Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nigeria's Descent, Islamic Terrorism + Willful Ignorance

The Charlie Hebdo attack that later involved an attack on Jews in France is receiving mass media attention. Our establishment is concerned with protecting the status quo, so LePen was excluded from the march for unity and no one will enact an end to Muslim immigration. Tucked away behind the French headlines is news out of Nigeria. Boko Haram has massacred 2,000 people as it takes more land. I've written before on Nigeria's collapse in slow motion. A lot of factors are at play as Nigeria potentially moves from low level civil war to much more. To borrow from Moldbug, our leadership, drenched in the Athenian manner, has no response to this much like everything else because they have purged the Spartan martial values from the realm of acceptable.

If you think secession talk has crept into the American political discussion in large amounts, we have nothing on Nigeria. Nigerians have actively been discussing a potential North-South split for years, and now there is a Break Up 2015 prediction they are obsessed with. They should be as groups like Boko Haram carve out regions of control. Boko Haram is a response to the influence of the West as well as the ever lingering violent arm of Islam in Nigeria's Muslim-Christian divide. The "Bring Back Our Girls" online campaign did not do anything, and Boko Haram has only grown in power.The timing of this is important. In one month, Nigeria goes to the polls. What awaits Nigeria and possibly the rest of sub-Sahara Africa?

Nigeria's economy has taken a bruising hit with the decline in oil. As oil has dropped, all government revenues are down. Nigeria also has seen their exports to the US tank, as the US has virtually eliminated all imports of oil from Nigeria. This feeds into accusations that the US is sabotaging Nigeria's economy. This is all coming to a head as the Nigerians head to the polls, and the ruling party, led by Goodluck Jonathan, faces a unified opposition. Patronage, graft and corruption all matter as oil is at the heart of government control. Twelve dead Frenchmen do matter, but 2,000 dead Christian Nigerians matter in a nation that has no proper government response to a Muslim threat that even the great American seat of power responded to months ago. Nigeria is also a nation nearly 50/50 for the Muslim/Christian split. Think red/blue divide but with a true religious divide.

This is part of the problem of our American Empire run by progressives. For so long they have won domestic battles purely by controlling the media and academia that these Athenians have scourged their mindset of any of the old Spartan virtues that made rule possible. The progressive establishment thinks that hashtag activism like #BringBackOurGirls, #Kony2012, #BlackLivesMatter and the rest are substitutes for competent rule, tough decisions, old truths and resolve. Our elite that controls the system is geared towards propaganda, holding the megaphone and maximizing votes. They think this kind of crap works with other groups because it works internally when they can frame it with the media's help and an Anglosphere audience. The messaging on gay marriage worked on whites, but not minorities so much.  Blacks needed their current Big Man to change his mind before roughly 20% of them changed along with him.

That is part of the problem as well. Anglosphere outbreeding selected for different traits, and did so early and for far more generations than other groups. This selection process did give us the institutions and social framework that would make rule of law, trial by jury and other niceties possible. Massive per capita wealth could occur, and Western Civilization flourished. Non-European groups did not go through this process as soon, so their clannish behavior and, ahem, tribal affiliation over processing information and changing one's mind is a problem (see black support of the media's Ferguson narrative vs. forensic evidence). In defense of the Anglosphere, these outgroups do not see the value of cooperation and thinking beyond the clan because they came to Western Civ after much development and hard work to lower murder rates and formalize laws occurred. "We'll enjoy that golden goose after the whites are gone," must have been the thought of Zimbabweans or Detroiters. How long will trial by jury last in America? I'd just watch the non-white population figure and set a termination date.

A European society does matter if the basic frame of mind depends on European ideas. Stuffing more non-Europeans will not help matters. It is agonizing to watch television pundits pretend Fareed Zakaria is the man on the Arab Street. Human biodiversity matters. American media often wonders where Islam's Martin Luther or Gandhi is, never considering that Sayyid Qutb is their Luther and Gandhi. What if Islam looked at the West, was disgusted, was worried that alien norms and mores would change their culture forever, and turned away, hoping to be better Muslims? It is historical revisionism to imagine a Muslim Reformation being a turn towards peace when we have the Catholic-Protestant warfare for centuries after the Reformation to look at, but do not rule out progressive wishful thinking.

