Monday, February 23, 2015

Tales from Weimerica: Incest is Real and Normal

It has been an interesting year in boundary pushing for Weimerica. The elite have moved from "gay is okay" to "trans* now and forever", but the seeds are being planted for the next fights. In the fall, the NY Times tried to make pedophiles victims we need to understand. NY Magazine's "Science of Us" one upped that in November to talk about bestiality being something we need to understand so people can come out of the shadows. What more could the brain trust at the Times want to push on us? NY Magazine's "Science of Us" is at it again with incest, getting the ball rolling with the friendly title, "What It's Like to Date Your Dad". Are you ready Weimerica, because the press says incest is the best, put your family to the test!

NY Magazine had the "What It's Like to Date Your Dad" interview. In the interview, the young woman explains her sexual relationship with her dad. Salon gives us the instructional post about genetic sexual attraction being normal. The Jezebel article linked to within that article about a young woman's tale is interesting. This is Salon's second go around at it with the first kind of defending small town life that commenters attacked in the original NYMag article. What is interesting is the spin where we have two women who were separated from their fathers for years strike up sexual relationships with their dads. The patriarchy is cited as are the common progressive notions of freedom, shame, etc. blah blah blah to make you aware that these women are normal girls. The big takeaway from the Jezebel article is that genetic sexual attraction (incest but for educated blue staters) is normal and real.

It is not normal. None of this is normal. Homosexuals make up 3% of America's population. It is estimated that 4-5% of Americans are psychopaths. We have more psychopaths than homosexuals, but no one would say the psychopathic mental state is normal. Incest is an even smaller subset. That happens in nature, so it might be natural but it is far from normal. The little rationalizations of protective fathers in the Jezebel article assign incestuous feelings to behaviors that are more virginity protection to have some say in one's genetic line. God forbid people care who their grandkids get their DNA from. Here is the other joke on this normalization attempt. What do these SWPLs and progs say now after calling red staters inbred, incestuous hicks for decades? They did it despite cousin marriage being below 1% in the US. It cannot just be cool because you guys are doing it now.

Here is the other bit that completely blows the normal claim out of the water. Check the girls' life stories. Here is the NYMag interviewee explaining how many stepdads she had.

Near the end of the time my parents had joint custody of me I had a stepdad. He took good care of my mom but she went through one of her stages again, so it ended. She had another husband who went crazy and tried to kill her. He was schizophrenic. Then she got with my brother’s dad and they dated for a while but when my brother was born the dad didn’t want anything to do with him, so I helped my mom raise him. Once he was about 3 she got together with my current stepdad and had my baby sister.

I count four stepfathers. I also count a mom bad enough that she has "one of her stages" as an excuse for terrible behavior. She also later in the interview mentioned having a girlfriend in middle school. She struggled with "chronic depression" in school. That entire package of childhood does not sound normal at all. That sounds like a horrible broken home life that the courts felt was better for you than living with your dad. This was a father though who was intimate with his daughter almost immediately upon meeting her as an adult. This is a broken woman who is part of a broken genetic line. They are getting married soon, so hopefully the fear of incest babies ends that genetic line.

The Jezebel writer is a bit more on the educated side, not a working class girl. She is turning her experience into a story. This is more the SWPL approach to incest.
But being the daughter of a let's-look-at-our-vaginas-together feminist who is also a sex historian with a specialization in pedophilia and sex offenders—topics that were often openly discussed around me as a kid—I found that the boundaries that existed in other families simply did not exist in mine. So when my dad started talking to me openly about his past sexual encounters, it felt fairly normal.

That is not normal. That is out of the Lena Dunham Family Hannukah storybook. The normal human thing is when a sex scene comes on in a movie, you say "I'm gonna get some soda and popcorn" and leave the room. Looking at each other's vaginas and talking about your sex historian work might be outside the normal spectrum.

The two women also willingly and consensually agreed to sex with their dads. There is definitely some genetic dysfunction going on, but in their childhoods, there are weird things that the human life experience sandbox is ill-shaped and missing boundaries. The Jezebel writer talks of the dark spell cast over her where she couldn't leave him for some odd reason and kept blowing her dad. The NYMag interviewee is a bit odder. There is no anger in her words, only love, and one can be left feeling happy for her, but wondering if her absolutely broken childhood and relationship with her mother is more to blame than genetic sexual attraction.

