to have been such an awesome athlete that she once won the competitive games (grrl power). The wolves who like to compete are always portrayed as moronic, psychopaths obsessed with sports. This actually leads to a worse point, and one that our culture is awash in.

A character who is physically weaker is always smarter or more clever. A character who is physically stronger has a mental weakness. Walk through an Ivy League fitness center. You will find plenty of strong guys. Ask some weaklings tough math problems, and you will find weak does not mean smart. Both of these examples exist and may buck the common stereotype a tiny bit. They may be against type and less frequent in occurrence, but the average cartoon does not take this into account. In an age of be whatever your heart leads you to, pigeon-holing people with messaging from toddler on up that strong equals dumb and weak equals smart is not helpful. Smart people are born, but nerds are made. Once parents find out their kid is smart, they layer on nerd activities. This must explain why my friends and I could only scrape together 8 guys for pick up football games on the quad on Saturdays through my four years at Cornell.

Did Tom + Jerry teach us anything? Was Speedy Gonzales a stereotype of Mexicans with tons of Mexican jokes? Was the entire Saturday Morning Cartoon smorgasboard devoid of lessons? No, yes, and no, but we turned out fine. We scored higher on tests than kids today and with far less time devoted to school. Hollywood cannot just entertain us anymore. There has to be a lesson, and the lesson has to reinforce prog ideology. GI Joe taught us something about staying out of trashed refrigerators and away from downed power lines, but that was after the show. The show spotlighted awesome characters and vehicles that our parents could buy us for our birthday. Transformers were robots in disguise battling evil Decepticons. Things needed to be blown up, and toys needed to be promoted for sale in the holiday shopping season.

The propaganda is steady and force fed from birth. The prog propaganda is considerably worse today, so if you can stream an old Mr. Roger's Neighborhood or a Sesame Street from 1978, try it. They cannot just leave us alone. Not just in the news, not just in eligible voter age fictional shows, but in every single thing they spit out at us. Even the science fiction nerds who loved Quantum Leap were watching every week to see Sam Beckett jump back in time to fix the past in the good progressive manner. Maybe this cartoon series can keep churning out the terrible sequels, allowing for trans* wolf, gay wolf and occupy wolf den storylines. Hopefully not, and this terrible little cartoon can die from fewer viewers because kids just want to watch wolves run, fight and chase each other in the woods. No one wants to hear interfaith Kate and Humphrey teach their cubs on the values of including fat porcupines in the wolf Olympics to beat the bid bad, Aryan Nation wolf cubs from the north. Just give us "Wolf Wars" with the wolves running and fighting but throw in the occasional anvil to knock a wolf out until he pops up his head and his teeth fall out like piano keys. make us laugh, let kids be kids and leave the Marxist ideology for the schools to take care of in their daily lives.


Chris said...

A handy list of things to show your kids can be quite valuable. Perhaps we should share.

Ours watches some pretty okay stuff from today, including Olivia, Doc McStuffins and Peppa Pig. But she reserves her true love for the shows I grew up on a kid - Charlie Brown's seasonal offerings (has the Xmas special memorized) and lately, the Muppet Show which is just the best.

I also recommend repeated viewings of the Incredibles, one of the least progressive movies ever made. (WHERE'S THAT SEQUEL BRAD BIRD?)

Gordo said...

"They cannot just leave us alone."

I've thought that often.

peterike said...

Almost everything is progged these days.

Hulu is a good resource for old TV shows, before they went all haywire. A really fun, clean show suitable for kids (probably like 7 and up) is "Nanny and the Professor" from back in the 70s. There's the occasional bit of group scenes where they throw in the token black kid, but otherwise it's an almost entirely white milieu, the shows are funny and inventive without being "edgy," and they typically impart some decent lesson (and not of the "we are all brothers under the skin" variety). And Juliet Mills was really pretty so there's something for dad to look at.

