Wednesday, January 28, 2015

USG's Greek Vassals Play a Victim Card

The Greek far left won the recent election. Really amazing accomplishment after jailing the opposition and smearing names of others over dead rappers. There is a promise to get tough with the troika, to not pay off any of the debt owed to supranational authorities or private groups, and to help Greeks out. Are these the old Greeks who retired at 58 on a pension or the young, unemployed and destitute Greeks? Unsure. My advice still stands (coup, drachma, China-Rus patronage). There will be good fun as the Greeks flail about, and these populist-leftists linked with a sliver of the far right in a coalition attempts to fix Greece. One thing that struck me more than others was the farce of the new Greek PM visiting the grave of 200 Greeks killed by German Nazis in WW2. This move is par for the course for 2015, and is another example of just how deep the progressive mind virus goes.

The Greek PM's visit was supposedly to send a message to the EU elite, especially Germany, that he and his government are not messing around. They are defiant. They mean business. it struck as interesting that he chose a site where Greeks were victims and ultimately helpless until Allies came to liberate them, feed them, and use them as a puppet for decades. This act reinforces how our victim culture holds supreme in the public realm. Being a victim gives one the moral authority and superiority to win in a public debate. They were a victim, they must be heard, admired and rewarded. Greeks have a multitude of heroes to make a speech at the foot of whether ancient on 19th century. The Greeks have statues of Perseus, Theseus and other founder gods. The 19th century war for independence had figures that a modern man could use as a symbol for independence and defiance for the Greek people.

That was not the choice here. Rather than virile manliness, we see remembrance of victims of Nazi aggression. Hey, Greece, that ain't the Shoah, so it might not get mileage. Theseus literally killed a foreign beast to end the tribute of the Athenian young and claim freedom. That is the imagery that would resonate with wanting to rid the Greeks, especially the impoverished young, of foreign bankers demanding their tribute. Their choice of sniffling over Nazi aggression is siding with a weak image to get what you want. What exactly do they want? It is a laundry list of modern leftist goobledy-gook. These points slam home how the prog mindset is now their default mindset. Jim is right. European nations are vassals of the USG, created by Harvard. Forget strong, independent men claiming their nation for their people. Their minds are aligned with our progressive mandarins' desires. Forget the uncertainty of going it alone again. Just give us these nice distribution schemes. We laid a wreath for our victims of your former aggression. Please, we're the victims. You did this to us. We deserve our piece of the Ponzi pie.


nikcrit said...

I was sort of surprised by the extent of the election results, though i'm not really on top of this subject, so i can't be too surprised.

I see the Golden Dawn, whom I assume most here were hoping would prevail, only pulled about 15-percent, alongside the fringe groups.

Were they hoping to do about twice that, therefore being real and substantial wedge opposition? (sincerely asking; no sarcasm)

peterike said...

I've only given tangential attention to this. It seems good that these new Lefty Greeks are about to flip the bird to the banksters -- got no problem with that. But is it true they are pro-immigration? Greece, like everywhere in Ye Olde Europe, is awash in third-world riff raff they can ill afford. I really don't care how Lefty a party is in terms of economics, as long as they want to throw the bastards out.

We need one country in Europe -- ANY one -- to go hard core and literally expel the invaders. Show the rest it can be done (and it can be, easily).

Well, meanwhile I'd like to see Greece leave the EU and say "sod off" to the whole stinking thing. Take your debt and shove it.

The kettle continues to simmer. But will it ever boil?

PA said...

The American empire has been a wrecker of nations and it makes everything it touches ugly and miserable. Not the least of all its own people. I do not believe anyone will miss it

sykes.1 said...

It seems to me that Germany, not the USG, is the true souverain of Europe. The EU seems to function as a Germany colony of the 19th Century sort: Germany extracts wealth from the rest of the EU and sells it trinkets.

After two German-initiated world wars and reduction to colonial status, Europeans should seriously consider how to disassemble Bismarck's monster, preferably without yet another general war.