In less than six months, Americans have now seen the biggest and baddest of news organs fighting the stigmas attached to pedophilia, zoophilia and now incest. The last few years has witnessed a push for cuckoldry whether as a cool thing for the intelligentsia or something fun to try. This is along with pushing gays and now trans* on Americans. Those pushes are in conjunction but came after pushing interracial relations and even MILFs. Pornography has been pushing all of this as well. This is a decades long push to destroy the Christian safeguards on sexual behavior for building civilization. Why would the media do this? Maybe the media's representation has something to do with it. Is there a group out there that is gay at double the rates of others? Marries outside there group by over 50%? Maybe a weird circumcision ritual involving "oral suction" on young boys? Maybe a famous thinker of their tribe created an idea about being hot for mom? Does a group set their religion only through matrilineal descent, because you can never be sure of who daddy is? Does the group have a history as nomadic herdsmen with their flocks of sheep and long nights in the desert? Is this giant push of degeneracy just a way to call it all normal so that we view their customs as not completely demented and deranged? Yes.

This is Weimerica though so anything goes. Well, anything goes until the antibiotics lose their effectiveness. If Islamophobia is really the fear that rednecks were right all along about Muslims, then homophobia can be redefined to mean that Christians were right all along that gays were just the first stumble down the slippery slope. Incest, bestiality, pedophilia. It does not matter what comes next because they will all get their try eventually. The better approach would be to attack those connected individuals who always pick up the mantle for the newest right. It might not be enough to do it with essays. It might not be enough to stop watching their media productions that support explicitly or implicitly these deviancies. We might just have to pick up the pitchforks and light the torches. Problem is that we might have to or else we're looking at pre-K sexual training camps, required monthly wife swapping, and mandatory horse cunnilingus by 2030.

*Imitation is the highest form of flattery so thank you Saucer Lord of MPC.


PA said...

Some thoughts on the subject:

- re your concluding paragraph, there is that old Bob Hope quip, where he said that they just legalized homosexuality in California, so he left before they make it mandatory.

- the ramping up of perversity annoys old school leftist, who rightly say that this development both makes frivolous and poisons the movement.

- if we wanna go full on stare-truth-in-the-eyes here, then we should not omit miscegenation from the list of sexual perversions.

- something I've thought over for a while is that it's so important -- and easy! -- to completely reject liberalism in toto. The average man is a liberal, as Lawrence Auster used to write. Czeslaw Milosz famously wrote The Captive Mind in the fifties, dealing with the phenomenon. And to that end, we can no longer meet liberalism halfway. We can't be saying "they mean well but..." and we can't say "I'm not a racist/homophone, but..." anymore. We have to cut liberalism, like a hideous tumor, first from our minds and then from our society. You don't compromise with cancer. You don't rationalize it as beneficial in small doses or as natural. You eradicate it.

- Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert wrote a poem titled "A matter of taste" (orig. "Potega Smaku"). It's about the adage (coined by me?) that it's not strong minds, but weak stomachs that abolish tyrannies. In the poem he wrote about the ugliness of communism, and that it was not courage or principle upon which dissidents stood -- though they did have the minimum requisite amount of that -- but disgust. I'll try to post an English translation later. Beware, the ones that come up first in Google exclude a couple of important verses.

PA said...

The Power Of Taste
Zbigniew Herbert
(In English translation below)
It didn't require great character at all
our refusal disagreement and resistance
we had a shred of necessary courage
but fundamentally it was a matter of taste
Yes taste
in which there are fibers of soul the cartilage of conscience
Who knows if we had been better and more attractively tempted sent
rose-skinned women thin as a wafer
or fantastic creatures from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch
but what kind of hell was there at this time
a wet pit the murderers' alley the barrack
called a palace of justice
a home-brewed Mephisto in a Lenin jacket
sent Aurora's grandchildren out into the field
boys with potato faces
very ugly girls with red hands
Verily their rhetoric was made of cheap sacking
(Marcus Tullius kept turning in his grave)
chains of tautologies a couple of concepts like flails
the dialectics of butchers no distinctions in reasoning
syntax deprived of the charm of the subjunctive
So aesthetics can be helpful in life
one should not neglect the study of beauty
Before we declare our consent we must carefully examine
the shape of the architecture the rhythm of the drums and pipes
official colors the despicable ritual of funerals
Our eyes and ears refused obedience
the princes of our senses proudly chose exile
It did not require great character at all
we had a shred of necessary courage
but fundamentally it was a matter of taste
Yes taste
that commands us to get out to make a wry face draw out a sneer
even if for this the precious capital of the body the head
must fall

Toddy Cat said...

