Wednesday, February 25, 2015

72 Hours of MPC, PUA + NRX

Let's have some fun. How fun has it been this week watching the MPC Forum guys skewer the RooshV Forum (RVF) guys and "The Duck" wield the knife. This was mostly a twitter thing. The Manosphere guys tried to say it was a repeat of when Mike Anissimov picked a fight with the Manosphere, but it was not. I defended the Manosphere in that one. I've also defended Roosh to a true white nationalist idiot as well as praise his writing here and on Twitter. Roosh has now blocked the Duck and moved on to a new target, some media girl who mentioned him twice and now he's trying trolling/negging her for more clicks. Let's review though.

What exactly happened? 

1. PUA Krauser leaves a comment that he labels as unpopular opinions in the unpopular opinion thread on an unpopular opinions forum (RVF). He said he thought many of the stories on the RVF were BS. He dispenses some real talk that hits on many different groups with general observations that SJWs would call racist stereotypes (no group was spared). The thread had some pushback on that and some members liked it. 

2. Moderator Tuthmosis did not like that. That was a "problematic" post. He screencapped all the guys who liked it. Harrumph. 

3. Roosh banned Krauser for a week. Krauser took it like a man.

4. The MPC forum guys got a hold of this and did what they do best: skewer people. The thread's name was "Too redpill for redpill", and they skewered a forum of guys using broad generalizations of women, who often write essays on their other website Return of Kings that paint groups in gigantic strokes suddenly taking umbrage at one person pointing out some weaknesses of their possible ethnic identities. If you think you're tough, the MPC buzzsaw will shred you. They made fun of guys using game because beep-boop women are just keyboards one can punch the right buttons on for swoopin' fly chicks since they are probably unlucky in genetic gifts. Honestly, this was some of MPC's best work. 

5. Some folks jumped on this online since it was easy bait, and made fun of the RVF going SJW. Tuthmosis managed to say Mike Anissimov resembled Michael Cera (not a good one), and a series of people made sure to make fun of Tuthmosis since he's a manlet who can't go on the big rollercoasters at Six Flags. 

6. Roosh defended his boy, and cited the need to moderate comments and ideas in a multicultural realm. We mocked this too. He doubled down and went in "Agree and Amplify" mode because every single person one may come into contact with is exactly the same. Rather than discuss the simple SJW behavior Tuts did, it became about race and racism and Roosh kept calling the Neoreaction crowd white power types, master race obsessed, even played victim about someone innocent being doxxed (WTF?) etc. blah blah, stuff I'd expect from Matt Yglesias' mouth. 

7. Roosh wrote an essay on race not mattering but differences exist but let's not talk about them since we're all guys. Race differences don't matter in life unless you're a policy wonk (what about where to live, what schools to go to, or a host of daily living activities?). Keep buying my stuff. 

Some context: 

1. Roosh and Co have been earning street cred for taking on the SJWs. Very good work. 
2. Roosh has stated the fear that one day, maybe some day, they will ban his books or outlaw his lifestyle. 
3. Return of Kings as well as the RVF have made a past time about calling all women narcissistic whores, entire columns on why black women suck, why Indian women suck, etc. 
4. The RVF is supposedly an open minded place. Albeit, they had rules that kept this tight and restricted for membership with banning privileges, they still were proudly claiming to be open minded and encouraging debate. 
5. There is overlap of interests between NRX and PUA but this is not about NRX, just hypocrisy.

The entire thing was hypocritical. Don't scream about fighting SJWs and then the moment something hits too close to home, pull SJW behavior. It's the opposite of open minded to act that way. It's hysterical to hear about the fear of "the likes of me might be banned by SJWs" and then turn around and ban someone and give a BS excuse. Maybe he was pushing his stuff? Oh yeah because that is different than other promoters on that forum. It's just Internet posting. The MPC guys might have said it best with "you take the red pill and I show you some of the truth". After the fact, all everyone had to hear was "I banned Krauser for a week so that people could cool out as everyone was going overboard", which would sound pretty rational. Didn't happen. The dogs got called on Anissimov unjustifiably, and believe me, if anyone would make fun of him, it would be me, and this continued. Roosh doubled down rather than admitting his boy overreacted, which is hysterical since he is now mocking a journalist for overreacting to a few tweets. Roosh has a business to protect, so he's doing what he feels is best for it. I've seen enough threads to know being protective of the multikulti crowd would probably be in his interests. We may have discovered a new Internet type, the SJPUA. Dodge the criticism of possible lying and Paper Players and make racism accusations. Obscure the next accusation of hypocritical, SJW behavior and focus on racism. 