Progressives cannot entertain the idea that a group would reject their values or have a long standing tradition and genetic selection process (cousin marriage, too) that would make those values unappealing. Progressives are so stupid, and have denied the need for martial virtue for so long, that they cannot grok that force may be needed to deal with others. The unity marches do not work on everyone. Not just in defending one's society but in assimilation. A mind can decide to follow if one makes a strong enough impression. The British were Anglo, yet the Victorians put down the Indian Rebellion of 1857 with vicious force. Note that Muslim sensibilities were at the root of that as well. Progressives will not be able to prog Islam due to the non-Anglo culture involved. If you doubt this, consider how long it took the clannish and European Irish to conform. Have blacks fully assimilated? Nigeria's religious discord will not be solved by hashtags and conferences. Oil money kept violence at a reduced level and at least not declared open civil war. The USG system will try to hold Nigeria together and keep it in the Empire's loop. They just may no longer have the tool, oil revenues, nor the knowledge, people are different to solve the problem.


PA said...

Progressives have shown their martial virtues at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and in Serbia. Or do you mean something different when you speak of those virtues?

I suppose the above are not inconsistent with your argument, since those assaults involved extreme unbalance of power in favor of progs.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Good point, hard on their political enemies. Even then it was with reluctance.

sykes.1 said...

Obama did not send a representative to the demonstration in Paris over the weekend. The American ambassador hardly counts, and Holder who was in Paris on other business studiously avoided the demonstrations.

So, where do Obama's loyalties lie? I think he is, like his father, both a communist and a muslim. But what kind of Muslim? Is he a jihadist (likely)? If so, which brand, Shia (possible considering Valerie) or Sunni?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Sykes - You bring up a great point. Obama reminds me of a lapsed Catholic except a lapsed Muslim. His original campaign site had 5 pillars for rebuilding America, he has given those weird pro-Islam or "I am one of you" speeches. That might be him culturally being Muslim. It might also be his weird tendency to identify with whatever group he is speaking to at the moment i.e. "Jewish in my soul" or how many times he has told gays that "he gets it".

GFC said...

When the history books finally close on this bizarre changeling president of ours, all kinds of weird and ugly will be brought to light. That man is deeply not right.

Anonymous said...

Its not just progressives who would oppose the US trying to "martial" run Nigeria.

Clarissa Ward did a report on the Paris terrorists on Face the Nation that spoke more to the problems within French society. We might have the same problems here with our black underclass. There is no "martial" solution there either.

There is so much in our culture that bothers a lot of people. People at the bottom even more so. There is so much nepotism lately and that's probably one of the most galling things there is.


deconstructingleftism said...

>>The British were Anglo, yet the Victorians put down the Indian Rebellion of 1857 with vicious force. <<

Progressives are still Victorians, and Victorians were progressives. They did, and do, prefer to use moral pressure but they did, and will, use whatever force necessary against threats to their power.

Anonymous said...

Good article.

sadly we may have to abandon parts of the world soon to the rabid hordes, though no one likes to think their part of the world will have to be abandoned. At some point there will be a reckoning.

We know the MSM and the elite are pushing for more 'integration' even when everyone can see it doesn't work. More of that policy will only drive deeper wedges in society.

In time, the tribes will turn on each other, as they do already and hopefully obliterate themselves or reduce their stock (by endless revenge) to such numbers as to make them ineffective. Trouble is, there is a lot of the tribes to be lost before we get to that stage. Along the way we in the west will get a lot of collateral damage but it may just be that the world population is ready to be trimmed down somewhat. Sad, but there we go.

The most important thing will be to preserve knowledge. Not knowledge of 'democracy' or any of the corrupt practices that have allowed the greedy to take control for their own ends, but more how to make what is left better for the future.

And there will be a future, despite what the progressives yearn for.

Portlander said...

"whatever force necessary against threats to their power."

Exactly. As long as immigration isn't competitive to the elites' guild in the NYC-Wash DC/FIRE-govt establishment, they don't care.

Explains the over-reaction to Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the whole pre-emptive pro-Muslim frontlash. The last thing the Guild wants is those fly-over whites storming the ramparts. Best to keep them unorganized feeling alone and isolated.

So far it's worked. Everyone faps off on the internet trusting the Next Election Now(™) will finally fix the problem. HA! Talk to Mitch McConnell or Thad Cochran about elections. The only chance you ever have against an incumbent is when they never see it coming and don't put a call in to Diebold. Just ask Martha Coakley ("Ted K's" seat) or Eric Cantor.

PA said...