Great poem, PA. Yes, aside from anything else, Leftism is just flat-out ugly, as we are seeing around us. As a matter of fact, American leftism might even be worse in that regard than Eastern European Stalinism. I mean, the Stalinists tried to create beautiful things, but couldn't. Their "Palaces of Culture" and absurd murals are a good indication of what happens when soul-killed people try to create beauty. But Western leftism tries to create ugliness, is willfully ugly. It's the work of people who still have souls, but are trying as hard as they can to kill them.

The Communists demanded that children denounce their parents, as do our modern liberals, but they didn't generally suggest that they also sleep with them...

Phillyastro said...

Normalizing Islam will give you polygamy (up to or more than four wives), incest (see rates of cousin marriage) and pedophilia (Aisha was married at 6 and plowed at 9).

Max said...

I never comment here (been a regular reader for a couple years though), but the combination of this post and PA's concluding remarks were just too good not to chime in with a well done, keep it up, etc. I really wish I could send this to a few people who desperately need to read it.

Eugene said...

No one in their right mind believes in this stuff. Every girl I know has a close gay name friend and says there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

When I ask if they would be ok with their son being gay- they say no, of course not.

There is a reason this stuff is limited to fringe internet sites no one reads

ADilettante said...

"Is this giant push of degeneracy just a way to call it all normal so that we view their customs as not completely demented and deranged? Yes."

Either you just had your epiphany or you've painstakingly been building your narrative to strike this chord the whole time.

I'm Jewish and am frankly of exhausted of the constant juvenile truncation of the culture by what amounts to grandiloquence by white trash of the "neo-reaction".

Once you pull your head out of your ass and begin to see this-"this" meaning the historical decline of the West-as simply an extension of the Protestant culture's antipathy toward anything humanistic and spiritual, then maybe you will begin to see that you are part of the problem. After all, who educates your children? Who allows for a woman to be "sophisticated" if she works like a man? Who among you-might as well call you "you" since you've so graciously tarred me as an "other"-has taken the responsibility of the future?

Christianity, especially Protestantism, does not inculcate nobility. It emphatically does not instruct whites to take ownership of their society and of history. Just lay back and go to heaven amiright? Jesus saves!

So when industrialization goes full steam ahead, the white trash like yourself remains white trash, lest I remind you your ancestors were fucking goats while mine were worshiping at Solomon's Temple to paraphrase Disraeli, and those who feel like victims try to murder the world anyway they can, which is what you are witnessing. Yes, there are Jews who hate the world and end up trying to mutilate it, but they do so under the coat of arms of Protestant's revolt against order and aristocracy, i.e. Protestant's egalitarianism.

But please, keep blogging about the West's downfall instead of doing something about it, only because you were never raised on how to create culture. (It goes back to being white trash)

Podsnap said...

The interview with the Jezebel incest girl is massively fiskable. It literally cries out for it -

During the #YesAllWomen thing I posted about it on Facebook, which was to a group of about 100 people, and that was the beginning of my coming out about it.

Probably not all women.

What was it like telling your current partner?

Really uncomfortable, but he's an extraordinarily caring person. He said, "I just want to take care of you; I just want to help you." And I kind of didn't believe it. I was like, aren't you grossed out? Aren't you weirded out? But to this day, that seems to be it: he supports me.

Roissy would love this guy.

I definitely wasn't like Woe is me, there isn't a man in my life. My mom's long-term partner was a patriarchal butch lesbian, so I already had a "father figure" in my immediate family.

Right on !

It took my therapist at the time explaining GSA to me, and that it is never the child's fault (a person, regardless of age, is always the child in their relationship with their parent), for me to stop blaming myself.

Sounds like a plan.

I also like the way she stresses a number of times that it was 'mutual oral sex'. How very SWPL. You see the sin here would be the sin against science - the possibility of an incest retard baby. However she retained sufficient self control to avoid that. No inbred hillbilly baby for her.