Of course, the snarky may wonder how that beautiful woman lived with the bachelor dad and no hanky-panky went on. Well, because people had standards and decency then.

Anonymous said...

I worry a bit about Peppa Pig. Daddy Pig often comes across as borderline incompetent. In shows where the husband / father is the breadwinner, I've noticed a tendency for the writers to opt for a husband dumb - wife smart dynamic. The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. Then there is the kid smart - adult dumb business going on in countless kid shows. Inspector Gadget, etc. I think my big worry about what the kids watch on TV is that it will serve to reinforce the indoctrination they are getting at school.

PA said...

"They cannot just leave us alone."

We have to fully divorce ourselves from the entirety of official culture. Like I said about excising a tumor from out minds, there is no compromise. Thankfully, there are so many alternatives. Also thankfully, many parents are coming to understand this.

The bare essence of the problem is that the official culture wants to destroy our children. There are ways of euphemizing this: confuse them in gender roles, thrust non-White superiority before them, take them down a peg. White boys are targeted to have their confidence cut down. White girls are targeted for early hypersexualization.

I recommend no TV at home. stuff can be watched on Youtube, or on your laptop when you rent DVDs from the library.

Young children will soak up what they get exposed to. Certainly, a boy's natural psyche will instinctually push back on the demoralization messages. Certainly, a girl's psyche will instinctually push back on hpersexualization. Nonetheless, those messages will confuse them.

Older kids can watch something semi-hostile and you can have a conversation with him or her about media's techniques. Starting with simple things like "commercials want you to buy stuff you don't need; how did this commercial try to work its magic?"

Anonymous said...

It's time to teach your kid how to download anime.

Forget the TV.

Just set up a torrent client.

If necessary, use a service such as crunchyroll.

Give a boy shows like Gatchaman; give a girl shows like Yama Nezumi Rokkiy Chakku.

peterike said...

Speaking of debased culture, check out these sorority girls from 1910. What America used to look like. Just before it all started to go wrong.

Click to enlarge and really see their faces. And there's a few stout girls, but not a fat one in the bunch.

Camlost said...

Peterike, from your picture it looks as if every one of those sorority girls has blue eyes.

But we all know that blue eyes are in decline worldwide:

Pvt. Jaybird said...

Just do what I do: teach your kids to root for the bad guys.

Son of Brock Landers said...

pvt jaybird - you win the comments section. Im using that in real life.

Atavisionary said...

Ya, I know what you mean. I almost never watch TV anymore except stuff I can be very selective with on the internet for this very reason. Every time I give a show a chance, which is rare anymore, I am invariably disappointed and disgusted. For example. I like gore and zombies. Who doesn't? I was told the walking dead was a pretty decent show and reluctantly gave it a chance. For the most part it was pretty good, but they just can't leave out the prog propoganda. The third and final straw happened in the last episode in which they introduced some gay dudes and had them make out. Ya, I am not shitting you. I have a very bad feeling that those two are going to stay on as characters for a long time. I am not going to find out though because I am done watching it. It isn't that I have anything against gays, like everything else in human psychology, I am pretty sure it has a biological origins and that they are unfortunate misfits born with a bad combination of alleles. But understanding that does not mean I want to see them make out (or cater to them or give them special victim status). Even then, that isn't even the major problem for me (though it is an important problem). The major problem is the er...hrmm northern aggression of it all. It is the fact that this assholes can't keep their fucking values to themselves. They HAVE to try to propagandize me and everyone else who don't want to have anything to do with them or their values. It isn't enough that I am (or was) willing to just let them be if they let me be. They have to get in my face about it. Fuck them.

Chris said...

for anon 10:10

just remember, they make fun of men and fathers because we can take it. it's a form of flattery.

xyzzy said...

@Chris -

> they make fun of men and fathers because we can take it.

Exactly. I don't like the "they're against us white men!" whining on many right-leaning sites. We invented the f*ing modern world.