About Waco siege... there was a period early during Clinton's administration when he was facing nascent resurrections against the regime, including overt disobedience to law. I remember there being ore than one instance, for example, of groups of people declaring sovereignty from the United States. There was something like that in Texas, I recall clearly.

In many peoples' perceptions, Clinton's election was a hard break from the continuity of the entire American political tradition. He was just so different than anything that came before. And then you throw in pot smoking, adulteries, "draft dodging", support for homosexual agenda, emergent scandals, and the air of irreverence he had about everything... For that reason and others, he was seen as illegitimate by American patriots.

His administration had to do something about these growing challenges to his legitimacy, which were fueled by the rise of AM radio and Rush Limbaugh. And so there were (mostly) bloodless clarkdowns on various militia movements and such.

(I would not lump Ruby Ridge in with some of the other rebellions. The Weavers mostly just wanted to isolate themselves from what they saw as corrupt culture, and Randy W. was set up with that whole illegal shotgun sale.)

Waco ended up being an impasse that ended tragically. I don't think that the actual slaughter of civilians and children was intended. The atrocity lay in the frivolity with which Janet Reno handled the event -- she did not even resign! -- and the fact that nobody went to prison over what happened.

And here is the fascinating thing, to backtrack a bit, which came up in my mind. Separationism and militia movement was a real phenomenon at the time. It is remarkable that Americans had a spirit of resistance at the time, and without internet or other means of mass coordination to try this.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - you bring up a great point about that weird '92-'95 period. When I read memoirs and insider accounts of politicos of that era they were scared shitless about Perot's effect. Both sides of the DC consensus feared for their livelihoods. It is amazing this happened pre-Internet.

Bob Woodward once asked Al Gore at a dinner what the public kne of the Clinton admin. Gore said "1%". Woodward offered to write a book with him. Gore replied "They'll still only know 2%". Woodward thought it was cryptic and surprising how Gore shut the idea down quickly.

The Waco siege made no sense to even my New Deal Democrat grandparents. As they said, "If the government knows when he and his crew go to Walmart to buy groceries why not arrest him then". Janet Reno was an incredible failure. The only positive to her career as the SNL sketch " Janet Reno's Dance Party ".

nikcrit said...

I think he is, like his father, both a communist and a muslim. But what kind of Muslim? Is he a jihadist (likely)? If so, which brand, Shia (possible considering Valerie) or Sunni?

Yeah, yeah... but what of the comments of you and other fellow white crusaders who were so convinced that he was a "radical black liberationist christian evangelical', etc. whose throwing Wright uner the bus could hardly conceal his black christian loyalties, etc.
Now, several years and a few-dozen media-spin cycles later? Why, he's no christian; he's not only a muslim, but likely a jihadist muslin of either the Shia or Sunni sort.

Maybe the hyper-nefarious overdrive interpretations are driven more by the fact that his political philosophy is at odds with your own and your interests and that's all? Nah!

It's my hunch that he's your common educated middle-class outlier, mentally flexible but reflexibly secular and traditiona in his beliefs and analytical tendencies ------ but then a fewllow wily half-breed sympathizer would say that, i guess.

nikcrit said...

When I read memoirs and insider accounts of politicos of that era they were scared shitless about Perot's effect. Both sides of the DC consensus feared for their livelihoods. It is amazing this happened pre-Internet.

Bob Woodward once asked Al Gore at a dinner what the public kne of the Clinton admin. Gore said "1%"

When you revisit tracts, speeches and position papers of Perot and his '92 campaign, it is amazing to realize how prescient his predictions were of 21st-century economic conditions; and, yeah, there was a lot of concerted effort put into upping his 'kook' fringe alliances in the pre-internet era; there was fastly growing net media emergin in early 90s, just not yet a critical mass, which i would estimate at about '96; what by then had been established was a much more elaborate hard-copy alternative media, with digital commm facilitating a rush of DIY book and periodical production (consider indie, alt-rock and fanzine proliferation levels of networking of the time for comparative purposes). I too think Clinton escaped the notoriety he should have for ushering in globalism and the minionization of the American proletariat, black and white alike.

Portlander said...

Yo, I voted for Perot. :)

And let's not forget Timothy McVeigh. I don't have proof he was patsy for a false flag operation meant to discredit the alternative right and cement DC's moral authority, but that's the horse Occam is betting on. Either that or divine intervention.

Makes the Occupiers look like the bunch of lazy pansies that Millennials are always accused of being.