And when she says stuff like -

It was crazy. We understood each other's bodies as if we'd been life-long lovers. I've had to teach most of my partners how to do things—and obviously he's a middle-aged man, he's had lots of sex, but there was more than that to it, some deep psychic connection. Not even speaking sexually, but things would go on with me, things I couldn't identify, and he would understand and explain them to me. It felt like he knew me better than I knew myself.

Well it's all starting to sound like bullshit. What woman would describe oral sex in this way ?

On the one hand we have this insane physical attraction, but amazingly they are able to stop at oral sex. Riiiight.

I note she is serializing this on her blog with a novel to come.

There is bullshit somewhere here. Of course it doesn't really matter if she is making parts or all of this up. The fact that she is telling it in this way is what matters.

I like your Weimarica analysis. The fact that the left are just a bunch of degenerates kind of lost its cachet over the years. We need to reclaim it.

Chris said...

"There is a reason this stuff is limited to fringe internet sites no one reads"

NYMAG, the NYT and Salon are what the elites publish & read, so 1.) they are not fringe because of their influence and range and 2.) we must monitor them

now, if you wanted to argue this is just trolling clickbait to rev up middle america, then I accept that and could argue for it

this was in the WaPo Sunday outlook on Sunday, front page, by Michelle Goldberg: "Are the costs of writing while feminist too much too bear?"

The test was Jessica Valenti (of Feministing fame) and the abuse she takes for writing falsehoods & lies.

"There is hope in the comment sections." ~ John Derbyshire

PA said...

Dilettante, feeling better after that vomit?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Adilettante - I didnt even bring up ho you guys have inbred so much that you need to test for rare diseases like Tay Sachs because you're all roughly 10th cousins?

For white trash, I went to an Ivy and met plenty of your tribe. I know who acts trashy. Money doesnt hide everything.

nikcrit said...

- if we wanna go full on stare-truth-in-the-eyes here, then we should not omit miscegenation from the list of sexual perversions.

Hey! I know we speak candidly here. Still, I think it's bad form to imply that our blog host has perverted thoughts!! :-)

nikcrit said...

I went to an Ivy and met plenty of your tribe.

I would guess Cornell to be the least Jewish of the Ivy-league, after, say, Dartmouth and maybe Princeton, which are the most traditionally goyim elite... When I was a graduate-student, I did a two-month fellowship at RISD, and this girl that I roomed with who went to Brown constantly complained about how persecuted she was there by liberal goyim.

ADilettante said...

"I didnt even bring up ho you guys have inbred so much that you need to test for rare diseases like Tay Sachs because you're all roughly 10th cousins?"

Sure, the rabbinical practice of inter-marrying is stupid. Your point? It's about culture not genetics. That's what you neanderthals-literally-can't make sense of ever since Darwin walked on the stage and the racialist theories started springing forth.

I know, it's too complicated to understand culture as the strongest environmental conditioning of humanity, which enables us to adapt to our environments faster than straight-shoot genetic mutations. It works so well we have organs that are useless because of it (see: the appendix). So now you to make sense of the world you have to redundantly beat the same old drum that the Jews are parasites that move from one civilization to the next instead of appreciating their civilizing force on the world - that's too complicated a thesis for you to grasp, I understand. Your way of life is dying and the most you can do is whine about it on the Internet. And let me guess, you have a couple of posts in the pipeline on blacks as monkeys right? Being animal-trained by the Jews to penetrate the shiksas?

This is why I liked Mencius Moldbug. He got that "the Cathedral" is a creation of Christendom, not something spun by the Zionists.

"For white trash, I went to an Ivy and met plenty of your tribe. I know who acts trashy. Money doesnt hide everything."

And? It's about the inheritance and creation of culture. Not how something fashionable today, but what is in fashion forever. If you saw the effort it takes to keep Judaism afloat you'd understand how fucked whites are.

Whites have been dispossessed of Western culture and no one is doing anything about it. Because they do not have the class to overcome this crisis. After all, it's easier to drop off your kids with some idiot with a teaching credential administered by someone who has a doctorate in Marxist pedagogy than to actually plan for a child's well-being. The latter takes responsibility and duty, such things white trash do not elect to possess more of.

How naive were the founding fathers to think that people want liberty! Liberty means responsibility and ownership of one's life! If you can get into heaven without it, why bother?

PA said...

ADilettante doesn't know or doesn't care that his insults and hysterics have ZERO effect on anti-liberal dissent.