There is something odd though. I have to read about being a married chump on these sites or that marriage is a raw deal or that the bold are going to foreign countries for glory. I lived abroad and it is fun. I am all for picking your path and walking it hard. Family life is not for everyone. I have friends in big cities pulling in hot women consistently, and they love their lives. Oftentimes in cities RVF members whine about, so maybe my friends are just handsome, have some cash and can talk to women without the need of coaching and web resources. I kind of view the PUA thing especially with a foreign travel PUA as a vampire's existence (I think Forney or 3Teh said that). I could go on about this, but I'll wait for Fathers' Day when the inevitable tweets about "it's a sucker's bet" get thrown out there. 

I like the Roosh message of "improve yourself and be a better man". It's a great one few young men hear consistently in their life. Roosh has his various ebook promotion, website management and whatnot to run. That's got to be interesting in combination with foreign love. After a while it must be repetitive, like jumping from woman to woman where you go through a series of "firsts". Even in his writing, things seem to ebb and flow with darkness and some weirdness. A once in a lifetime opportunity would be to be a single man, no commitments, and you could live, report and document what is going on in Ukraine right now. It would be VICE style coverage from Kiev. This is a nation experiencing revolution, hyperinflation, and a civil war in the far eastern section. That is history. Hemingway and Orwell did not cover the Spanish Civil War, they fought in it. It ended up shaping their writing. No one should go that far, but what an opportunity to be there. I think you switched back to living in Poland. What a missed opportunity. 

Don't mind me. Shucks, I'm just a married guy with little kids who stays in America. But there is one thing gnawing at me like Lt. Kaffee at the end of A Few Good Men. If men, as you say, should not put pussy on a pedestal, why are you flying 5000 miles to Europe for the chance to bang an 8? 


Sanguine said...

Oh please. The white ethno-bigots always go far past their due in these little debates; the alt-right is bloated with this nonsense.

Now amren writes an article distorting the entire story. If people even try to rebuff any overdone white posturing in NRx every one has a hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

lmao Sanguine you win for dumbest comment.

Jonathan said...

America is Liberty, The God That Failed.

But, what is our posterity? Kids. You have it right. Maybe Roosh gets there.

Sanguine said...

@Anon ???

What hypocrisy? There's only so much of a limit any individual forum can take. White people are so sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Excellent poast SOBL. I had given Roosh the benefit of the doubt because of his supposed Aryan Iranian ancestry. Those photos prove once and for all where he is to be placed.

My Posting Career is one of the finest sites at the intersection of bodybuilding, national socialism, and the Alison Brie fandom. The writings of That One Guy have greatly increased my awareness of the Jew. I suspect this "Sanguine" is in fact, a Jewish shill. Watch your back pal. If you need any help, you know who to call.

- Ben "Going Berserk on This Turk" Garrison

Anonymous said...

The bulk of Roosh's market is minorities trying to bang white women. Then they of course decry the feminism of those same white women.

That is what has caused Roosh and other expats to hone in on Eastern European. They want the beauty of white women without the rampant feminism, they just don't want to admit HBD has anything to do with the former.

Mark Minter said...

First, I wonder if the whole thing at least on the part of Roosh was contrived. The Rooshv post started with something "Every few months there is some eruption in the Manosphere ..." And I wonder if these "eruptions" are not manufactured to generate clicks due to the firestorm.

But the initial issue at hand was not Race. It was Krauser stating the majority of men on RVF were either bullshitters or losers. After the dustup started Roosh posted this justification:

Roosh accuses Krauser of potentially being dishonest in his business dealings totally based on his opinion and via association. He has no real proof. Yet he went all SJW of attacking the guy's livelihood just like some shrieking feminist who tries to get someone fired.

This is Krauser's livelihood and Roosh would go all SJW in trying to attack this guy's credibility merely because Krauser made an opinion about the members of the Rooshv Forum.

To criticize Roosh's bread and butter, and to possibly alienate this "multicultural" membership of his Forum, ROK, and those Travel Books he writes cannot be tolerated. profitability of the site goes down.