The Greeks will have to default. If lucky, they will be expelled from the Euro and EU. Expect Russian naval bases in Greek and Cypriot ports.

eah said...

sells it trinkets

Hardly "trinkets". It's true DE is an export powerhouse. But it is also home to some of the best manufacturing companies and admired brands in the world: Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Zeiss, Bayer, Siemens, etc etc.

nikcrit said...

The American empire has been a wrecker of nations and it makes everything it touches ugly and miserable. Not the least of all its own people. I do not believe anyone will miss it

Hey, there's always that homeland across the Atlantic that you voluntarily left, 98% white and counting?

Toddy Cat said...

"Were they hoping to do about twice that, therefore being real and substantial wedge opposition? "

I'm sure that they were hoping, but given that Golden Dawn has been demonized, criminalized, and seen many of its leaders jailed on trumped-up murder charges, they are probably happy with what they got. Personally, I would have been stunned had Golden Dawn won, but even so, this vote means that well over half of Greek voters rejects the EU.

When the Left fails (and they will) Golden Dawn, or someone like them, will get a shot.

peterike said...

After two German-initiated world wars

False on both accounts.

PA said...

Nikcrit, sometimes your nigger half really does shine through.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Keep it clean PA. The ebony vibe to his internal ivory calm.

PA said...

But he started it!

LOL, OK, I'll keep it clean.

nikcrit said...

"...sometimes your nigger half really does shine through."

Well,that's subjective, as is my won't to say, but I think your assessment of your homeland is damn-near comically dire and morose. I mean, you used to say that commenter Kyle was a checkpoint for your grim factor; well, that damnation of yours puts him to shame.
And it's clearly ironic to the point of humor that you CHOSE to subject yourself to American tyranny, and I'm assuming that you and yours experienced quite a bit of upheaval doing as much.
I think any non-partisan witness to your comment would ask something similar to my quip.

I mean, should I venture to Gdansk, end up seeking asylum and then start blogging about how the Polish citizenry aren't accommodating enough to me and my racial needs? I'd think that would generate across-the-board scorn and ridicule; yet, you and your fellow white crusader here chalk up my nervy transgression as some sort of menacing negro impulse. LMAO.

Living in America, baby; dip your toes into the great mutt nation!
Our slogan is: "We got unwashed of every creed and color here!"

nikcrit said...

re. the European Union, I have a question:

When it was forming in the 90s, were the current sides even then clearly drawn? Meaning, was pro-E.U. and pro-globalism and open-borders hand-in-hand and in other ways synonymous even then, from the get-go?
And was a single European currency a given if you were pro-E
E.U.? (I think I vaguely recall Britain being pro E.U. but wanting to keep the pound unit.)

PA said...

Out of the many reasons I finally clipped your unruly ebony wings is because we've been over this shit already. No, you can't seek asylum in Gdansk. Yes, I'm here on asylum, fuckers and I'm staying as long as I want to, no matter how much it pisses SOBL and Suburban Elk and Peterike and Nikcrit off on nativist grounds.

And as long as Poland changed its imperial masters in 1990 from the now-defunct USSR to the USA, it is subject to the same nation-wrecking ugliness cancer that the once free and brave American people have been since 1954. My fight, my American brothers, is (to recall a 19th century Romantic-era Polish toast), for our freedom -- and yours.

Krysii Avki! (That's in phoenetic Greek, back on topic now)

nikcrit said...

no matter how much it pisses SOBL and Suburban Elk and Peterike and Nikcrit off on nativist grounds.

Your fellow-oppressed whites love you I bet and I am delighted that you are a US let's have a virtual toast as I finish up my coffee and paczki (in your honor, even though it's not Fat Thursday).

I'm glad I have a sorta biological recusal from racial dissent.
From my vantage point it seems very amusing how much similarities the main two races here have in their mutual complaint and obsessive defining themselves against each other.
Both of these pure two races certainly 'selected' for the
genes that foster whining and complaining.