One thing one never sees from a Jewish supremacist ("we are a civilizing force in your lands, you white trash neanderthals" is rhetoric of supremacy) is the policing of their own.

When will ADiletant mouth off to any Jewish leftist the way he does here?

nikcrit said...

When will ADiletant mouth off to any Jewish leftist the way he does here?

He won't as long as the garrison mentality prevails on each and every 'side;' absolute racial, ethnic and religious loyalties beget rather homely and unnatural alliances ------ but then, of course, some half-breed, leftist black supremacist would say such a thing, right?

peterike said...

I know, it's too complicated to understand culture as the strongest environmental conditioning of humanity

Genetics creates culture, Chico, not the other way around.

nikcrit said...

Genetics creates culture, Chico, not the other way around.

There's not final conclusion on that question; and there's no guarantee that it's an 'either-vs.-or' question on quantitative-vs-qualitative causation ---- but then why spoil a good gripe, eh?

PA said...

You are one snarky, passive aggressive prick Nikcrit. Do you actually know how to talk with adult men?

nikcrit said...

Do you actually know how to talk with adult men?

Not lately; teh past week i've been talking to adolescent wanna-be lumpenprole men.

Perhaps it's getting to me?

I was trying to get a response. Not particularly passionate on my comments on this post; pretty rhetorical, no?

PA said...

I understand. But two comments in a row to two different people with dismissive and flippant sarcasm are not you at your best.

nikcrit said...

But two comments in a row to two different people with dismissive and flippant sarcasm.....

well, that's not my usual style, I'd concur. I was sort-of agreeing with dilettante's accusations of alt-right dogma being evident, yet trying to signify the irony that in his very diatribe he was doing the same ------ etching his own hardline dogma ---- in this particular instance finding himself caught in the heeb-vs.-goy trap that often arises in alt-right polemicicst commentary. I was making a similar point in some exchanges with suburban-elk a few weeks back: sometimes the racial, ethnic and other allegiances and alliances, if held to hard and steadfast, become trip wires that have one in the homely position of defending points they don't particularly feel too passionate about.

Perhaps that comes off a bit hoary and preeningly moralistic, yet it's a trap ethnodemographic outliers often stumble from nonetheless, etc., blah-blah.

ADilettante said...


Dividing and conquering the right by quarantining sophomoric tribal thinking is a far far easier job than tackling the clusterfuck of the left. You can't reason with those animals so why bother?

As for me being a Jewish supremacist, I am for human excellence purely and simply. Western civilization brought primarily by European men has been the most excellent and civilizing force in world history - I am simply tired of this "it's the Jew's" bullshit. It's white trash who can't keep up the standards of their forefathers - to that end the Jew will always prevail because his religion is inherently aristocratic.

ADilettante said...

"Genetics creates culture, Chico, not the other way around."

Gene regulation is predominately environmentally influenced, suggesting the intense selective pressure of "nurture" over "nature". This is intuitive because natural selection ought to transcend the physical limitations of genetic mutations in order to induce adaptations as fast as possible.

PA said...

I am simply tired of this "it's the Jew's" bullshit.

The most effective way of reducing or marginalizing anti-Semitism is to police your own. When you indirectly circle wagons around Jewish anti-Whites, and then try to insult those who notice, you INCREASE, rather than decrease this "it's the Jew's" bullshit.

Systematically denounce your homebrewed Leftists, work on converting them away form their extremist positions, and our judgment about you may change.

Whites are sentient human beings with agency who, like anyone else, have a way of sensing who hates them and who doesn't. But I understand that this fact hard to swallow for someone who sucked "goyische kopf" and "cattle" with his mother's milk.

And metinks that the sole "white trash" on this thread -- when one measures trashiness by amplitude of unprovoked hostility and repetition of primitive insults -- is you.

nikcrit said...

Gene regulation is predominately environmentally influenced, suggesting the intense selective pressure of "nurture" over "nature".

To me, this boils down to: one form cannot prevail or proceed without the other. Isn't that logical if not always obvious? The nature-vs-nurture argument is so potent in contemporary times because Civil Rights and liberal activism in the second-half of the 20th-century 'over-relied' upon 'nurture' forms of blame and causation; but sober and detached academic consideration makes the above 'mutual causation' view a no-brainer IMO.

Thomas said...

You have associated the same group with both outbreeding and incest. This seems to reflect a transition from an older, ethnocentric tradition to a newer, universalist tradition.