It is one thing to moderate. And he could have let the Tuthmosis ban stand. But to attack Krauser's credibility in his dealings in his business is reprehensible and is the same tactics he claims to despise.

So in the dustup that followed, he tries to make it about race, because that gives him to high ground to hide behind.

But the reality is that it is all about page views.I can't say the whole Roosh thing is an act entirely with the goal of selling clicks just like Gawker.

His sites are troll sites, purposely intended to keep those men in state of rage and agitation. He proposes a lifestyle and measurement of male success that is wholly unfeasible and actually quite detrimental to their future health and well being.

Yet, that behavior is not in the best interest of the business model of the Roosh empire. Best to keep them single, keep them agitated, keep them coming back, hoping to find the magic bullet that does not exist for the majority of his readers.

He can play the race card and try to hide behind the moral high ground. But his behavior in this episode was entirely despicable. He is usually skillful in avoiding being cornered. And you can see him go back to the well in trying to change the subject by attacking the media girl, much to the delight of his minions.

Perhaps with the next round of manufactured nonsense, the pattern will have been recognized.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Exactly Mark. Exactafuckingmundo, hide the truth by crying racism.

Anonymous said...

Roosh is a businessman above all else. Barring any sort of political stewardship among the alt-right, he is protecting his bottom line. He has a very indirect and cryptic approach in airing his views and he's a lot smarter than anyone is willing to give him credit for. When it comes to marketing, he's in fact, a genius.

And yet, everyone seems to believe he's being held to the standard of an anti-left moral crusader. He's a nihilist profiting off Western decline, nothing more, nothing less.

PA said...

"Love tourist" is second only to "leave her better than you found her" as male rationalization hamster of PUA writing.

Toddy Cat said...

"White people are so sensitive."

Yeah, the run-up to genocide will do that. Ask an Jew. Or Boer.

Portlander said...

For this oldster, some help with the TLA's, if you please.

NRX/NRx -- I see that from time to time. I've been guessing it is National Review Online & dead tree, but never been sure.

MPC -- completely new one to me. Roughly, what's their schtick/where's there position on the Dark Enlightenment?

FWIW, I think most of the professional & semi-pro PUA's are empty souls with an addiction they are trying to self-medicate same as any drug addict. I don't follow any of them except Roissy. He's so good what would be the point ... relationship advice is not an intricate problem.

(I reckon someone could argue the same thing about Sailer-Derb-Lion-Mangan-SoBL-etc. but, they'd be wrong. :) )

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nrx = neoreaction
Rx = reaction

Mpc = website of thought criminals who are entertaining. They make fun of the dark enlightenment often. They were the first place to question the UVA rape hoax.

Oh God please dont lump me in with Lion. He's awful, but occasionally shows flashes of the old half sigma style. Something feels weird with being 35 and having that group Im placed in of bloggers all be 50+. Thanks though.

And Thank You for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Where did you live overseas, SOBL1?

PA said...

Your age cohorts I used to read are former bloggers FerdB/MattF, ChuckR, Mencius, Foseti, and OneStdv. All closed shop or moved on. Except Agnostic, who still writes some very interesting and original cultural observations.

Roissy/CH is (I assume) my age-mate, mid-40s. The great GenX writer.

Portlander said...

Oh God please dont lump me in with Lion. He's awful, but occasionally shows flashes of the old half sigma style.

Yeah. There's been a few times where I think he's had a co-author, that's become the main author.

Something feels weird with being 35 and having that group Im placed in of bloggers all be 50+. Thanks though.

Haha. I reckon the only connection to be drawn there is me. And interesting -- hadn't occurred to me before -- I'm 1/2 way between both groups in age. I guess you're the only youngin' I bother to take seriously. Congrats! ;) I also like getting the IN news/perspective, from a non-native on those occasions it comes up.

And Thank You for commenting!

Funny that. Seems like I kill a comment thread more often than anything. For a while I thought it was just coming in late on the West Coast, but then there's been a few times I'm first to comment and then... crickets. Obviously not every time, but well, frequently. It's made me wonder.

Portlander said...

Also, FWIW, I stopped reading NRO some 10 years ago. In retrospect, NR jumped the shark well before the Iraq war, but by the mid-aughts it became so painfully obvious that even my ~30 y.o. self could figure it out.

Hence I was never sure about the NRx references. Occasionally it seemed like it could be schtick they'd produce, but many times it didn't seem quite like it fit the context.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - England.

PA - Interesting observation how all closed up or moved on. Roissy is a great Gen X writer.

Portlander - It's the west coast time thing. You're not buzz killington.

Lion is the same guy. It's just his interesting posts are almost all gone and the annoying NYC george costanza posts are all that are left.

I stopped reading nro a long time ago but i did like Krauthammer's geopolitical posts as he captured the essence of Hyperpower American Empire.

Mike said...

"Roosh wrote an essay on race not mattering but differences exist but let's not talk about them since we're all guys."

Not trying to defend Roosh here as I agree with you overall. But, I understood Roosh's point as meaning that while there are differences between races, it does no good to dwell on them from a personal standpoint. Not the same thing as completely dismissing them.

The point is, you are who you are and you need to play the hand you're dealt in life. It's the same thing you'd say to someone who is short or a hardgainer or introverted. You don't just throw in the towel when you realize you've been dealt a worse-than-average lot in life. You may not be able to be the best, but you can be better.

peterike said...

Lion is the same guy. It's just his interesting posts are almost all gone and the annoying NYC george costanza posts are all that are left.

That's the best part of his blog! Frankly, I don't think he does enough NYC posts. But hey, that's me.

ARoss said...

Not to be a dick but why the freak out by the website owners/mods when they preach being anti-fragile?

Dan said...

I kind of side with Roosh on this one. He isn't taking a true SJW pose because he isn't lying. Lies are at the center of any true SJW position; in fact that the mark of a SJW.

Roosh basically acknowledges that HBD is true but he doesn't want his blog to be about race and the Joos. Fair enough.

A SJW would mock HBD as debunked science or something like that.

Its the lying I can't stand in SJWs. Demonizing or putting down is something everyone does. The combination of lying and demonizing is the vile SJW combo. Whether climate change, or HBD, gay 'marriage' nazism, tranny stuff, Gamergate, or incompetent or lazy entryists in all manner of fields, SJWs attack true, honest people for not swallowing their lies or distortions.

Roosh hasn't done that. He just said, "Go away, I don't want to talk about what you want to talk about. My site." Good on him.

Reaction should have a bunch of different ecosystems that focus on different things. There are actually quite a lot of red pills out there and people have to pick their personal battles.

Dan said...

And yet, I am glad to see Roosh taken down some pegs, because his kind are probably bad for civilization.

Anonymous said...

Hilariously, this wasn't really about race. The real animus behind Roosh's butthurt was Steve Jabba, who may or may not have talked shit about Roosh behind his back. Steve Jabba, Krauser, and some other guy make up the "London Daygame" crowd. Say what you will about "PUA," the "London Daygame" crowd is actually scoring with top-tier beautiful women and posting proof on the internet, unlike Roosh.

Like a good lapdog, Tuthmosis took his cues from Roosh's bitching about the London Daygame crowd and attacked Krauser.

Just imagine the "London Daygamers" as the white frat boys who were getting pussy at the University of Maryland (where Roosh attended), and Roosh as the friendzoned, sensitive ponytailed nerd fuming in anger in the corner.

Not much has changed, apparently.

PRCD said...

"If men, as you say, should not put pussy on a pedestal, why are you flying 5000 miles to Europe for the chance to bang an 8? "


armenia4ever said...

This is actually a good point.

On a personal note, I just can't understand why so many minorities have almost what could be considered a fetish for white women.

I'm half white and I find mixed women, Hispanic, and Asian women to be far more attractive.

theasdgamer said...

why are you flying 5000 miles to Europe for the chance to bang an 8?

Here are the reasons I would do it:

Business. Journal material for a book.

Culture. It's not only about the bang.

Sex Education. Women vary by culture.

Unknown said...

Came here from the MPC Shit Talk forum ... excellent writeup you did here.

In the sweetest irony ever, a guy started a thread at RVF merely questioning why racism (race realism) had become part of the manosphere. Got banned for asking the question. Not long after, Roosh started talking about The Jewish Question.

It's strange. Roosh and his pals studiously avoid race realism, yet they openly mock Indians.

One thing they share with SJWs is they accuse everyone of "trolling". It's a kind of logical fallacy; if you dislike someone's question or statement, you accuse them of insincerity.

Another thing they share with the SJWs is their affection for animated GIFs and memes. I don't think they realize how juvenile and effeminate the forum pages look.

Maybe the feminists are right. Maybe we are more similar than different.